Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Now's as good a time as any other

Been having more black outs then usual, it's screwing with my memory. Can't really tell if it's still today or if it's really tomorrow or maybe even the next day or even weeks from now. Being hunted does that to you. Or, more specifically, me. Cause', y'know, that's who matters here.

Name's Tony. No, I will not give a last name- that's stupid.

This isn't a blog to help you from it. This isn't a blog to even try to begin to explain what it is. This is a blog that'll help me and me only. For over ten years I've been on the run, avoiding it and it's minions. That amount of time kinda puts stress on a guy, and I really don't need anymore than I already have. So here's my genius idea: make a blog, something that can keep track of things I forget and sort out memories that will inevitably become jumbled up. If I go missing maybe even someone will notice.

Not that you could do anything if I did, but still, it's the thought that counts, right?

But like I was saying, I've been running for something around the ten or eleven year mark- haven't really tried that hard to keep up with time. It's not really helpful after the first year or so when you find your mind drawing frustrating blanks every couple of days whenever you wake up in places miles away from where you "fell asleep".

Fuck it sucks to be in this position some of the time.

On the bright side there aren't any bills to pay.

Really, there isn't much of anything to worry about except keeping your ass safe and sound, away from creepy tall guys with a business suit fetish and his crazier-than-thou minions.

Such a simple life style. Hermits everywhere would be proud.

It's raining right now. The fire I built isn't doing much to warm me up. Fuckit. At least I'm somewhere near an internet signal. This new technology really does help- who would've guessed?

God I sound old.


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