Friday, June 24, 2011

this haven plae is rwally boring but theres alot of booze

i like getting drunk becaus alcohol takes my mind off gof life which sucks and coean city had alot of beer.

cathy is rally aad lately and it makes me kifns sad but the beer makes i y brttrt

i went and looked ay m'sm page today and theres alto of stupid morons commnting who think they knows everything i hear senderman is allerice to peanuts bmayeb you guys should ry that

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to the Worst Father

Cathy and I are gonna try taking a walk around Ocean City, see what it has now that this "Senior Week" or whatever is mostly done. Maybe Ava will join us but probably not cause' she's been sticking to Celie and Violet like white on rice.

Whatever. I'm goin' crazy just sitting around doing nothing and healing (something that Cathy has been making me do). Fuck this, it's Father's Day and even if I'm a bad dad I'm gonna go eat some unhealthy food that will clog my arteries. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll have a heart attack and die before it gets me, hehe.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Not many people drive on the highway late at night.

Ava is making me write a new post even though I have several broken fingers- goddammit you crazy bitch I don't care if Cathy is driving and you're taking care of that stupid mutt- to say that the four of us are heading over to where that Celeste girl is. And yeah I'm saying four because the librarian gets her feelings hurt when I don't include that massive dog of hers. Fucking thing drools all over my crotch entire car rides and then Ava expects me to pet him and rub his belly and shit.

Fuck me, I'm gettin' antsy having to stay in this car for so long everyday and we haven't gone to see a doctor to look at any of the injuries I'm sporting. I figure if my entire body starts burning that's a good sign of infection and then we can figure out what to do from there. For now I'm gonna stick to band-aids and good old pain meds.

One thing I'm not looking forward to in the next few days: meeting new people who are apparently your heroes or some shit.

One thing I am looking forward to:

This entire post is pointless. I'm gonna pass out in the car now and try to sleep in a comfortable position even though I know that damn dog will inevitably lay on top of me and suffocate me slowly. God I hate animals.