Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hitch Hiking

It's always fun, right? Least I don't have to worry about some hairy fat guy hitting on me, hehe.

Makin' good time. Everything is fine right now. In fact, haven't seen a minion since I left my old spot. Good sign or bad sign? Probably bad but, eh, oh well.

I'm sure everyone is having a shit ton of fun right now, anyone care to share?

Updating to show I'm alive. Hooray and all that.


  1. I'm certainly having a bit of fun. Except for the headaches. Have you ever put a chocolate-covered bagel inside a Frappuccino? It may be my picture, but I've never tried it before!

    Anyway, yes, hooray. I bet you wouldn't say that if you were dead! Because you couldn't! Because your heart would be stopped! And so your larynx wouldn't work!

    Or whatever makes people talk. Anyway, Tony, cheer up a bit.

  2. I would do that but I can't really afford expensive coffee. Actually, I can't really afford that much at all, hehe!

    If I was dead I'd probably be taking a nap in Hell. A nice long one where I don't have to worry about tall alien things trying to find and kill me. Yeah, that'd be the life.

    I'm as cheerful as a man can get! Look at my smile...or /imagine/ my smile!

  3. Hey there Tony, thought you got eaten or something...

    and yes, some bad shit is gonna go down very soon. too much has been quiet lately.

    i dont like this calmness. might have to go stir something up just so i feel better.

    about hitchhiking: i thought about doing that for a bit. never got the chance to, seeing how i woke up at home... still weirded out about that...

    anyway, heres to hoping that this quietness wont give birth to something terrible.

    Stay Sane, Stay Alive

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  5. Fucking fuck, can't spell to save my goddamn life.

    Hehe, doubt I'd get eaten. I bet I'd taste like shit.

    Enjoy the calm while it lasts. It generally means all hell is about to break loose, and that's never fun.

    Don't hitch hike unless you think you can take the driver down. You never know if they're a minion or just plain crazy, and you wanna be prepared to kick all kinds of ass.

    Try not to get killed, kid.

  6. Can't even describe how relieved I am to see you're ok.

  7. pff "try not to get killed" he says.

    but dude, it really is good to see you. was starting to get worried that i wouldnt see you and ava at each other's throats again.

    you should go to her blog though... shes about to get into some crazy shit.

  8. Kay- I'll always be fine. I'm fuckin' invincible, hehe. In all seriousness though, if something' happens, you all will probably find out, so don't worry.

    NOOC- Wouldn't miss taunting The Great Librarian for the world.
    Yeah, I can see. Wish I could punch some sense into her right about now, but she's a big girl. Just gotta keep hoping that nothing goes wrong, right?

  9. well... obviously... just wish that there was something i can fucking DO. nothing around here is even remotely interesting...

    i mean, its a hell of a lot better than running every moment of my life. but now that i have returned to my so-called normal life, i cant help but long for something more interesting...

    maybe ill become a merc when im old enough...

    that way ill always have some action.





    END. YOU.

    On another, less hostile note;

    I could not be happier to see you're alive....

    But any hairy fat guys that hit on you are probably more worrying than Slendy.

    ........Still with the nickname................


    Least you're not dead, friend.

    And no. I refuse to die at the quarry and I refuse for Reach to die also.

  11. NOOC- Eh, we all do sometimes. But ya' gotta accept that at times there's nothing you /can/ do but wait things out.
    Action really isn't that great and I kinda hate it. Definitely not a merc, but still see enough to wish that I didn't have to deal with all of this.

    Ava- Hehehe, well look who finally commented. It's a punch of affection, I promise. And oh my, we're up to full names already! The name Anthony sounds kinda unpleasant if you ask me.
    Happy to see you safe enough too, kid. Still being an idiot, but not dead. That's always good news in my book.
    Should I be flattered that they hit on me or knock them out and steal their eighteen wheeler? I'm so torn, hehe.
    Sucks because now I gotta go. Trucker is gonna get back on the road. I'll try to check in soon so that you don't have another heart attack when I show up.

  12. ahh now this banter is quite therapeutic...

    if only i could get the audio version of your discussions... i would listen to it when i go to bed to help me relax

  13. Agree with NOOC whole heartedly. As long as I can read Ava and Tony bickering, then I can pretend everything will be just fine.

  14. Ah. Hadn't seen you around long enough to start worrying. Good to see you're alright. Be careful, no matter how safe you think you are from creepy hairy fat guys hitting on you, you never really are. They call themselves bears. Just thought I would throw in my two cents on that subject.

    Glad to see you're alright. Watch out for bear attacks.

  15. Even if you don't care, I'm doing alright so far. Those proxies got nothing on me.

    Stay safe.


  16. Tony, some bad shit is about to happen. keep your eyes peeled a weapon close.

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  19. Fucking hell Matty, you couldn't have picked a better time to get minion-a-fied.

    You aren't going to fucking catch me. All of you have tried and guess what kid, no one has succeeded.

    So I guess the correct phrase at this point is, "Stay the fuck outta my way."