Sunday, February 20, 2011

It went wrong. It all went wrong. Reach is hurt so bad he can't move, Robert is drugged up to his eyes and drooling, and Ava...shit.

We went in. There were some Revenants or whatever the hell you kids call them waiting for us near the front. They were no problem, though they did seem to know Reach. That should've tipped us off right off the bat, what with them having superpowers or some shit like that. Ava was yelling at us to find Robert so we took the stairs up as fast as we could and started looking around. I'm sure we were making a hell of a lot of noise, but no one really came after us after the Revenant face off. Again, that should have alerted us to things not being right.

We found Robbie tied up in a chair. It's not like he was in any state to go anywhere, so I'm guessing it was more for holding him up so he wouldn't fall over. I untied him and picked him up princess style and we were basically sprinting for the exit by this point.

Redlight found us.

He grabbed Ava.

She had a gun. Why the hell didn't she shoot him?! She hesitated when he grabbed her and tried to drag her away from us. With my arms full I couldn't stop him and so Reach ran after him instead. And that's all it took. All it fuckin' took for her to suddenly collapse and not move.

Redlight...he played us bad. Everything was a set up to get her, I think. She's not dead, I think she was unconscious. Reach must have overestimated his abilities again because the man was just...beating the snot out of him. I had to put Robbie down- away from sight behind some shit- and separate it. Got clocked in the jaw and stomach for my troubles, but managed to nail him back in the face hard enough to drive him off. Didn't hurt the bitch just got him off balance long enough for me to grab Reach by his collar and pull him away.

I had to leave her.

I could have grabbed her. I had the chance. Like I had the chance with Cynthia. She was right there, just laying on the floor like she was asleep.

But I couldn't. I know she would've been pissed if I had tried to get her out and endangered the others in the process. Endangered myself. Fuck me, I'm not worth shit. The things I've done...I should be dead. Funny how I was the one who got out of there in the best shape. God, I'm the adult and these kids keep showing me up, hehe...

I threw Reach over a shoulder and Robert over the other- started having flashbacks to the hotel. Got out by running through a back door. Ran like the hounds of hell were at my feet, which I guess they were cause' all of a sudden more minions crawled out of the woodwork. Guess they chased us for a while. Had to finally stop and put them down.

I've been playing doctor. Robert...either the drugs haven't worn off or something was done to his head because he can't do anything on his own yet. Reach is...well, I patched him up, but I think you all know how it is right now.

Fuck. First my daughter, then my friend.

This is why I don't stick with people. This is why I work alone.

Dammit Ava.

We're gonna get you back. You and Cynthia. We'll come for you, I promise.


  1. Shit Tony. I know you're quite literally on the other side of the country, but let me know if I can do anything...

    Fuck! Just fuck!

  2. Nobody's dead and nobody's gone dammit.

    It's a good play. And he hates reach, wanted to kill reach.

    He played everyone, yeah.

    But still, he's not quite gone. He's superpowered, nobody's dead, nobody's gone for good.

    Bleh, what am I saying? I've just been lurking and you don't even know me.

  3. fuck. oh, fuck, man....

    no. that isn't the way to think. no loss, no mourning, only a new goal to be met: getting Ava back.

  4. No, no, not Ava.

    Damn it.

    Damn it all.

    Why must things happen like this?

    Well, at least she's not dead.

    Otherwise I'd.....

    I don't want to think about it.

    I hope you all succeed.

  5. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

    Goddamnit, Ava...

    Please, please, let it all be okay. Please...


  6. Shit. I... shit.

    I want to help, when you get her back. I'm in Seattle. Please, I can help.

    You can reach me at

  7. Well...shit. It feels like I should have seen this coming, but...shit. I'm so sorry, Tony.

    We keep underestimating him. And he keeps herding us exactly in the direction he wants us to go.
    (And there I go saying "us" again.)

    Just...stay safe, Tony. And, if you can, try not to play into his hands anymore, but only if that lets you do the right thing.

    I'll be backing you guys up as much as I can, even if it's only words.

  8. Fucking hell. . . You got Rob out of there, and Reach is still alive right? If she isn't dead we can get her back, and when we do I'm killing both RL and Tensor-bitch. Both Bianca,and I are still in state. . . I might not be any good, but Bianca is strong, and I still have my ability so its not like I'm unarmed.

  9. Poor poor Avalesca. And Poor Ray. Tell my buddy that if he needs to talk, I am here for him.
    Also I'm curious, how many times has Ray said something along the lines of "If only I had my Revenant powers, I could have SAVED her"?

  10. Hey, Morningstar, here's an idea: fuck off.

  11. What kind of friend would I be if I did that Scott?

  12. Morningstar, you're not helping. Although, I am compelled to wonder if that is your intention. I agree with Scott. Please shut up.

  13. Ray said it himself. I am nothing more than a speck of dust. Granted now I am a speck of dust who officially serves The Great Tall One, but Ray will most likely simply ignore me. Or go into a rage at that I would be such a colossal ass at such a sensitive moment.

  14. I personally hope the traitor bleeds to death of his wounds.

  15. I personally hope that one day you'll have a staring eye contest with the business end of a double-barreled shotgun, courtesy of one of us, Tensor.

  16. You really need to control those violent urges Scott.
    And when I say that someone needs to learn a little self control... Not a good sign.

  17. Control? Your Master is out of control. Redlight is out of control. And yet, you lecture me about being out of control? How sad and hypocritical.

  18. You are truly pathetic, Morningstar. You have no one, nothing. So you come here and you try to get a reaction from us. Because if we react, we interact and if we interact, then you can pretend, for just a few moments, that you are not as alone as you are.

    You don't even realise how alone you really are. I pity you, truly.

    Product, you are pathetic to such a higher degree that you are hardly worth commenting on. Go jump off a cliff.

  19. Well top o' the mornin' to ya Ray. How is my favorite Leprechaun? You are taking your failure to save Miss Avalesca well I see.

  20. Ugh, Morningstar we hate you yadayadayada please go to Hell.

  21. I am now declaring a blanket policy of ignoring everything Morningstar says, right after this full stop.

  22. To everyone who commented who's actually concerned, thanks for the support. I guess we'll see what we're gonna do soon.

    To anyone who commented who doesn't support us, well, that's your loss. We're pretty damn awesome, hehe.

  23. one day maybe you'll get everything back, daddy.

    but probably not.

    you don't deserve it.

  24. Are you okay? Tony, you tell me right or so help me I will come find you /right now/. Are you hurt? Do you need to go see a doctor? Can I help in some way?

    Oh god oh god oh god

  25. you guys are all idiots, i hope you realize that.

    but i love you guys all the same.

    even if you are the most mentally challenged people ive ever had the.... opportunity to know

  26. Since support for my Morningstar-ignoring policy was so popular, anyone want to join me in summarily ignoring all comments where Matt acts like he's the fucking shit?

  27. hey reach? im only going to say this once; you are over reacting.

    calm down dude. just cuz i have a different point of view doesnt mean you should fling shit at me.

  28. Even though we resolved our differences earlier, Matt, I feel compelled to point out that having a different point of view is probably the number 1 reason that all people fling shit at each other.

  29. Damn it. Can we ever win without a loss to bitter it? Redlight will pay for this, if it's the last thing I ever do...after escaping Boston and after finding M.