Sunday, March 20, 2011

Well then

I guess this makes me the oldest guy around here and the one who's been running the longest, huh? Hehe, not sure whether to be proud or not for getting that spot back, Reach.

Hell, what he said made since though. The thing is, I never heard or saw anything Revenant-like until I joined this circle of blogs. All of a sudden people are mentioning these things all the time and saying people have superpowers. Obviously I was confused and thought maybe you all were on a drug trip. I didn't even see any "Revenants" until we went to get Robbie back, and even then there was no sign of something being extra-special-awesome, which would explain why they were so easy to beat and pass.

Anyway, I don't have much to say. Haven't been sleeping much lately. I've been keeping watch while Cathy's resting and don't really feel like closing my eyes. There are nightmares lurking in my mind when I do eventually pass out and I really don't wanna deal with them right now.

Guess that's it. Keep your asses outta trouble.


  1. ...Well now, to what do I owe this unexpected visit? I can even see you no less, darlin'.

  2. hehehehehehe yes you can can can

    for now

    it's because of everything you did you know. every single thing- i know about it all. He told me.

  3. He told you, huh? Well, isn't that nice, sweetheart. I'm sure he gave you some candy to go along with the crazy minions. Content are ya'?

    Why exactly am I talking to you?

  4. He does. i like candy. Mommy never let me have any unless it was for dessert. :c

    because i'm getting tired of waiting. i don't like waaaiiittttiiing. it's boring.

  5. You're a real nuisance, you know that? Hehe, well, what do you want me to do, oh-daughter-of-mine?

  6. we're going to play a game daddy. but you need to hear the rules.

  7. A game, huh? Like the one you played with Cathy? I'm sure that'll be a shitload- oh, excuse me, /a ton/- of fun.

    I take it this means you wanna meet up?

  8. yes yes and yes

    i will contact you when it is time. don't worry it won't be too soon.

  9. Great, so now I have to be the one to wait, huh? That's real nice you, Cynthia.

    I'm guessing you don't want me to bring Cathy when this meeting is supposed to happen? Or can I bring the loving mother and (ex) wife?

  10. hehehehehehe yeah now you have to wait!

    you can bring Mommy if you want but then we will take Her. i can promise you, you won't have an (X)Wife when everything is done if you choose to.

    this is just for me and you daddy. father and daughter bonding time. don't you wanna talk to me? c:

  11. Huh, guess you aren't really giving me a choice then, are you? I'll agree to this, I guess. I /eagerly/ await for you, daughter.

    Cathy is gonna flip shit when she sees this, y'know.

  12. it's okay. Mommy won't see anything. like i said, you're seeing because of everything. feels nice doesn't it? like you're one of us. c:

    bye bye daddy until next time.

    we're watching you. </3

  13. Well, this does not look good. If he's letting you see her, that means that whatever's going on is about to get much worse. That whole radio silence we've been seeing might be gone soon...

    Don't worry, Tony. I'm sure an old hat like yourself will do just fine. You've been running since I was still in elementary school, so I don't think you'll have any trouble this time.

    I'd suggest trying to obtain a dog of some sort. He REALLY doesn't seem to like dogs, and if nothing else it can slow him down while you deal with whatever the hell else he's gonna crank out.

  14. The father daughter bonding if creepy as fuck.

  15. Bravethestorm- Hehe, don't you worry about that. I can take care of myself (aw, callin' me old, you're hurtin' my feelings!), it's Cathy that I'm worried about, honestly. She hasn't been...experiencing the same things I am and have been and I think anything extreme could break her. Just gonna have to watch her back, I guess.
    By the way, tried bringing a dog with me places back in the day. The dog was dead the next day. So no more animals for me.

    Yggdrasil- Creepy as fuck, huh? You just saying my dear, sweet, little girl is scary or I am too?

  16. You're both quite frightening when you start talking like you were in the comments. Or maybe it was just how I was reading it.

  17. Huh, was probably how you were reading it. She's not scary at all when you see her- pretty scrawny with bushy brown hair.

    Hehe, not sure about me, but then again I'm used to my appearance. You'd have to ask someone else if I'm scary.