Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is just a barrel of fun.

Nothin' better than forcing three guys to have to stick with each other due to similar circumstances, even though they've never really talked that much before. Y'know what's the best part about this? Robbie being his usual robot-self. Guy isn't drooling anymore, just sorta...empty, I guess. It's so much fun feeding him, leading him around, having to make sure he uses the bathroom properly and takes a bath so that he doesn't smell so bad he makes heads turn.

By the way, your turn next, Reach. I'm not doing that again for a couple days, maybe even a couple weeks at least.

See, this is why we need a female in our company. Too many dicks and the group is unbalanced, driving us to try and be manlier than the other and attempt to save face. Well, at least for McWhineyPants and I. Oh yeah, it's been a real adventure, filled with laughter and friendship.

We better get Ava back soon from Stoplight and his fashionable hand wraps, or I think I may just throw myself off the nearest cliff and save it the trouble. I'm not cut out for baby sitting. At all. Or socializing for that matter. Wish I could do something with Cathy right now but, oh wait, apparently she's going bisexual on me. Does this mean we at least can have some kind of a threesome, my love?

Hehe, I'm about ready to snap and blow up at a random bystander. It's great. Maybe we should try talking this out more, Reachy boy, so I don't have to vent on my blog like some teenage girl. It makes me feel insecure about my masculinity~!

Well, at least we've been able to sorta walk in public. We can more or less get by with saying the two are my kid and traumatized best friend. It makes people back off when you tell them Robbie saw his entire family murdered before his eyes and then he was kidnapped for years and beaten everyday. Which, y'know, might not be that far off from the truth, but hey, gets us food at a cheaper price most of the time.

We're still moving. Not really standing still ever, which is a smart idea. I know Reddy pulled the minions back, but my daughter is in charge now or some shit apparently, which probably doesn't bode well.

Dunno if the others...Reach has noticed, but I've been seeing it out of the corner of my eye. Not all the time, just occasionally. It's been methodically placing itself in positions to where if I turn to look, it's gone. I'm sure it's a way to psychologically break victims, but right now I'm just paranoid that we're gonna have to fight it. Cause' if we do, we're sure as hell gonna lose. Hopefully it'll hang back and keep stalking us from afar.

Fuck I'm tired. Whatever.


  1. hehehe... Stoplight. damn, i love you, Tony. XD

    but trust me, i'd love you even more if you stayed the hell alive.

    tell Reach and Robert that the same goes for them.

    if Robert's regaining motor function, it shouldn't be long now. Redlight said he'd get better, and that's one thing i believe him about.

  2. At first I was like :[ but then I was like XD

    Stay safe.

    -Kaiju, Founder of NAPPA

  3. I'm going to have to say no on the threesome.