Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I feel sick.

But I guess that's what I get for having to run around in the rain and the cold for the past couple of weeks. Nothin' bad obviously or I wouldn't be writing this, just enough to have a clogged up nose and queasy feelin' in my stomach. Damn I hate being sick. It really doesn't help that my injuries hurt like hell right now. And lemme just whine and be a little girl for a bit, okay?

On a better note, I'm currently back in that bookstore and just got me a nice, warm cup of coffee. Works magic on the system, I tell ya'.

Updating to update. Nothing has happened since the fight. Haven't seen scar face anywhere or it. I think they're both probably unhappy with me right now though, hehe.


  1. Sick, injured, and on the run? Sounds like you need to ask Ava for a four leaf clover while she's spending time in Ireland.

  2. Hehe, just my luck, right? Of course I'd get sick right about now, but it's not stopping my limbs from working, so as far as I'm concerned, I'm okay.

    That and the added bonus of not seeing it or scar face around makes this day a good one.

  3. A day without Tall, Blank, and Tentacled is always a good day. Glad I found your blog, nice seeing someone else who has escaped their twenties around here. I think you're the first blog I've seen that hasn't been written by someone younger then me. Gotta ask though, if you've been running for ten years, how did it originally find you?

  4. Least you're alive, ya big girl's blouse.

    Can't talk too much,far too tired, but I'm thinking of ya.

  5. Kay- Lemme just make a new post for this.

    Ava- I got my big girl panties on and everything. Thinkin' of you and your mom too. Hope everything is okay.