Monday, January 24, 2011


So I guess I got some explaining to do (if I don't I think Ava might attack me). Jeez, let's see, where do I begin to explain...?

I think you all realize by now I ran into some trouble. It was the wrestler and the ninja- or should I call him Scar Face now? I've been on the move, hitch hiking rides across states and sleeping wherever I can find something even slightly comfortable. Well it found me at the bookstore I had been staying in during the day. Obviously he couldn't get to me but his goddamn minions could.

After I posted I got the hell outta there as casually as I could without drawing attention. Didn't need to get innocent adults and children killed- no matter how much of a jackass I am, that's where I draw the line. Of course they followed me, and I kept walking like I didn't see them, headed towards a public street. They're not stupid, they won't attack if hundreds of other people can see. So we were at a draw. Eventually it started to get dark and the streets were less crowded.

I got up to leave (had been staying put on a bench opposite them) and that's when they began to run at me. You can imagine the merry chase I lead them on. Over fuckin' fences, around buildings, through every alley way I could think of. By the time they finally caught up I was wheezing. So where they, but, eh, they have more of a drive when it controls them. Don't really seem to tire out until they're dead. Now here's were I'm embarrassed to talk- they managed to knock me out with a brick and dragged me to this construction area. My guess is they were gonna either torture me or hang me from some random piece of wood. Just another suicide, right?

I woke up sooner than they expected. They were in the process of duct taping my legs and one of them was going for the arms. Even had a piece over my mouth which wasn't pleasant to pull off, lemme tell you. Punched the scrawny one in the face before he could realize I was conscious and knocked the big guy off balance with a kick. Goddamn in those moments I always feel like I can't move fast enough. My bag was too far away, so I improvised. Used a plank of wood just lying there to turn and hit the big guy in the head as hard as I could. Managed to get my old knife off of him (idiot was keeping it in his back pocket) before the other sorta jumped on me and tried to punch my face in.

Ow, now it's throbbing. Great. Busted my nose up pretty bad and made me look like a raccoon, but nothing is broken.

When I got an opening I went to stab the bastard. Only, he's faster than I thought. Instead of slicing him right through the head, he dodged and got a nice cut right on his eye and up to his ear. Looked pretty painful. Right about then big guy gets back up and- you're not gonna believe this, it was total dumb luck and he must of been disoriented or something- tripped over the plank of wood I beat him over the head with. Landed right next to me.

So I stabbed him in the throat and ripped the knife outta the side.

Smelled pretty bad, that's for sure. And it never exactly feels good to take a life, but at least it's nothing new. Scar Face got outta there and left me and his dead companion.

It took me maybe an hour to get the tape off of my legs (they wrapped me up nice and pretty, like a present, hehe) and get my shit together as well as clean up my tracks. Have to be careful after all. Ended up carrying the body to a river next to the site and dumped it there. Went back and cleaned the blood up as good as I could (which included smearing mud and all sorts of other gunk lying around into the spot) but there's only so much I can do.

So now I'm hiding myself away so that if anything happens at least I won't be caught off guard. Damn, I feel like one giant bruise.

And y'know what, kids? This still isn't as cool sounding as nailing minions with bombs after bitch fighting in a forest in the dark. Hehe, gonna remember that story forever, Ava.


  1. Oh thank god you're alive Mother was going to kill you...

    As was I, actually.

    Jesus H Christ on a bike, man! That's TOO CLOSE for comfort!

    Still, at least you're not dying or dead....

    And you got your knife back....

    Urgh, it's hard to remain angry when you're hyperventilating and grinning madly ohgodfuckdamndshit.

    Fuck you, Awesome /Old Guy/ at least you're still alive.

    ....D'awwww....thanks XD

    But remember kids! Never EVER try this shit at home. This was done by PROFESSIONAL insane people.

    I've just got to go tell Mum, she'll stop sharpening that cleaver....

  2. Hehe, was Daisee planning on bringing me back to life and killing me again? I feel special, I got both generations of Delaney gettin' worried over me- guess that makes me a special guy.

    Eh, close calls happen often in this line of business. It kinda comes with the tall monsters in suits and crazy people who run around and leave cryptic messages. Just another average day for the survivors, right?

    Your way with words just touches my heart, /kid/. I think you brought a tear to my eye!

    Cleaver? Huh, kinda glad I didn't die. I don't think I'd wanna fight Daisee with a big ol' knife in her hands.

  3. Fuck, if that word verification thing crashes this one more time I'm giving up.

    You don't know me, but I need help. Please.

    No need to reply to this, everything's on my most recent entry.