Monday, May 30, 2011

Fucking everything hurts. I can only really type with my left hand, my right eye is fucking gone and I'm so sore I wanna cry like a baby every time I move. But here's a goddamn update: Ava is with us now. Kid looked mighty happy when she saw Cathy at the airport. Met us outside with it hanging in the background and just watching. Thought it looked right at us, but then you can't be sure cause' of the whole no eyes thing.

Hehe, I tell you what though, she looked like she was about ready to blow up at me and kick my ass for not answering my phone and then she saw me sitting there in the car. All anger? Out the window. Then came the "why are you hurt?", "what did I miss?", and "I am gonna kick that bastard's face in and beat him to high heaven."

I've missed her familiar annoyingly British voice and hyper attitude. Heh, at the time I didn't really answer, I think. I had so many meds in me I wasn't really sure what was real and what was fake. I'm good now for the most part, my fingers and eye throb every so often, and I wanna strangle Elijah when I look down and see all the nice scar tattoos he left me with, but otherwise good. We're gonna head to that Celeste kid soon.

Oh, but here's a lesson from Uncle Tony to all the good children out there: never trust strangers or people you know, kiddies. Also, pick your fights carefully.

It's one thing to go all out against a million bad guys when you have nothing left to lose. It's another when they threaten to torture your ex-wife in front of you if you don't come quietly. Fuck, just when I thought I had no heart too.

Also I take back what I said before about the traveling alone. It's a good idea to have at least one other person with you sometimes. Cause' then they come and stab an old enemy to death and make the other piss his pants in fear and run away. Hehe, you shoulda seen the look on that pussy's face when Cathy turned around covered in blood and crazy looking. Never seen a man move so fast.

Ava is threatening to cut my broken fingers off if I don't stop typing. I believe her, she's insane you guys. Guess I'm gonna pass out now. Apparently tomorrow we look for new clothes due to the ones I'm wearing being too "covered in blood, shit, and ripped to hell". Man, I liked this shirt too- who doesn't like the Sex Pistols?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I don't know how to make my goddamn links all fancy and easy to click on so here, have a copy and pasted version of it:


You little fuckers can go read everything over there. I'm gonna continue to lay here in this bed and not sleep. By the way, crazy librarian bitch, we can pick you up any time. Just give me a date, time, and location and we'll come over and have a family reunion.

Also, there aren't enough meds in the world to stop my head and hands from throbbing. Overdosing would be too damn easy right now.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Cathy wanted me to tell all you kids that we're with Kay, in case you guys didn't know. Dunno why, but whatever.

Nothin' much to say. My heads been killin' me lately- feel like I've got a migraine coming on but it never actually happens, just aches all day. And then the "Best Friends Forever" are giggling and acting like children nonstop. I swear, first thing they did when they saw each other was hug and basically cry as they go on and on about how they were so happy to see each other. That and they keep making fun of my pain.

Haha ladies, it's so hilarious.

Whatever. Just an update so you all know we're alive. We haven't found any leads but Cathy is more relaxed than she has been in a long time. Woman looked like she was gonna pass out any day when we finally arrived at Kay's. I don't think she's been sleeping much cause' of stress and this coming from the guy who rarely sleeps at all.

Shit my heads killing me. I'm gonna go overdose on pain meds and maybe I can relax a little bit.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Another memory.

I figure I might as well keep updating this thing with whatever I remember. Cathy doesn't want to update her own right now for some reason, so I guess you just get little old me, hehe.

We were driving by a playground and I remembered being a kid. Actually being young and playing with other kids my age and shit. We were fuckin' happy, I don't even remember the last time I felt that carefree. And there was this tall figure in a suit who was always standing behind this one kid, Tommy or somethin', and following him around. All the other children were playing with Tommy and his friend cause' his friend was awesome. Apparently I did too.

So it was in my past, but apparently it followed around another kid first, I guess. The memory stops when my mom starts calling my name and telling me it's time to go home. Pretty useless thing to remember, but at least it's something.

Also, Cathy and I haven't been able to find any leads on her grandmother. It's like she never existed, but Cathy is positive that she lived at some point. She frantic more than ever cause' of Cynthia's latest post. I told her what our daughter said and she looked like she was about to rip someone's throat out.

But that's it for now. Looks like the rest of you guys have been having a lot more trouble than us.