Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alright, well

I gotta get moving. Meant to last night but then the bed of leaves I was lying on felt too damn comfortable to move off of. Kind of a big mistake. I'd been staying in one place for too long and, well, I didn't necessarily wake up to being strangled again. I did wake up to that one minion girl sitting next to me and just watching me sleep. That's not creepy at all. Why can't there ever be a normal enough minion?

Anyway she didn't try to attack me when I woke up, just sat there like she was waiting for something. Of course, me being a piece of sunshine in the morning, I greeted her with choice words that were very colorful and probably insulted her ancestors in the process. Was about ready to punch her lights out from the adrenaline spike that shot through my system, but she never even flinched at the loud words or violent movements. Just...sat and stared.

I guess she was waiting for me to calm down and look at what she was doing, and there wasn't much else to do (no offense, I don't like fighting when I don't have to. It means less bruises to deal with.). When I finally stopped talking and lowered the knife that I had whipped out, she stood up (made me jump) and started to walk away.

I don't know what possessed me to follow her. But I gathered all my shit together and went after her. Maybe it was because she was something different after years of being chased after and almost killed. I had thought by this point it wanted me dead, and wouldn't use anything except stone cold killers for combat. This...was a new tactic. And I hate it for what it made me see. We ended up at the back of this building- just some random restaurant. There was a nice spray painted picture waiting for me.

Her face...she was goddamn smug, that bitch. But hell if I was gonna stay there and take the time to bash her face into the brick wall. I got that feeling- y'know the one, the instinct that just screams at you get your ass moving because troubles coming- and split. What they did...what they left for me...well, it's been over ten years, so I've had a good run. Not sayin' I'm gonna die, so don't get your panties in a knot, Ava. But things are about to get bad, and I'm chargin' Hell with a water pistol at this point.

I've got shit to do and it's more than I've done in a long time. Let's see if I can survive this, hehe.



    What was it, are you okay, BE OKAY, I hate you.

  2. Jesus Christ woman, I do because you're off running around risking your life too. That and I've been doing this longer so I got some seniority to pull as well.

    No one needs to know what it was, I'm fine, I love you too, kid.


    Yeahyeahyeah, you too ¬______¬

  4. Goddesses Tits Tony! What the hell are you doing trying to perk up my whiny ass when you need to be booking?!?!?!?

    Just try to safe, please?

  5. Ava- Yeah, yeah, I'm not planning on dying anytime soon.

    Kay- Hehe, I'll try to be as safe as I can with what I'm doing.

  6. Hehasnottoldmeaboutyouyouaremuchhardertoread





  7. Inky's been...hypnotized? Attacked? I dunno, but keep on the lookout.

  8. dude... am i the only one who caught that Inky's hacker mentioned a stream when talking about your death?

    because fucker from a while ago mentioned he was gonna drown you right?

    the correlation disturbs me.

  9. Hehe, guys gone for a few days and someone decides to give me death threats. I feel loved!

    To the asshole who keeps being creepy to Inky's buds, have fun trying to catch me. You all have only be trying for, oh, ten years.

    NOOC- eh, I'll be sure to stay away from water then for a bit. Seems that have my death all planned out nice and pretty.