Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Fantastic- really. Got to lock Cathy in the room and visit my dear daughter.

She's crazy. Heh, or maybe she's gone crazy because of it or her "big brother". Let me try and summarize what happened as quickly as I can.

We meet, I get a hug which was nice even if she was gripping me like she wanted to crush my ribs. Which, by the way sweetie, the feeling is mutual. I ever catch you again I'm going to hug you tighter and tighter...anyway, we sat ourselves down and had a nice lunch. The waitress even commented on how cute it was to see a father and daughter enjoying time together during the nice weather. Yeah, it was certainly adorable.

To be honest, she didn't have much to say. I doubt she had much in that head of hers. She wants me dead- how surprising. This development is so new and unexpected! Heh, no.

She's gonna do whatever it takes to get rid of me. And then she's going to take mommy dearest- and auntie Thage now, apparently- with her back to her "real family". I'm so wounded that she doesn't appreciate my presence. After this pleasant meeting of exchanging death threats with cheerful smiles on our faces and laughing at the right moments to look happy, things took a turn for the worst. I may have said something threatening to her that might have maybe sounded pretty bad from an outside perspective...actually, any perspective. Those bodyguards I assumed she was going to have? Yeah, they stood up from another table and proceeded to punch me in the face. Probably broke my nose again. I can't really tell, it's happened too many times.

So panic breaks loose, people start to run when one of these bastards tackles me into the table. Bruised some ribs and almost broke my leg but hey, I'm not keeping score. It's not like I proceeded to knee him in the groin, punch his own nose flat, give him some nice black eyes and stamp down so hard on his hand and arm that he won't be able to use them for months.

By the way, Cynthia said something about how Daddy (oh you could just hear the uppercase letter) and big brother don't like me while she was leaving. Wow, again, I had no idea. People hating me? What? Since when?

The three of them got away and I split as fast as I could too. The fact that the idiot decided to start a fight in broad daylight meant cops were gonna be there faster than a fat kid eats candy. I can't guarantee that they'll find something that could somehow track me down. The eatery didn't have cameras installed, so that was one good thing. But there's always something that the damn cops can do to find the criminal. I mean, I'm lucky cause' I've been underground for, oh, eleven years or so, but sooner or later I know I'll slip up. I hope that they don't give two shits cause' no one was injured.

That's why Cathy and I are staying on the move. She's furious, by the way. More upset that a fight was started around her daughter than me getting actually beaten up, but hey, that's alright. At least I don't have to drive now. Which, by the way, reminds me. We're going back to my parents. Cathy called them and they agreed to let us stay- sounded pretty worried on the phone, but not at all surprised that my ex-wife and myself were going to be there.

Ugh, parents. Kids. Wives. I fuckin' hate people.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I'm gonna go meet my lovely daughter for lunch. I can only imagine how beautiful the reunion will be- I'm hoping I get a hug outta this and not a punch to the face from any bodyguards that will inevitably be with her.

Told Cathy and of course she's against it and wants to come blahblahblah, but she's not coming no matter what she thinks. If I have to make her stay, I will.

One last thing: I think things are...getting worse. What Cynthia said to me- the little brat wasn't far off from the point. I think the calm before the storm is ending and trouble is now making its way forcefully into Cathy and I's lives, hell even several others of you are having crazy things happen to ya'. This can only mean bad things, but, eh, since when has the situation not been horrible? Hehe, anyway, keep your asses outta trouble, kids.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Well then

I guess this makes me the oldest guy around here and the one who's been running the longest, huh? Hehe, not sure whether to be proud or not for getting that spot back, Reach.

Hell, what he said made since though. The thing is, I never heard or saw anything Revenant-like until I joined this circle of blogs. All of a sudden people are mentioning these things all the time and saying people have superpowers. Obviously I was confused and thought maybe you all were on a drug trip. I didn't even see any "Revenants" until we went to get Robbie back, and even then there was no sign of something being extra-special-awesome, which would explain why they were so easy to beat and pass.

Anyway, I don't have much to say. Haven't been sleeping much lately. I've been keeping watch while Cathy's resting and don't really feel like closing my eyes. There are nightmares lurking in my mind when I do eventually pass out and I really don't wanna deal with them right now.

Guess that's it. Keep your asses outta trouble.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cathy's asleep.

So I took her laptop- her password was no problem to figure out so either I know her even better than I thought, or she has no imagination. Hehe, well, either way, I figured I'd update on my own blog instead of having her censor out my words and write what she wants.

Guess you all know we broke off from Reach, Ava and Thage. It was a good move, and even if I didn't want Cathy to come with me, it's for the best. When we're not with others, we don't have to worry about their problems and just concentrate on ours: specifically, our lovely daughter that seems to enjoy making sure we can't see anything she says. I swear, these goddamn kids, one second they're your lovable little pipsqueak crawling around and drooling all over everything, and the next they're making bad life choices and choosing to hang with the wrong crowd- they get that mindset that they're invincible and can do whatever-the-fuck they want. Ugh, I hate kids, teenagers, young adults, that whole age range, honestly.

But ranting about my child that Cathy doesn't like me claiming as my own is not the reason that I made this post. It's come to my attention that a lot of you bloggers are really stupid.

Oh gosh I hurt some feelings, didn't I?

Suck it up. I've decided that since I don't wanna tell you about what Cathy and I are doing- cause' updating your every move on a public website is really smart- I'm gonna point out everything I dislike about a good portion of you guys.

Today we're starting with the subject of groups: why the hell do you people insist on teaming up/forming organizations/being Best Friends Forever? No, really, this is a legitimate question. Do you people not seem to realize how much danger you put yourself in by making a big group of people? It's like bringing a party of lambs together in the middle of a giant, open field, where the big bad wolf can see their every move and take them all out at once. In other words, by doing this you're just holding a neon sign over your head that tells it to come and get you, cause' the picking is ripe!

I know I decided to meet up with Reach and Ava, and I regret it. It was...interesting to see the two face-to-face and to be able to bother Ava within an inch of her sanity, but it was a bad move on my part. The instant the three of us were together, I was waking up yards away from where I had gone to sleep and started to feel the old paranoia flickering to life in the back of my mind. Being with more than one other person is dangerous and honestly not worth it.

Hell, I may not like that Strahm guy, but he's doing it right. He's pretty much staying lone wolf to avoid all your problems (including my "family"). Same with M, whether he's dead or not.

Basically, all of these retarded sounding organizations that are popping up, giving people titles, and stupid shit like that need to just settle down and disband.
A) The titles just sound stupid. They do nothing. I don't get why everyone seems to think that every person and their grandma needs some kind of name to hold up. But this is a topic that will be covered at a later date.
B) By doing this you're honestly just drawing attention to yourself, which means you have a greater risk of dying in the next day or so. Congrats.
C) The more people there are, the easier it is to be found by it.

I mean, it's not that hard to grasp, people. Jesus, I've only been a part of this group of hunted for a little while and I find most of you ridiculous and annoying. I'm sure all of you think the same of me, and hey, I don't blame you. I'm an asshole. But at least I'm not an asshole running around thinking they're saving the world, finding the ~Ultimate Weakness~, and adding a new title everyday.

Although if I did do that it should be Anthony Awesome, Lord of Butt Whooping. I think it sounds catchy.

Okay, I'm gonna try and stop ranting. I'll probably read this tomorrow and realize there was more I wanted to say, but whatever. If there is I'll write it in next post.

Oh yeah and, didn't wanna scare Cathy while she was driving, but it's been following us. I keep seeing it out of the corner of my eye, alongside the road in the woods, beside buildings, etc. This hasn't really happened to me in a while. Hehe, think I've gotten rusty on the whole, "Being stalked by creepy alien-thing, help me". You'd think that wouldn't happen when you've been running around for this long, but it does.

Should I feel honored that it's not a minion but the big bad himself? I don't. In fact, I'm getting old feelings I haven't experienced in a while. I don't like it. I just need to push it all to the back of my mind. Ignore it. I would leave Cathy because that might draw attention off of me for a while but...being the hypocrite I am, I'll just say that sometimes there's a good reason as to why you can't abandon someone and stick to yourself.

Friday, March 4, 2011


So whoever got the bright idea to tell Cathy to ask Thage to read Cynthia's posts to us, let me just promise you in advance I'm going to kick your ass.

God damn, I got the worst headache in the world right now, and it hurts too much to wash the blood off my face. Same with Cathy, in case you're wondering.

Long story short Thage sat us down in the kitchen, pulled up our daughter's blog and started to read the entry about the poems. That went fine, hell, we started to think everything would be okay. Then she tried a different one and well, at first there was nothing. Then there was this buzzing in my ears, like white noise or something. Then it started to get louder and louder until it was just like a siren going off in my head. My ears were ringing, and distantly I could hear someone screaming- turns out it was Cathy and I.

We must have passed out because when we woke up not even ten minutes later, we had been dragged out of the kitchen and into the living room. Thage propped us up against the couch, and her face was the first thing I saw when my vision cleared.

As luck would have it Thage had stopped reading when Cathy and I had looked like we were in pain and tried to get our attention or some shit like that. But apparently the both of us were still getting the noise torture and ended up bleeding from the nose and ears profusely. Nice. We looked pretty much like someone had punched us in the face repeatedly and then decided to paint our faces with blood. Hehe, not exactly pleasant, right?

Well, here's your answer to the whole reading out loud thing: Fuck No Never Again.
My head is sensitive, like I have the worst hangover right now, and when Thage tried to help wipe the blood off, it hurt too much. Kind of like every bone in your face is broken and you don't really wanna move anything so you can lessen the pain.

So thanks, whoever you are.