Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I was having a nice breakfast since Simon apparently knows how to cook when I see Cathy's latest post. Now Simon's computer is covered in water because I choked and spit it out when I read. That's my baby? Shit I don't even remember what happened during those two months so how does she know for sure?!

I mean how long has she had the thing?!

How the fuck am I supposed to handle this when I don't even know where she is and whether or not she's crazy and out for my blood? Goddammit things keep getting more and more complicated...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fucking hell

Things are getting RETARDEDLY CHAOTIC again. Just when I thought they were gonna calm down and maybe we'd live a little normally...

Cathy is pregnant and I don't even fucking know who did it.

Ava is back.

Goddamn Robert is back too.

And Cynthia...well, today at school she saw our old pal hanging outside her classroom window and watching her. She got fucking spooked so bad she had to ask the teacher if she could leave early. Apparently she was more scared of it hurting that Leah kid then caring about herself, heh. She's got some balls, that's for sure.

With everything happening around the same time I can only assume that shit is about to get pretty messed up pretty fast. I warned Simon and Cynthia to keep their heads low and try not to update her blog as much or at all. We don't need to draw the attention of the stupid minions. Last thing we need is some idiot psycho charging into the house with a cleaver screaming that it wants us dead or back or something. I'll be updating this stupid thing though seeing as there's not really a choice at this point with my wife not only missing but with child and a familiar face popping back up.

I dunno, guess it's time to get ready to fight again.

....Keep your asses outta trouble.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You know, it's the funniest fucking thing when your daughter who isn't really your daughter has more balls to try and do something than you. And her pet copper decides to take her side of the argument one night so you have to drag the stupid shit outta the room by his ear and argue with him like you're a married couple.

Hell, maybe this is why those moms around the neighborhood have been giving us odd looks, hehe.

But whatever, that's beside the point. The point is that I still can't fucking remember what happened during that time Cathy and I were missing. I have no idea why she's a minion for it now. I don't know how we got out of the goddamn forest. And I sure as hell don't know why I was lying in a warehouse with it suddenly looming in the corner acting like it was gonna kill me this time for sure.

Fuck I don't even know how the hell I got away. It could have killed me and I'm not stupid enough to think it was my own amazing agility that got me away. It fucking let me go like it's been letting me go for eleven years. Eleven. Goddamn. Years.

So what, I'm just some fucking hilarious toy that just never stops being fun to mess with? I guess that's it cause' there's no other way to explain how I survived this thing haunting me during my teenage years and then stalking me and using me during my thirties. I mean, fuck, I turn forty this week. I haven't even thought about my birthday for years and out of the blue Cynthia mentions that Simon's is in December and I remember that my birthday is November 5th. I didn't have time to think about birthdays when I was on the run. Honestly I fucking thought every year would be the year that my "luck" finally ran out and I'd kick the bucket.

Now look at me: one of the oldest goddamn runners that I know, alone and miserable, living with some traffic-cop-fbi-wannabe and my unrelated daughter who doesn't even seem to really like me at all, and wondering when that thing will just come and put me out of my misery.

I've been through hell and fuck sometimes I wish it would end. I'm old. Got gray hairs coming in fast and joints creaking. I have too many scars- thanks to that Elijah fucker and other minions like him- to let me walk through town without people looking at me suspiciously. I lost a fucking eye and got some nice marks all over my face that make me look like I'm sneering all the time. I've broken so many bones that one of my hands is twisted in some crippled position. On bad days I can only limp around cause my right leg fucking kills me. Back pains, bone pain, fucking my whole body hurts pain.

I guess this is just a game to that thing. See how long Tony can withstand this torture, how long his body can take the hurt. I can't keep going like this. One day I'm not gonna be strong enough to survive the next minion attack or I'll just fucking let that thing rip me to shreds.

It'd be so fuckin' easy, y'know? But then I got my little daughter-who-looks-like-a-son telling me she's gonna play hero and run off to find her mommy and she's fucking eleven years old and I just have to keep going. I gotta find a way to make sure she's safe from everything that could hurt her before I call it quits. Goddamn I just wanna delete this stupid blog. Everything got worse cause' I made it. If I just hadn't stolen that one teenagers itouch-pod-thing then maybe all of this wouldn't happen. Or maybe Cathy and Cynthia would be dead- I don't even fucking know anymore.

Time has gotten real jumbled for me. My memories are fading or mixing cause' of all the mind fucking I've experienced over the last...entirety of my life. Sometimes I wake up thinking it's a different year, that I'm somewhere else and I gotta kill someone. I mean hell, I'm even forgetting basic functions sometimes. There's only so much a mind can be messed with before it breaks too. The other day I forgot how to work the toaster. Laugh it up because yeah, it's a goddamn toaster. But for the life of me my brain stopped working and I just stood there holding a piece of bread in one hand and staring in frustration at the stupid thing cause' my body wouldn't move and my mind wouldn't work it out and tell it how to move. Simon did it for me.

I'm falling apart. I don't have much time left. I need to find out how to get Cynthia safe soon cause' I don't know how much more I can take. Shit, it sounds depressing and yeah I just ranted to some idiot kids on the fucking internet but I don't even care at this point. I just wanna make everything better for my daughter. That's all I want.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


How the fuck have you kiddies been?

My entire body has been in pain for the last...I dunno, week or two that I can remember. I have no idea what happened after the stand off in the field, I just know I woke up in some warehouse somewhere. I had no idea where the fuck I was and Cathy was laying next to me unconscious.

The problem is...Cathy wasn't herself. When she woke up she was acting strange and I got pretty paranoid pretty fast. You can't trust her cause', well, it showed up and she went with it willingly. Started smiling and laughing like it was the best thing in the world. I got the hell out of there before it turned its attention towards me, tried to drag Cathy along with me but she socked me in the face with the one arm she has left. Yeah, her other arm is definitely cut off at the elbow but it looks like it was burnt to prevent it from bleeding out. Not sure who did that, but it looked almost like, well, these really long fingers like it had grabbed her.

Anyway she has a mean right hook and started shouting at me. She didn't make any sense and it was coming closer. I...had to leave her. As soon as I figured out where the hell I was- fucking California of all places- I had to hitch hike my way across the country with basically no money and all my shit missing except for the clothes on me.

Eventually I got to Georgia. Just hoofed it once I was close enough and of course it started fucking raining while I was walking for hours. Got some strange looks in the process, but I like to think it's cause' of my amazingly good looks. I honestly just wandered around until I remembered where Simon's house was.

Hehe, tell you what though, the look on his face when he opened the door to me standing drenched in the rain looking like shit, hungry, smelly and pissed, was priceless. I think he about peed himself which would have been perfect. But before he could really say anything Cynthia came out of fucking no where and kicked me in the shin. Yeah, nice daughter. Started yelling at me and saying that she wasn't gonna go back and shit like that. I guess she thought I had been taken by it and was a minion again. I mean, jeez, gimme a little bit of credit, I survived over ten years and got away from that thing before, I'm stronger than I look.

Anyway, when she came close I just pulled her into a hug. I mean, shit, she's my daughter, related or not. I was supposed to give her the ideal life- y'know, take her wherever she wants, talk to any potential boyfriends and scare them off, and tuck her in at night. But I couldn't and she suffered because of me. I know she did. The second it clicked in her head that I wasn't trying to hurt her she started crying and snotting all over the place. Hugged me back and said a bunch of stuff that got muffled by my jacket.

But I got the gist of it. I missed her too and I was glad that she was alright too.

She got me inside and Simon still looked like he wanted to shoot me or report me or something- which I don't blame him for, I'd be pretty fucking suspicious too- but Cynthia, heh, started ordering him around like he was the child and she was the adult. Got me a shower, some clean clothes and food before the two of them started drowning me in all their questions. Where had I been? What happened? How did I survive? Where was Cathy?

...I had to break that to her. It hurt her, I can tell. Hurt me too. She's thinking this is all her fault when it's really not. Fuck, I dunno, I tried making her feel better but I'm no mommy and I haven't actually taken care of kids before. Even Simon seems to be better at this than me, which makes sense cause' he's a little bitch, but still...it's my kid, y'know? We're gonna try figuring out how to get Cathy back but hell, Cathy and I couldn't even do it before when Cynthia got taken...it's hard to get your hopes up after so long of them being shot down.

Fuck anyway, I've been resting up. Apparently wherever I was this past...almost two months I didn't exactly eat or sleep well and took a beating. I got new bruises and scars and some nice burns to add to my collection of fucked up body parts. I bet I look like Prince fucking Charming, hehe.

What the hell has happened while I've been gone?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Y'know I don't fucking care if I'm her blood-related father or not, that girl is my kid and I'm not gonna stop trying to get her back. This past week I acted like a little bitch and moped around feeling bad for myself which is really odd for me. Today I finally snapped out of it to realize that I wasn't the only one feeling bad. Cynthia is still under the psychos supervision and it, Cathy has been sinking into depression badly and doesn't even really talk anymore, and I even saw Simon a few times when I was walking around town and he looked like a mess, like he hadn't slept in days.

Fuck it all, if everyone else can't do shit then I will. I'll get Cynthia back and solve this whole goddamn situation and maybe if I'm lucky I'll get to kill that little shit Redlight too.

This blog used to be for myself only. Funny how that changes. It was just gonna record when I lost time or when I was going into a dangerous situation that I might not come out of. Then everything went to hell, didn't it? Met a bunch of people I said I would never befriend and somehow I fucking did. Got a large group of strangers to care about me even though I told them I was a torturer who loved his job for years. Ironically then got tortured by crazy ex-boyfriends. Found my wife and somehow resolved things with her. Went against the law and fucking won.

The only thing I haven't done is get my daughter back. Yeah, she's my fucking daughter, not Elijah's or anyone else. My kid. And so I'm gonna get her back. Fuck the impossible odds cause if I go out, I'm going out laughing and cussing up a storm at it while punching Redlight in the face.

Yeah, that sounds about right, hehe.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Cynthia isn't even my daughter, she's Elijah's. Fucking perfect.


Hello everyone, it's Cathy now. I just took the computer from Tony he's...not very happy at all. I honestly am exhausted and don't want to take too much time explaining. Tony and I did go to the graveyard. When we got there the same man who had arrested me showed up and started asking us questions so quickly I didn't even have time to answer. Tony got angry and started yelling at him for following us around and Simon Radler- I think that's his name- began to yell back.

The two were drawing attention to us from the wrong people. Next thing I know Elijah is standing in front of us and greeting me with a smile. I thought he was going to leave us alone but apparently not. The problem was this time around Elijah seemed to want to harm me and decided he would it with words. He proceeded to tell Tony that Cynthia was a child made due to a one night stand he and I had during the year Tony was getting paranoid and drifting apart.

Elijah...wasn't lying...

That was when Cynthia showed up, right in the middle of Tony's shocked silence and Simon's surprised shouts as he realized who Tony was. Elijah was just standing there grinning like the asshole he was because Cynthia didn't know this either. I didn't tell anyone, I thought- prayed- that maybe she was Tony and I's. But apparently I was wrong. Cynthia started to get angry, I didn't even try to run towards her this time...I don't know if that makes me a bad mother or not, but every other time hadn't worked and I was afraid I would get hurt. My baby started to scream and shout at Elijah, saying he was lying and then I realized that Elijah was in danger. All the men in my family have died or vanished, the fathers of children meant to be taken, and Tony was able to get away as the replacement father for so many years. I put two and two together and came to the realization right as that monster showed up.

Elijah was the father. All the fathers must be sacrificed to that thing. With the real father revealed, Elijah was literally ripped to shreds in front of us. It was...there are no words to describe...

The whole time Cynthia was screaming at me, saying that I didn't love her because I hadn't told her and that she was still going to get us. Tony and I ran, grabbing Simon and dragging him with us as we went. We knew we'd be killed if we stayed any longer.

Tony is furious. As soon as we got a good distance away and Simon spoke up and tried to ask what was going on, he punched the other man several times in the face and knocked him out. We left Simon on a public park bench near a lot of people as Tony wouldn't let me take him to a doctor. He hasn't talked to me since he found out. I don't know what to do.

I'm sorry.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Tony

Cathy says she's not gonna post on her blog anymore, she's leaving it to that Simon guy. Whatever, he's being a pain in our asses, but at least he can't do much of anything. We did some more research on the family through the newspapers- even found a lead on Cathy's granny. I know, it surprised us too. When we went to check it out...well, see, she had stayed locked up at a hospital apparently. The woman was a few crayons short of a box and had a bad habit of talking about tall, faceless men who stole her daughter. Sound familiar to anyone?

Well, we were able to snoop around the room when no one was looking (fucking difficult let me tell you, we got lucky that no one was occupying the room when we went in and locked the door/closed the blinds) and looked around. I mean even if the old bat had lived there a while ago, it was still worth taking a glance, y'know? We actually found something.

We had finished checking everything else and I had jokingly looked up and said something along the lines of, "What if she had hid something in the roof?". Cathy took it seriously and decided to stand on the bed and push up one of those inside roof tile things (I have no idea what the fuck they're really called and don't care). She stuck a hand up there and actually pulled two notebooks out. They're dirty as hell and smell kind of funny, but we actually found a lead. Somehow granny managed to get these suckers up there when no one was looking and I have no idea how.

The point is we've been looking through them. She mostly wrote crazy things, the usual "watching/waiting/blahblah I'm insane" shit, but sometimes she had actual paragraphs written on Cathy's family. We found out some disturbing shit.

Apparently for generations the women in Cathy's family had sacrificed their husbands to it when their kids (always one girl for some weird reason) turned the age eleven. This is because it would come to take the child away, and the mom would barter the life of their kid for the life of another. The kid would then be expected to grow up, marry some clueless idiot and have one kid do the exact same thing, and then grow old and crazy by themselves. It's fucking creepy and Cathy had no idea- something that apparently wasn't supposed to be that way. See, the mom's are supposed to teach their kids all about what they're supposed to do with their life after their eleventh birthday.

Cathy's mom apparently decided to be a rebel without a cause because she actually fell in love with her husband while the previous women either didn't or made themselves pretend they didn't. Mommy disobeyed the "rules" of this weird little cult or whatever and actually went to try and save her husband when he wandered too far in the woods one day. If anyone remembers, cause' I think Cathy mentioned it a while ago, she was playing with her parents in the park the day she found them dead. That thing doesn't care if it's husband or wife I guess, because it took both and left Cathy to grow up and have a kid/find a husband to give to it. Well Cathy obviously wasn't taught on the ways of her people because she married someone who already knew about it and wasn't around for when that thing came to get him. A.K.A., me.

I'm guessing this is why Cynthia was taken away, or at least, this is what I'm thinking. What doesn't make sense is why Cathy's parents were killed when she wasn't eleven. Maybe it hung around every family up to that point and they just were supposed to never go into the forest alone? I have no fucking idea, and all this new info is making my head hurt.

So to make a long story short for you kids, I was supposed to die in Cynthia's place when she was eleven, but seeing as I already knew about it and was running around trying not to be killed, she got taken away. Cathy is pretty much having some sort of a mental breakdown right now cause' she found out her family is pretty much generations of evil bitches, clueless idiots, and creepy children. Not exactly the happiest secret to find out, right?

Well, tomorrow we're gonna go take one last look around at the graveyard where Cathy's parents were buried. She wants to say goodbye, I guess.

Keep your asses outta trouble.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Tony and I have been looking into things and we've found some very...odd articles. Last night we broke into the office building which housed many reporters and went to the basement to look at older papers. This newspaper has been producing articles for years and we thought they might have some sort of article that could help us. It took a few hours of going through the Obituary sections, but we eventually managed to find two reports: one of my dead parents, which actually almost made headline news due to "mysterious circumstances" and the other of my grandfather, who disappeared, which also had a small article to itself.

Already the situation seems odd as apparently the wife of the missing man, my grandmother, apparently didn't even put out many missing reports. According to the journalist who interviewed her for a short time, she seemed calm like she had accepted that he was dead that quickly. I need to find information on my grandmother. I feel like if we do manage to obtain anything of hers maybe it'll be enough to reveal what exactly went on years ago. Until that time, stay safe.


Sunday, July 17, 2011



This is Cathy and I know things have been everywhere these last few days and I want to thank all of you who stood up for me, but you cannot tell them where they are or else innocent people will be involved with the nightmare we're in.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to talk until now, but I've been locked up in a hospital for three days. For three goddamn days I saw that monster...the Slenderman watching me. He was in the corner of every room, quietly standing there and observing my every movement. I'm surprised that no one else saw him except for a few people who were obviously less than psychologically well. They...screamed and ran, they were ranting and raving and one of them clawed their own throat out it was horrible ohgod

They were able to take me into custody for several reasons, those of which I believe that officer who first found me has been explaining. But I was able to convince the doctor's I was okay and so I was released earlier today. I met up with Tony near the building and we're back in my car. The fact that the police are involved means that my blog may no longer be safe to update, so I'm going to stick to posting everything on Tony's blog.

Things are just...spiraling out of control everyday more and more and I don't know what to do about Cynthia anymore. I do know that the police mentioned my previous generations having an odd track record with the husband's dying though, so I'm going to try and find out some information on this. I feel like it's connected to my grandmother somehow, but I'm not exactly sure yet. I'll update you all as I go. At least being this busy keeps my mind off of all the horrible things happening around me.

Hey shit heads, this is Tony. Why the fucking hell would you mention my name to the cops. Really? REALLY? You think I wouldn't be locked up if they all got their hands on me? I'm a fucking sociopath who's murdered and tortured countless people, looks like he stepped off a fucking battlefield, and hasn't been trackable for eleven years. I'd like to keep things that way, goddamn it, so you all better cooperate! If we drag the police into this case we expose them to it.
 How well do you think that'll go down, huh? Mass panic, a monster hunt, people suspected of helping it taken into custody or shot on sight. I know that sounds pretty far out, but when humans are up against something they don't know they fucking panic.
So let's keep our smart ass mouths shut, alright?
This copper, Simon-what's-his-face, is like a goddamned bloodhound and while you all seem to have a pretty good time arguing with him, he's fucking obsessed with this case for some reason even though there's no real evidence to back anything up. So keep quiet and lay low for now.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Shit what the hell- Cathy just got arrested. I followed the cops but there's only so much I can do when they go inside a police station. I have idea why they arrested her, all I know is that it was some scrawny ass copper who looked like he would live with his mother his entire life and never get laid. Just in case any of you all somehow see this motherfucker, he's got grey brown hair, the biggest and nerdiest glasses I've ever seen, and wears his uniform pants hiked up like he wants to show his ugly socks off.

Think his last name was Radley or Radler or something along those lines. Fuck, I left Cathy for five minutes in the restaurant we were eating and come back to see this clown talking to her, pulling out a badge and telling her she was under arrest, she had the right to remain silent, and that she was gonna be put under observation. I mean, WHAT THE HELL SERIOUSLY, I have no idea what the fuck is going on but they can't keep her there, right? That's against our rights as citizens.

I'm just gonna have to hang around the station and try not to get noticed cause' I can't just leave her there and I can't bust inside, guns at the ready. This is fucked up on so many levels- how is it that the coppers never help us, but always end up meddling in things they shouldn't? Fucking police.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On the road again

Can't say I missed it. It was nice gettin' drunk off my ass at the Haven, but after that run in with daughter dearest...well, let's just say we had to move on. We're headed back to Cathy's hometown. She says she wants to try and track Cynthia and thinks she might have gone there. I have no idea why, but I'm letting her do what she wants. It calms her down.

So I guess I'll update with shit if anything happens. Keep your asses outta trouble.

Friday, June 24, 2011

this haven plae is rwally boring but theres alot of booze

i like getting drunk becaus alcohol takes my mind off gof life which sucks and coean city had alot of beer.

cathy is rally aad lately and it makes me kifns sad but the beer makes i y brttrt

i went and looked ay m'sm page today and theres alto of stupid morons commnting who think they knows everything i hear senderman is allerice to peanuts bmayeb you guys should ry that

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to the Worst Father

Cathy and I are gonna try taking a walk around Ocean City, see what it has now that this "Senior Week" or whatever is mostly done. Maybe Ava will join us but probably not cause' she's been sticking to Celie and Violet like white on rice.

Whatever. I'm goin' crazy just sitting around doing nothing and healing (something that Cathy has been making me do). Fuck this, it's Father's Day and even if I'm a bad dad I'm gonna go eat some unhealthy food that will clog my arteries. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll have a heart attack and die before it gets me, hehe.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Not many people drive on the highway late at night.

Ava is making me write a new post even though I have several broken fingers- goddammit you crazy bitch I don't care if Cathy is driving and you're taking care of that stupid mutt- to say that the four of us are heading over to where that Celeste girl is. And yeah I'm saying four because the librarian gets her feelings hurt when I don't include that massive dog of hers. Fucking thing drools all over my crotch entire car rides and then Ava expects me to pet him and rub his belly and shit.

Fuck me, I'm gettin' antsy having to stay in this car for so long everyday and we haven't gone to see a doctor to look at any of the injuries I'm sporting. I figure if my entire body starts burning that's a good sign of infection and then we can figure out what to do from there. For now I'm gonna stick to band-aids and good old pain meds.

One thing I'm not looking forward to in the next few days: meeting new people who are apparently your heroes or some shit.

One thing I am looking forward to:

This entire post is pointless. I'm gonna pass out in the car now and try to sleep in a comfortable position even though I know that damn dog will inevitably lay on top of me and suffocate me slowly. God I hate animals.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Fucking everything hurts. I can only really type with my left hand, my right eye is fucking gone and I'm so sore I wanna cry like a baby every time I move. But here's a goddamn update: Ava is with us now. Kid looked mighty happy when she saw Cathy at the airport. Met us outside with it hanging in the background and just watching. Thought it looked right at us, but then you can't be sure cause' of the whole no eyes thing.

Hehe, I tell you what though, she looked like she was about ready to blow up at me and kick my ass for not answering my phone and then she saw me sitting there in the car. All anger? Out the window. Then came the "why are you hurt?", "what did I miss?", and "I am gonna kick that bastard's face in and beat him to high heaven."

I've missed her familiar annoyingly British voice and hyper attitude. Heh, at the time I didn't really answer, I think. I had so many meds in me I wasn't really sure what was real and what was fake. I'm good now for the most part, my fingers and eye throb every so often, and I wanna strangle Elijah when I look down and see all the nice scar tattoos he left me with, but otherwise good. We're gonna head to that Celeste kid soon.

Oh, but here's a lesson from Uncle Tony to all the good children out there: never trust strangers or people you know, kiddies. Also, pick your fights carefully.

It's one thing to go all out against a million bad guys when you have nothing left to lose. It's another when they threaten to torture your ex-wife in front of you if you don't come quietly. Fuck, just when I thought I had no heart too.

Also I take back what I said before about the traveling alone. It's a good idea to have at least one other person with you sometimes. Cause' then they come and stab an old enemy to death and make the other piss his pants in fear and run away. Hehe, you shoulda seen the look on that pussy's face when Cathy turned around covered in blood and crazy looking. Never seen a man move so fast.

Ava is threatening to cut my broken fingers off if I don't stop typing. I believe her, she's insane you guys. Guess I'm gonna pass out now. Apparently tomorrow we look for new clothes due to the ones I'm wearing being too "covered in blood, shit, and ripped to hell". Man, I liked this shirt too- who doesn't like the Sex Pistols?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I don't know how to make my goddamn links all fancy and easy to click on so here, have a copy and pasted version of it:



You little fuckers can go read everything over there. I'm gonna continue to lay here in this bed and not sleep. By the way, crazy librarian bitch, we can pick you up any time. Just give me a date, time, and location and we'll come over and have a family reunion.

Also, there aren't enough meds in the world to stop my head and hands from throbbing. Overdosing would be too damn easy right now.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Cathy wanted me to tell all you kids that we're with Kay, in case you guys didn't know. Dunno why, but whatever.

Nothin' much to say. My heads been killin' me lately- feel like I've got a migraine coming on but it never actually happens, just aches all day. And then the "Best Friends Forever" are giggling and acting like children nonstop. I swear, first thing they did when they saw each other was hug and basically cry as they go on and on about how they were so happy to see each other. That and they keep making fun of my pain.

Haha ladies, it's so hilarious.

Whatever. Just an update so you all know we're alive. We haven't found any leads but Cathy is more relaxed than she has been in a long time. Woman looked like she was gonna pass out any day when we finally arrived at Kay's. I don't think she's been sleeping much cause' of stress and this coming from the guy who rarely sleeps at all.

Shit my heads killing me. I'm gonna go overdose on pain meds and maybe I can relax a little bit.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Another memory.

I figure I might as well keep updating this thing with whatever I remember. Cathy doesn't want to update her own right now for some reason, so I guess you just get little old me, hehe.

We were driving by a playground and I remembered being a kid. Actually being young and playing with other kids my age and shit. We were fuckin' happy, I don't even remember the last time I felt that carefree. And there was this tall figure in a suit who was always standing behind this one kid, Tommy or somethin', and following him around. All the other children were playing with Tommy and his friend cause' his friend was awesome. Apparently I did too.

So it was in my past, but apparently it followed around another kid first, I guess. The memory stops when my mom starts calling my name and telling me it's time to go home. Pretty useless thing to remember, but at least it's something.

Also, Cathy and I haven't been able to find any leads on her grandmother. It's like she never existed, but Cathy is positive that she lived at some point. She frantic more than ever cause' of Cynthia's latest post. I told her what our daughter said and she looked like she was about to rip someone's throat out.

But that's it for now. Looks like the rest of you guys have been having a lot more trouble than us.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I remembered something.

Not much, but I wanna write it down before I forget it. The reason I went with it was because there was a man at a church who I was furious at. I don't exactly know why, but I remember following him around town until I got him alone and I think we exchanged some words and then I killed him. I think he was the first person I murdered.

Fuck, exactly how messed up am I?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Told Noc this, might as well tell you all

I'll just copy paste my comment, yeah?

Sharing is caring, huh? Well, this is for Ava so we can try and get Reach back faster. Don't know if this is what you're looking for, and unfortunately I can't give you much due to not remembering anything before marrying Cathy...but, I do remember those years running. And now would be as good a time as any to unload some shit.

I don't like you people, or, at least, most of you. But nevertheless...

I ran from that thing for maybe...four years, give or take. The other six? Seven? I lost track of the time to be honest, was spent working for that thing. What I did- hehe, I tortured people. It wasn't like it is now. You didn't give the victim a chance, leave them secret messages and watch them from afar. The best part was savoring having them in your grasp and seeing the fear in their eyes as they silently plead for you to just let them go.
"You're human too, why won't you help me?"
"Why, why are you doing this to me?"
And sometimes it wouldn't be quick. It would be slow, starting with the fingers and moving on to the intestines. They would be alive through it, writhing in pain and silently wishing for it all to be over.
And when they finally broke, blood pooling into my hands, I would hand them over to it. This thing would take them and break them mentally, play over worst fears and give them rays of hope only to crush them. Over and over they would be twisted and broken. It was fun to me back then, I laughed as I pulled nails out and broke ribs one by one.
And I still don't think it was wrong. I still am confused as to why it's wrong to have hurt them.

Hehe, you wanna know my secret? The monster /changed/ me. I lack the necessary emotions to function as a normal person. I am a sociopath. I am crazy. Something happened to my brain ...that thing did something to my head. And now I'm no better than all the other minions. Maybe even worse as most of them don't have any class, they just act on basic emotion and let it control everything they do. They weren't around for the good old days...good- did I say good? I mean the bad days. Actually no, I don't know if it was good or bad, it was just years in my life.

So there it is. Wouldn't say it before because I learned to lie and make the victims trust me. I don't work for it anymore but...people might find it a tiny bit more difficult to trust me now, hehe.

So there you have it. One of the things I do remember about myself that my parents didn't tell me.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alrighty then

Well, I can't see through my right eye. It's making typing a bitch, and my depth perception is now thrown completely. Goddamn, I don't think it's ever gonna heal and being crippled in this line of business gets you killed so easily...

My wife had to save my ass because- shit- how could I have not known my parents were involved? I mean, hell, everyone else I ever knew has been either killed or taken by it, so it would make sense that it got to my parents. Hehe, I was stupid, you guys. A real fuck up. I fuckin' broke rule number one of running for your life: trust no one.

Damn, I guess...it's my parents, y'know? And I don't know how long this thing has had control over them cause'

I can't remember anything.

Might as well say it now since my daughter and her buddies seem so keen on slapping me in the face with this bit of info. Hehe, you guys don't know me- I don't even know me. Everything I know of...well, let's just say it's back to my marriage with Cathy and everything before that is...not gone, but blurry. Fuzzy. Can't make out specific images and shit. My parents- fuck, now I see how messed up this is- my parents had to tell me all about my past when I married Cathy because one morning I woke up and it was all gone.

But I can remember those eleven years. Very clearly. Heh. Six years. Six long years. Everything is falling apart. Cathy wants to go visit her grandma, my parents clearly tried to kill me or hand me over to it, and my daughter is seeing dead best friends. And I'm sittin' here wishing I could remember what was normal life before all of this happened and I can't. I don't have any old memories of being safe and secure to draw on and pretend everything is gonna be okay. And maybe that's for the best cause' at least I don't delude myself into thinking we're all gonna be alright.

We're all dead. It's just a matter of when we die and how we die. Just pray you don't kick the bucket soon and if you go down, go down swinging, kicking, screaming bloody murder, and taking as many bastards as you can.

I got a bad feeling about everything. Cathy agrees- it feels like there's something bigger than I originally thought going on. And we have no idea what the hell it is, but we're gonna try and find out.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Fantastic- really. Got to lock Cathy in the room and visit my dear daughter.

She's crazy. Heh, or maybe she's gone crazy because of it or her "big brother". Let me try and summarize what happened as quickly as I can.

We meet, I get a hug which was nice even if she was gripping me like she wanted to crush my ribs. Which, by the way sweetie, the feeling is mutual. I ever catch you again I'm going to hug you tighter and tighter...anyway, we sat ourselves down and had a nice lunch. The waitress even commented on how cute it was to see a father and daughter enjoying time together during the nice weather. Yeah, it was certainly adorable.

To be honest, she didn't have much to say. I doubt she had much in that head of hers. She wants me dead- how surprising. This development is so new and unexpected! Heh, no.

She's gonna do whatever it takes to get rid of me. And then she's going to take mommy dearest- and auntie Thage now, apparently- with her back to her "real family". I'm so wounded that she doesn't appreciate my presence. After this pleasant meeting of exchanging death threats with cheerful smiles on our faces and laughing at the right moments to look happy, things took a turn for the worst. I may have said something threatening to her that might have maybe sounded pretty bad from an outside perspective...actually, any perspective. Those bodyguards I assumed she was going to have? Yeah, they stood up from another table and proceeded to punch me in the face. Probably broke my nose again. I can't really tell, it's happened too many times.

So panic breaks loose, people start to run when one of these bastards tackles me into the table. Bruised some ribs and almost broke my leg but hey, I'm not keeping score. It's not like I proceeded to knee him in the groin, punch his own nose flat, give him some nice black eyes and stamp down so hard on his hand and arm that he won't be able to use them for months.

By the way, Cynthia said something about how Daddy (oh you could just hear the uppercase letter) and big brother don't like me while she was leaving. Wow, again, I had no idea. People hating me? What? Since when?

The three of them got away and I split as fast as I could too. The fact that the idiot decided to start a fight in broad daylight meant cops were gonna be there faster than a fat kid eats candy. I can't guarantee that they'll find something that could somehow track me down. The eatery didn't have cameras installed, so that was one good thing. But there's always something that the damn cops can do to find the criminal. I mean, I'm lucky cause' I've been underground for, oh, eleven years or so, but sooner or later I know I'll slip up. I hope that they don't give two shits cause' no one was injured.

That's why Cathy and I are staying on the move. She's furious, by the way. More upset that a fight was started around her daughter than me getting actually beaten up, but hey, that's alright. At least I don't have to drive now. Which, by the way, reminds me. We're going back to my parents. Cathy called them and they agreed to let us stay- sounded pretty worried on the phone, but not at all surprised that my ex-wife and myself were going to be there.

Ugh, parents. Kids. Wives. I fuckin' hate people.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I'm gonna go meet my lovely daughter for lunch. I can only imagine how beautiful the reunion will be- I'm hoping I get a hug outta this and not a punch to the face from any bodyguards that will inevitably be with her.

Told Cathy and of course she's against it and wants to come blahblahblah, but she's not coming no matter what she thinks. If I have to make her stay, I will.

One last thing: I think things are...getting worse. What Cynthia said to me- the little brat wasn't far off from the point. I think the calm before the storm is ending and trouble is now making its way forcefully into Cathy and I's lives, hell even several others of you are having crazy things happen to ya'. This can only mean bad things, but, eh, since when has the situation not been horrible? Hehe, anyway, keep your asses outta trouble, kids.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Well then

I guess this makes me the oldest guy around here and the one who's been running the longest, huh? Hehe, not sure whether to be proud or not for getting that spot back, Reach.

Hell, what he said made since though. The thing is, I never heard or saw anything Revenant-like until I joined this circle of blogs. All of a sudden people are mentioning these things all the time and saying people have superpowers. Obviously I was confused and thought maybe you all were on a drug trip. I didn't even see any "Revenants" until we went to get Robbie back, and even then there was no sign of something being extra-special-awesome, which would explain why they were so easy to beat and pass.

Anyway, I don't have much to say. Haven't been sleeping much lately. I've been keeping watch while Cathy's resting and don't really feel like closing my eyes. There are nightmares lurking in my mind when I do eventually pass out and I really don't wanna deal with them right now.

Guess that's it. Keep your asses outta trouble.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cathy's asleep.

So I took her laptop- her password was no problem to figure out so either I know her even better than I thought, or she has no imagination. Hehe, well, either way, I figured I'd update on my own blog instead of having her censor out my words and write what she wants.

Guess you all know we broke off from Reach, Ava and Thage. It was a good move, and even if I didn't want Cathy to come with me, it's for the best. When we're not with others, we don't have to worry about their problems and just concentrate on ours: specifically, our lovely daughter that seems to enjoy making sure we can't see anything she says. I swear, these goddamn kids, one second they're your lovable little pipsqueak crawling around and drooling all over everything, and the next they're making bad life choices and choosing to hang with the wrong crowd- they get that mindset that they're invincible and can do whatever-the-fuck they want. Ugh, I hate kids, teenagers, young adults, that whole age range, honestly.

But ranting about my child that Cathy doesn't like me claiming as my own is not the reason that I made this post. It's come to my attention that a lot of you bloggers are really stupid.

Oh gosh I hurt some feelings, didn't I?

Suck it up. I've decided that since I don't wanna tell you about what Cathy and I are doing- cause' updating your every move on a public website is really smart- I'm gonna point out everything I dislike about a good portion of you guys.

Today we're starting with the subject of groups: why the hell do you people insist on teaming up/forming organizations/being Best Friends Forever? No, really, this is a legitimate question. Do you people not seem to realize how much danger you put yourself in by making a big group of people? It's like bringing a party of lambs together in the middle of a giant, open field, where the big bad wolf can see their every move and take them all out at once. In other words, by doing this you're just holding a neon sign over your head that tells it to come and get you, cause' the picking is ripe!

I know I decided to meet up with Reach and Ava, and I regret it. It was...interesting to see the two face-to-face and to be able to bother Ava within an inch of her sanity, but it was a bad move on my part. The instant the three of us were together, I was waking up yards away from where I had gone to sleep and started to feel the old paranoia flickering to life in the back of my mind. Being with more than one other person is dangerous and honestly not worth it.

Hell, I may not like that Strahm guy, but he's doing it right. He's pretty much staying lone wolf to avoid all your problems (including my "family"). Same with M, whether he's dead or not.

Basically, all of these retarded sounding organizations that are popping up, giving people titles, and stupid shit like that need to just settle down and disband.
A) The titles just sound stupid. They do nothing. I don't get why everyone seems to think that every person and their grandma needs some kind of name to hold up. But this is a topic that will be covered at a later date.
B) By doing this you're honestly just drawing attention to yourself, which means you have a greater risk of dying in the next day or so. Congrats.
C) The more people there are, the easier it is to be found by it.

I mean, it's not that hard to grasp, people. Jesus, I've only been a part of this group of hunted for a little while and I find most of you ridiculous and annoying. I'm sure all of you think the same of me, and hey, I don't blame you. I'm an asshole. But at least I'm not an asshole running around thinking they're saving the world, finding the ~Ultimate Weakness~, and adding a new title everyday.

Although if I did do that it should be Anthony Awesome, Lord of Butt Whooping. I think it sounds catchy.

Okay, I'm gonna try and stop ranting. I'll probably read this tomorrow and realize there was more I wanted to say, but whatever. If there is I'll write it in next post.

Oh yeah and, didn't wanna scare Cathy while she was driving, but it's been following us. I keep seeing it out of the corner of my eye, alongside the road in the woods, beside buildings, etc. This hasn't really happened to me in a while. Hehe, think I've gotten rusty on the whole, "Being stalked by creepy alien-thing, help me". You'd think that wouldn't happen when you've been running around for this long, but it does.

Should I feel honored that it's not a minion but the big bad himself? I don't. In fact, I'm getting old feelings I haven't experienced in a while. I don't like it. I just need to push it all to the back of my mind. Ignore it. I would leave Cathy because that might draw attention off of me for a while but...being the hypocrite I am, I'll just say that sometimes there's a good reason as to why you can't abandon someone and stick to yourself.

Friday, March 4, 2011


So whoever got the bright idea to tell Cathy to ask Thage to read Cynthia's posts to us, let me just promise you in advance I'm going to kick your ass.

God damn, I got the worst headache in the world right now, and it hurts too much to wash the blood off my face. Same with Cathy, in case you're wondering.

Long story short Thage sat us down in the kitchen, pulled up our daughter's blog and started to read the entry about the poems. That went fine, hell, we started to think everything would be okay. Then she tried a different one and well, at first there was nothing. Then there was this buzzing in my ears, like white noise or something. Then it started to get louder and louder until it was just like a siren going off in my head. My ears were ringing, and distantly I could hear someone screaming- turns out it was Cathy and I.

We must have passed out because when we woke up not even ten minutes later, we had been dragged out of the kitchen and into the living room. Thage propped us up against the couch, and her face was the first thing I saw when my vision cleared.

As luck would have it Thage had stopped reading when Cathy and I had looked like we were in pain and tried to get our attention or some shit like that. But apparently the both of us were still getting the noise torture and ended up bleeding from the nose and ears profusely. Nice. We looked pretty much like someone had punched us in the face repeatedly and then decided to paint our faces with blood. Hehe, not exactly pleasant, right?

Well, here's your answer to the whole reading out loud thing: Fuck No Never Again.
My head is sensitive, like I have the worst hangover right now, and when Thage tried to help wipe the blood off, it hurt too much. Kind of like every bone in your face is broken and you don't really wanna move anything so you can lessen the pain.

So thanks, whoever you are.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is just a barrel of fun.

Nothin' better than forcing three guys to have to stick with each other due to similar circumstances, even though they've never really talked that much before. Y'know what's the best part about this? Robbie being his usual robot-self. Guy isn't drooling anymore, just sorta...empty, I guess. It's so much fun feeding him, leading him around, having to make sure he uses the bathroom properly and takes a bath so that he doesn't smell so bad he makes heads turn.

By the way, your turn next, Reach. I'm not doing that again for a couple days, maybe even a couple weeks at least.

See, this is why we need a female in our company. Too many dicks and the group is unbalanced, driving us to try and be manlier than the other and attempt to save face. Well, at least for McWhineyPants and I. Oh yeah, it's been a real adventure, filled with laughter and friendship.

We better get Ava back soon from Stoplight and his fashionable hand wraps, or I think I may just throw myself off the nearest cliff and save it the trouble. I'm not cut out for baby sitting. At all. Or socializing for that matter. Wish I could do something with Cathy right now but, oh wait, apparently she's going bisexual on me. Does this mean we at least can have some kind of a threesome, my love?

Hehe, I'm about ready to snap and blow up at a random bystander. It's great. Maybe we should try talking this out more, Reachy boy, so I don't have to vent on my blog like some teenage girl. It makes me feel insecure about my masculinity~!

Well, at least we've been able to sorta walk in public. We can more or less get by with saying the two are my kid and traumatized best friend. It makes people back off when you tell them Robbie saw his entire family murdered before his eyes and then he was kidnapped for years and beaten everyday. Which, y'know, might not be that far off from the truth, but hey, gets us food at a cheaper price most of the time.

We're still moving. Not really standing still ever, which is a smart idea. I know Reddy pulled the minions back, but my daughter is in charge now or some shit apparently, which probably doesn't bode well.

Dunno if the others...Reach has noticed, but I've been seeing it out of the corner of my eye. Not all the time, just occasionally. It's been methodically placing itself in positions to where if I turn to look, it's gone. I'm sure it's a way to psychologically break victims, but right now I'm just paranoid that we're gonna have to fight it. Cause' if we do, we're sure as hell gonna lose. Hopefully it'll hang back and keep stalking us from afar.

Fuck I'm tired. Whatever.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

It went wrong. It all went wrong. Reach is hurt so bad he can't move, Robert is drugged up to his eyes and drooling, and Ava...shit.

We went in. There were some Revenants or whatever the hell you kids call them waiting for us near the front. They were no problem, though they did seem to know Reach. That should've tipped us off right off the bat, what with them having superpowers or some shit like that. Ava was yelling at us to find Robert so we took the stairs up as fast as we could and started looking around. I'm sure we were making a hell of a lot of noise, but no one really came after us after the Revenant face off. Again, that should have alerted us to things not being right.

We found Robbie tied up in a chair. It's not like he was in any state to go anywhere, so I'm guessing it was more for holding him up so he wouldn't fall over. I untied him and picked him up princess style and we were basically sprinting for the exit by this point.

Redlight found us.

He grabbed Ava.

She had a gun. Why the hell didn't she shoot him?! She hesitated when he grabbed her and tried to drag her away from us. With my arms full I couldn't stop him and so Reach ran after him instead. And that's all it took. All it fuckin' took for her to suddenly collapse and not move.

Redlight...he played us bad. Everything was a set up to get her, I think. She's not dead, I think she was unconscious. Reach must have overestimated his abilities again because the man was just...beating the snot out of him. I had to put Robbie down- away from sight behind some shit- and separate it. Got clocked in the jaw and stomach for my troubles, but managed to nail him back in the face hard enough to drive him off. Didn't hurt the bitch just got him off balance long enough for me to grab Reach by his collar and pull him away.

I had to leave her.

I could have grabbed her. I had the chance. Like I had the chance with Cynthia. She was right there, just laying on the floor like she was asleep.

But I couldn't. I know she would've been pissed if I had tried to get her out and endangered the others in the process. Endangered myself. Fuck me, I'm not worth shit. The things I've done...I should be dead. Funny how I was the one who got out of there in the best shape. God, I'm the adult and these kids keep showing me up, hehe...

I threw Reach over a shoulder and Robert over the other- started having flashbacks to the hotel. Got out by running through a back door. Ran like the hounds of hell were at my feet, which I guess they were cause' all of a sudden more minions crawled out of the woodwork. Guess they chased us for a while. Had to finally stop and put them down.

I've been playing doctor. Robert...either the drugs haven't worn off or something was done to his head because he can't do anything on his own yet. Reach is...well, I patched him up, but I think you all know how it is right now.

Fuck. First my daughter, then my friend.

This is why I don't stick with people. This is why I work alone.

Dammit Ava.

We're gonna get you back. You and Cynthia. We'll come for you, I promise.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Tomorrow's the big day, I guess. The three of us are storming the castle and fighting off all the bad guys all for the sake of getting the princess back. Hehe, it should be fun.

In other news, shit is probably gonna go very, very wrong. How do I know, you ask? I woke up this morning not next to Reach but instead near the treeline, which was a good bit of distance away. I'm guessing Ava fell asleep because she tried to take the whole watch herself. You see woman, this is why we take turns making ourselves stay awake. I'm fine, in fact I was pretty comfortable and it's a pity I had to move- the tree was doing so well at blocking the sunlight.

Also our resident couple have made me feel like an awkward third wheel so I took it upon myself to make them feel awkward as well. After the kissing and hugging and puppy dog eyes at each other grew sickening, I simply decided to turn and stare at them whenever they tried this. No blinking. No talking. Just staring. And grinning. Yeah, Ava caved first every time. Hehe, this why you need to contain yourselves, kids. Uncle Tony does not want to have to hear you two whisper sweet nothings to each other and let your hormones take control. Christ, I need to get laid.

Anyway, I guess that's it. Updating because something may happen tomorrow. If I don't write again in around three days, you can go ahead and assume something went very wrong. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Yesterday was the most interesting evening I've had in a while. Wouldn't you agree, Ava and Reach? Apparently it's my job to explain what the hell happened which makes no sense seeing as my arms are throbbing, but hey, why not.

So let's see here, where do I begin? Uh, basically ran/hitch hiked as fast as I could to the terrible twosome as soon as I heard the news. Of course, I'm almost there and I get wind of this deal that Cathy and I had to make or some shit. It was a no brainer, really. Cathy said it best so if you wanna know what we think go look at her blog. Anyway, after I agreed I arrived at the hotel.

Bad feeling as soon as I stepped in. Everyone in the fucking vicinity turned and stared- kept talking and doing what they were doing, but eyeballed me. I would've felt flattered if I wasn't running like a crazy man to the stairs. (Number one rule of hotels: never take the elevator. Too easy to get stuck on and get caught/killed.) No one tried to stop me, which was a plus, I guess. But after finally reaching the hotel room (and feelin' the burn, hehe) that's when shit went down.

Ava answers the door- it was such a pleasant intro, you crazy bitch- and it fuckin' appears behind me according to my dear friends. Y'know the feeling of something bad being near and the hair on the back of your neck just rises? Yeah, that's what I felt. I pretty much pushed Ava back inside  in time for a fire to start. And of all places it began in the bathroom. That's really when I spotted Cynthia.

Jesus my daughter looks like a wreck. Her hair needs to be cut, she looks unhealthily skinny, and the bags under her eyes tell me that she hasn't been sleeping in a long time. I wanted to grab her. I wanted to get her away from the monster that was in the corner of the room now, standing right next to her. But we made a deal and I know what happens to people who disobey- too much experience to make me think differently.

The fire, seeing as it wasn't exactly created by normal causes, was getting bigger and bigger every second and by a minute it really was starting to envelope the room. That was when I really regretted pushing Ava.

She, uh, knocked her head against the side of the bed when she fell back. Pretty much unconscious and Reach looked like he was about to have a heart attack. Everything was going wrong, basically. And Cynthia was just laughing. That thing stepped towards us and that made me snap outta it. Grabbed Ava and slung her over my shoulder and yelled at Reach to run. Kid runs fast.

Actually he ran too fast. Overestimated his abilities due to the, uh, change. We're sprinting down the stairs and the alarms are blaring, smoke is pouring everywhere. Some people are panicking and pushing us trying to get out. Others are actually trying to grab us and trip us down the stairs. Somewhere along the line Reach wore himself out because he pushed his legs too hard. Collapsed at the bottom of the stairwell and almost got trampled in the chaos.

Fucking picked him up and slung him over my other shoulder- remind me to never to that again. I haven't done heavy lifting...ever.

We cleared the vicinity pretty fast (more like I did) and set up base elsewhere. Not saying where. My arms are really sore, Ava's got a head wound and Reach is worn down. Not in the best of shape, but we're alive, so can't complain.

Don't have time to talk right now. We're gonna move soon.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Alrighty, lemme just get something out in the open here because apparently everyone might have an opinion on all of this. Married couples aren't exactly common in this group of hunted humans, so I get that Cathy and I are an odd pair. I also get that you guys care and want to make sure we aren't going to do something that would stop us from getting Cynthia back. Hell, even redlight was anxious to see to it that we didn't act like idiots, which is kind of him.
What Cathy and I are going through is what happens when two people don't love each other and then some faceless monster decides to fuck with us. Hehe, it's a little extra baggage, but about the same as any other couple. We're gonna fight, we're gonna bicker, we're gonna call each other bad names and insult our ancestors because to be honest, we're not exactly happy with each other right now. We both had bad reactions to what occurred in the woods the other day. I took Cathy but not Cynthia even though I clearly had the opportunity, and she ran because I wasn't the nicest guy to her when she woke up. They aren't justifiable actions, but it's what happened.
That said, we aren't going to let our problems get in the way of getting our daughter back from it. If you think I'd let my frustration stop me from working together with my wife (who, by the way, has been risking everything to get her back as well), then you obviously do not know me that well.
I know I'm hiding basically all of who I am from you guys (sorry if that's a surprise, hehe) but I think I've made it obvious because of Ava that if I care for someone my problems don't get in the way. And I know it's the same for Cathy, because even if she claims we don't love each other anymore we still know what the other is like...or was like, which is enough.
Basically, what I'm trying to say, is that this is our problem- the marriage thing I mean- and we'll deal with it in our own way. And I would be gosh-darned grateful if everyone could just accept the fact that we're not a happy couple but realize we're still gonna get shit done.  That's my daughter that thing has and hell if I'm gonna let her stay in it's clutches for much longer.

Now with that stupid rant out of the way:
I've been blacking out again. Ever since I got Cathy out of the woods, I wake up in some place I didn't fall asleep at. I don't think she ever noticed, but that was mostly because it was little things, like opening my eyes and realizing I was outside my door. But after she left...well, let's just say I woke up in a different state. Hehe, that and my nose was bleeding when I regained consciousness too.
Maaaan, haven't had to deal with this shit in a while. Gonna take some getting used to again, but it should be like riding a bicycle.
Think that's about it. Just kinda wanna steer this blog back in the direction it was made for: keeping tabs on what's happening to me, hehe.

You all keeping yourselves safe? I'm looking at you Ava, and your date with ~*destiny*~.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


WOMAN, could you not have hit me maybe a little less harshly? It's pounding like I have the worst hangover in the world and I think you actually managed to make me bleed.

Goddamn- woke up and you're gone. Great. Perfect. Used the shower and got outta there before room service came along and thought I was robbing the motel or something.

I said we needed to stick together! What part of that didn't you understand? Oh, and nice post by the way. Y'know there was probably a reason I was keeping this sort-of-marriage a secret. And you just tell it to the world! Nice thinking there- I'm glad I married such a smart woman.

Fuck I need a beer. Or some pain meds to overdose on. Something.

Monday, February 7, 2011


I'm here. Fuck I need to lay down and get some sleep. Just for an hour or two, that'd be nice. Ribs aren't very happy with me- got in a scuffle with scar face and we both took some bad hits. Hopefully I'll be up for more ass kicking tomorrow. Hehe, wish me luck, kids.

Edit- I put this on your blog, but decided to post it here instead to make sure you see it.

Hey Crazy Bitch, if anything happens to me these next couple days, I want you to promise not to panic and take care of everyone. Apparently I'm the grumpy Uncle and you're the big sis, so we gotta do our jobs, right?

Hehe, catch you on the flip side, Avalesca.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Really? Am I always one step behind or some shit? Gonna have to find another trucker now who's willing to drive cross country with me. Maybe this one won't like irritable middle aged men who look like hobos and carry various weapons on their person that they can't use on the goddamn truckers because that would mean trouble.

Ava's back. Don't really know what to say at this point. It's already been said. She's coming over to The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave. Hehe, should be fun for her.

Saw it the other day. Hanging around near the eighteen wheeler I was hitching a ride in. Had to split if I didn't want the weirdo to get taken by it. Sucks, but I'll find someone else. Things have calmed down a little bit, it seems. That's nice, I don't particularly like having to remember five thousand stories going on at once. Y'know, when I started this stupid blog I wasn't planning on talking to this many people. Hell, I dunno why so many of you seem keen on keeping up with me- I'm not exactly best friend material if you hadn't noticed, and that's not ever changing. I hate this...caring for other people business. It's what gets people killed in the first place.

Fuck, I'll end this feelings and shit post before I start to sound like a teenage girl who got dumped right before prom night.

I guess...keep yourselves outta trouble. Whatever.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What the hell

Is the crazy flu going around or something? Everyone just needs to calm the fuck down because too many things are happening right now and I can't tell who's safe and who's in trouble. Fucking- how many kids are okay?

Lemme say it this way: I'm taking a role call, if you're good say so. Or don't. And then I can assume that everyone on the goddamn planet died tonight except for me.

And everyone needs to stop freaking out because you're just giving it more power! We've been over this several times! Shit, why does this gotta happen now?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hitch Hiking

It's always fun, right? Least I don't have to worry about some hairy fat guy hitting on me, hehe.

Makin' good time. Everything is fine right now. In fact, haven't seen a minion since I left my old spot. Good sign or bad sign? Probably bad but, eh, oh well.

I'm sure everyone is having a shit ton of fun right now, anyone care to share?

Updating to show I'm alive. Hooray and all that.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alright, well

I gotta get moving. Meant to last night but then the bed of leaves I was lying on felt too damn comfortable to move off of. Kind of a big mistake. I'd been staying in one place for too long and, well, I didn't necessarily wake up to being strangled again. I did wake up to that one minion girl sitting next to me and just watching me sleep. That's not creepy at all. Why can't there ever be a normal enough minion?

Anyway she didn't try to attack me when I woke up, just sat there like she was waiting for something. Of course, me being a piece of sunshine in the morning, I greeted her with choice words that were very colorful and probably insulted her ancestors in the process. Was about ready to punch her lights out from the adrenaline spike that shot through my system, but she never even flinched at the loud words or violent movements. Just...sat and stared.

I guess she was waiting for me to calm down and look at what she was doing, and there wasn't much else to do (no offense, I don't like fighting when I don't have to. It means less bruises to deal with.). When I finally stopped talking and lowered the knife that I had whipped out, she stood up (made me jump) and started to walk away.

I don't know what possessed me to follow her. But I gathered all my shit together and went after her. Maybe it was because she was something different after years of being chased after and almost killed. I had thought by this point it wanted me dead, and wouldn't use anything except stone cold killers for combat. This...was a new tactic. And I hate it for what it made me see. We ended up at the back of this building- just some random restaurant. There was a nice spray painted picture waiting for me.

Her face...she was goddamn smug, that bitch. But hell if I was gonna stay there and take the time to bash her face into the brick wall. I got that feeling- y'know the one, the instinct that just screams at you get your ass moving because troubles coming- and split. What they did...what they left for me...well, it's been over ten years, so I've had a good run. Not sayin' I'm gonna die, so don't get your panties in a knot, Ava. But things are about to get bad, and I'm chargin' Hell with a water pistol at this point.

I've got shit to do and it's more than I've done in a long time. Let's see if I can survive this, hehe.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Scar face seems to like to follow people around at a distance that's safe enough to where he can ensure that I won't be able to try and stab him again. Of course this is good news for me too because that means I don't have to worry about being beaten over the head with a brick again and dragged off to who knows where. The bad news is that I also see it hanging around too. Standing next to light poles, right outside windows, or even in the middle of the streets. Hehe, every single time a car passes it, the radio messes up. The even worse news is that scar face has a new sidekick, and this time it's a teenage girl.

Now don't get me wrong- I'm not afraid to take a female out if I have to, but there's still a tiny voice in my head (probably my moms) that says hitting girls is not nice Tony, stop sticking mud and frogs in their hair. Right. Well, hopefully I won't have to deal with crouching tiger and hidden dragon over there, or the big bad himself. Making an update because if anything happens people will know blahblahblah, the usual.

Also, as a note to myself, what works and doesn't work on it.

Doesn't Work:
Baseball bat
Home made flamethrowers
Fire in general
Fire truck hoses (don't ask)
Holy water that was probably a cheap rip off
Kicking it in the balls - note: has none
Pepper spray/mace
Silver bullet
Tree limb
The police
I think you get the picture

Does Work:
None for me yet, but according to other people
Electromagnetic shit
Maybe getting high- I mean this in the height sense and the drug sense

Maybe if we're lucky:

Yeah, my life is pretty eventful. Tell me if I forgot anything, kids.

Gonna start moving soon.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Post.

Gonna get that depressing as shit last post off the top of this blog page. I'm not usually that whiny, I hope you all know. I'll try to stick to being my usual, lovable self.

In other news, I'm eatin' a hot dog with chili and cheese. It feels like a heart attack waiting to happen but it tastes damn good. And there's not much a guy can afford while on the run, so lemme enjoy my gourmet food while it lasts.

Since you all know about how I got involved with all this shit, I wanna know (seeing as for some reason I have more than Ava following me- when the fuck did that happen?) how you guys met it and how you dealt with it. Maybe I can get a few more ideas to annoy the minions/injure them horribly.

It's a nice day. Been raining on and off for a while so it's good to see the sun. Maybe it'll stay this way for a while.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How the shit went down.

Gather round kiddies, let Uncle Tony tell you all a story. Once upon a time there was an insanely cool kid named Anthony who everyone wanted to be friends with. After all, he had the best imaginary friend in the whole world, and all the kids loved to play with Anthony and his friend. But then the little boy grew up and realized that, "Hey, this isn't cool anymore. In fact, this is lame." His friend wanted him to leave his old life and come with it, but he didn't want to leave his parents.

So his friend-turned-enemy grew angry with the boy. Followed him around during his teenage years, unable to communicate with someone who didn't believe. Then the man fell in love. And he got married to the best woman in the world. But it was a moment of weakness, one that his friend had been waiting for all his life.

In short, I lost everything. I could have had a happy marriage, a child of my own, a boring day job with friends who wanna talk college football, a cozy house with the white picket fence and dog. But because I defied it, it ruined everything and everyone around me suffers.

I travel alone because every person I tried to team up with was eventually caught and ripped apart, hung from trees like Christmas ornaments.

Ten years of this and it still doesn't stop. It never does.

I feel sick.

But I guess that's what I get for having to run around in the rain and the cold for the past couple of weeks. Nothin' bad obviously or I wouldn't be writing this, just enough to have a clogged up nose and queasy feelin' in my stomach. Damn I hate being sick. It really doesn't help that my injuries hurt like hell right now. And lemme just whine and be a little girl for a bit, okay?

On a better note, I'm currently back in that bookstore and just got me a nice, warm cup of coffee. Works magic on the system, I tell ya'.

Updating to update. Nothing has happened since the fight. Haven't seen scar face anywhere or it. I think they're both probably unhappy with me right now though, hehe.

Monday, January 24, 2011


So I guess I got some explaining to do (if I don't I think Ava might attack me). Jeez, let's see, where do I begin to explain...?

I think you all realize by now I ran into some trouble. It was the wrestler and the ninja- or should I call him Scar Face now? I've been on the move, hitch hiking rides across states and sleeping wherever I can find something even slightly comfortable. Well it found me at the bookstore I had been staying in during the day. Obviously he couldn't get to me but his goddamn minions could.

After I posted I got the hell outta there as casually as I could without drawing attention. Didn't need to get innocent adults and children killed- no matter how much of a jackass I am, that's where I draw the line. Of course they followed me, and I kept walking like I didn't see them, headed towards a public street. They're not stupid, they won't attack if hundreds of other people can see. So we were at a draw. Eventually it started to get dark and the streets were less crowded.

I got up to leave (had been staying put on a bench opposite them) and that's when they began to run at me. You can imagine the merry chase I lead them on. Over fuckin' fences, around buildings, through every alley way I could think of. By the time they finally caught up I was wheezing. So where they, but, eh, they have more of a drive when it controls them. Don't really seem to tire out until they're dead. Now here's were I'm embarrassed to talk- they managed to knock me out with a brick and dragged me to this construction area. My guess is they were gonna either torture me or hang me from some random piece of wood. Just another suicide, right?

I woke up sooner than they expected. They were in the process of duct taping my legs and one of them was going for the arms. Even had a piece over my mouth which wasn't pleasant to pull off, lemme tell you. Punched the scrawny one in the face before he could realize I was conscious and knocked the big guy off balance with a kick. Goddamn in those moments I always feel like I can't move fast enough. My bag was too far away, so I improvised. Used a plank of wood just lying there to turn and hit the big guy in the head as hard as I could. Managed to get my old knife off of him (idiot was keeping it in his back pocket) before the other sorta jumped on me and tried to punch my face in.

Ow, now it's throbbing. Great. Busted my nose up pretty bad and made me look like a raccoon, but nothing is broken.

When I got an opening I went to stab the bastard. Only, he's faster than I thought. Instead of slicing him right through the head, he dodged and got a nice cut right on his eye and up to his ear. Looked pretty painful. Right about then big guy gets back up and- you're not gonna believe this, it was total dumb luck and he must of been disoriented or something- tripped over the plank of wood I beat him over the head with. Landed right next to me.

So I stabbed him in the throat and ripped the knife outta the side.

Smelled pretty bad, that's for sure. And it never exactly feels good to take a life, but at least it's nothing new. Scar Face got outta there and left me and his dead companion.

It took me maybe an hour to get the tape off of my legs (they wrapped me up nice and pretty, like a present, hehe) and get my shit together as well as clean up my tracks. Have to be careful after all. Ended up carrying the body to a river next to the site and dumped it there. Went back and cleaned the blood up as good as I could (which included smearing mud and all sorts of other gunk lying around into the spot) but there's only so much I can do.

So now I'm hiding myself away so that if anything happens at least I won't be caught off guard. Damn, I feel like one giant bruise.

And y'know what, kids? This still isn't as cool sounding as nailing minions with bombs after bitch fighting in a forest in the dark. Hehe, gonna remember that story forever, Ava.

Would you look at that.

It's watching me right now. Been a while since I've seen old no face. Yeah, yeah, stare all you want I'm not moving from my comfy chair in the bookstore. My ass is finally warm and I'm sure as hell not going outside into the freezing cold anytime soon.

But just in case anything happens: January 24, 2011 at 3:43 I spotted it. Hopefully there won't be a need for memory loss this time around. I'd really appreciate that in fact.

EDIT: Aw shit, it's gone and there are two very familiar looking guys heading towards me slowly but surely. Gotta run for now.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Well that was a fun night.

Nothin' better than being attacked in your sleep, lemme tell you. Woke up to a big guy snaking an arm around my neck to choke-hold me, and another pulling a switchblade out of his pocket. Best alarm to wake up to in the world. I think it's getting smarter because it's not sending small, weak minions after me anymore. Nooo, I get the big guys who probably were involved with some underground fighting ring in their spare time with the way that they're built.

Well, I managed to kick knife-guy in the face before he could take the opportunity to stab me in the stomach, and broke his nose in the process. The lack of air was really getting to me, but luckily I keep my own blade in my pocket for just these occasions. Stabbed the wrestler in the arm pretty deep and he let go to scream in pain and pull it out. I'm not stupid. There were two of them, one of them built like a tank and the other was probably a ninja or somethin'.

I fuckin' ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I don't have that much stuff to carry so I didn't leave anything behind. Let me tell you though, these guys can be fucking determined when they wanna be. The two stooges chased me for who knows how long, until the point where I was starting to tire myself out running in circles and playing cat and mouse. Looking back on this, I'm guessing that was sort of the point- make me be my own downfall and shit. But I don't think they expected me to hit them in the faces with a stop sign when they rounded a corner.

That was a pretty satisfying moment. Think I broke the other guy's nose too.

I managed to loose them after that cause' both of them were too disoriented to really give chase. Spent the rest of the day up until now making my way to the other side of town. I'm planning on moving out tonight and heading a few states over, so that should be fun.

Didn't see it anywhere, guess it was busy being a pain in the ass elsewhere, which is fine with me. Oh, I did get somethin' nice out of all this. Snatched knife-guy's blade from him in the confusion due to my own having been stuck in another man's arm. It's pretty nice, looks fairly new and kinda expensive. Keepin' it safe and sound on me to stab anyone who wants to try and choke-hold me again.

Christ this gets annoying. Currently I'm sitting in some restaurant, using their signal to type this up. Takes a fuckin' long time to press all the little buttons on the screen, but I think I'm gettin' the hang of it.

Ouch, my neck hurts. Think I'm gonna have to eat softer foods for the next few days. Got a nice bruise around my neck and another on my side from where the big guy shoved me away onto the rocks under the bridge I was staying at. Well, I'm not pretty to look at, but I'm alive, so I'm not complaining here. Gonna have to leave and find another place to signal-steal off of cause' the owner is starting to stare me down since I haven't ordered anything. Jesus, guess a guy can't get a break.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wish I was drunk

You ever wake up to rain steadily hitting you in the face because the shelter you slept in wasn't enough cover? I do all the time and that made this morning perfect. The minions left me a couple cryptic messages to look over and decode, stacked nice and pretty-like next to my home made pillow (also known as, "The Jacket"). I'm guessing I was supposed to be torn, agonizing over them for several hours before finally having to conclude that there was some deep inner meaning with coordinates to follow. Well, unfortunately for them, I don't really read those anymore.

That and the rain made the ink run so they're pretty much unreadable.

So onto today's topics: who the hell am I?

Heh, your "Leader" or whatever the fuck he is, "M", didn't seem to trust me- I'm hurt! Can't blame him though, he's being smart by staying paranoid.

I guess I could make a list, seeing as it would be beneficial to me too. After all, you never know when you'll forget who you are and have nothing to jog the mind. I gotta say that this has even happened to me before- was one of the worst experiences of my life. Took me a while to recover from the amnesia, but at least I was able to keep the basic instinct to run for my life if some baldy in a suit decides to creep up. So here I am in the simplest of words:
- Tony (no last name to you)
- Any close family I have is gone, I made sure of that.
- I'm nearing the big four-o. Starting to get those joint pains and wishing I was younger, but, eh, not gonna complain when there are bigger problems to deal with.
- I've been on the run for something near ten years now.

I imagine it's at this point that people get confused and suspicious. What is this man talking about? How is that possible? Why did you suddenly show up? All of these are good questions and a pat on the back to anyone who actually thought that because your mind is in the right place. I mean, I don't really have to answer these because I honestly have quit giving a fuck what other people think, but let me grant you peace of mind.

No one knows why they're allowed to live. For some it drives them crazy with fear...well, for most it does that. But for a few people, like me, it makes us have more of a drive to survive. I personally like to assume that I'm alive because I'm so damn awesome. Truth is, I think he just likes to fuck with people. There is no "special chosen person that he takes a particular liking to". There's just a group of victims that he can mess around with and pick apart piece by piece. Maybe one day he'll terrorize your neighbor, but then the next he creeps on over to watch you while you sleep. Anyone who knows is a candidate for mind rape and I don't get cocky over a few days of  "safety".

As for the ten year part, that's just because I made the necessary actions to survive. Severe all bonds with people you love, kick the ass of any minion who tries to get in my way, don't be afraid to take some risks but be careful of covering your tracks from the police. In other words, look out for numero uno, and do it well. I'm still able to be hurt, I've had my butt handed to me countless times. But it's the will that has to break along with the arms, ribs and legs. And I got plenty of drive to keep myself alive and moving.

And then the question of why choose now to start posting. To be honest (do I get a gold star for telling the truth?) I carried notebooks around for several years. But after they continuously get stolen, lost, or written in by my no-name visitors, I wised up.

Yeah, stole me one of those Ipod things. Or, iphone...touch? I don't know, this new technology is fucking confusing. Guy drops off the map for a few years and comes back to find everything has advanced to levels he could have never dreamed of. Jesus, took me a week to work out how the damn thing connected to the internet- and I rarely used the web back in my normal days. I'm pretty proud of myself at this point, hehe.

But now let me ask anyone out there who is listening a question of my own: why the hell did you give it a name? Names give power and purpose, people. Be smart here.

Hell of a mess has been made. And I don't want to be the one to clean it up, but I'm not afraid to point out how stupid certain people have been acting. No names given children, cause' I have no idea how many of you there are.

Goes to show that I should've stolen a computer and lugged it around with me. Maybe this could've been prevented.

Whatever, you know what they say- you never have to run faster than the bear. Just the other person. And that's worked for me so far.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Now's as good a time as any other

Been having more black outs then usual, it's screwing with my memory. Can't really tell if it's still today or if it's really tomorrow or maybe even the next day or even weeks from now. Being hunted does that to you. Or, more specifically, me. Cause', y'know, that's who matters here.

Name's Tony. No, I will not give a last name- that's stupid.

This isn't a blog to help you from it. This isn't a blog to even try to begin to explain what it is. This is a blog that'll help me and me only. For over ten years I've been on the run, avoiding it and it's minions. That amount of time kinda puts stress on a guy, and I really don't need anymore than I already have. So here's my genius idea: make a blog, something that can keep track of things I forget and sort out memories that will inevitably become jumbled up. If I go missing maybe even someone will notice.

Not that you could do anything if I did, but still, it's the thought that counts, right?

But like I was saying, I've been running for something around the ten or eleven year mark- haven't really tried that hard to keep up with time. It's not really helpful after the first year or so when you find your mind drawing frustrating blanks every couple of days whenever you wake up in places miles away from where you "fell asleep".

Fuck it sucks to be in this position some of the time.

On the bright side there aren't any bills to pay.

Really, there isn't much of anything to worry about except keeping your ass safe and sound, away from creepy tall guys with a business suit fetish and his crazier-than-thou minions.

Such a simple life style. Hermits everywhere would be proud.

It's raining right now. The fire I built isn't doing much to warm me up. Fuckit. At least I'm somewhere near an internet signal. This new technology really does help- who would've guessed?

God I sound old.