Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I was having a nice breakfast since Simon apparently knows how to cook when I see Cathy's latest post. Now Simon's computer is covered in water because I choked and spit it out when I read. That's my baby? Shit I don't even remember what happened during those two months so how does she know for sure?!

I mean how long has she had the thing?!

How the fuck am I supposed to handle this when I don't even know where she is and whether or not she's crazy and out for my blood? Goddammit things keep getting more and more complicated...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fucking hell

Things are getting RETARDEDLY CHAOTIC again. Just when I thought they were gonna calm down and maybe we'd live a little normally...

Cathy is pregnant and I don't even fucking know who did it.

Ava is back.

Goddamn Robert is back too.

And Cynthia...well, today at school she saw our old pal hanging outside her classroom window and watching her. She got fucking spooked so bad she had to ask the teacher if she could leave early. Apparently she was more scared of it hurting that Leah kid then caring about herself, heh. She's got some balls, that's for sure.

With everything happening around the same time I can only assume that shit is about to get pretty messed up pretty fast. I warned Simon and Cynthia to keep their heads low and try not to update her blog as much or at all. We don't need to draw the attention of the stupid minions. Last thing we need is some idiot psycho charging into the house with a cleaver screaming that it wants us dead or back or something. I'll be updating this stupid thing though seeing as there's not really a choice at this point with my wife not only missing but with child and a familiar face popping back up.

I dunno, guess it's time to get ready to fight again.

....Keep your asses outta trouble.