Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Post.

Gonna get that depressing as shit last post off the top of this blog page. I'm not usually that whiny, I hope you all know. I'll try to stick to being my usual, lovable self.

In other news, I'm eatin' a hot dog with chili and cheese. It feels like a heart attack waiting to happen but it tastes damn good. And there's not much a guy can afford while on the run, so lemme enjoy my gourmet food while it lasts.

Since you all know about how I got involved with all this shit, I wanna know (seeing as for some reason I have more than Ava following me- when the fuck did that happen?) how you guys met it and how you dealt with it. Maybe I can get a few more ideas to annoy the minions/injure them horribly.

It's a nice day. Been raining on and off for a while so it's good to see the sun. Maybe it'll stay this way for a while.


  1. I read about him and wanted to prove he wasn't real.


    And you already knew that.

  2. Yeah, and it still makes me chuckle. Of all the things you could've done with your life, you chose to irritate this bastard. Hehe, at least you're not alone in this though, right?

  3. Cure for Cancer/Piss Edritch Abomination Off.


    Nope. And neither are you.

  4. Much like you, that one deserves a full post rather then an overly long comment here. However, since I am supposed to be working and a full description of my faceless freak introduction will take a little bit, I'll have to try and post that tonight. Sneaking on for a peak at people's posts and a comment here and there is a bit easier to get away with.

  5. Heh, guess I'm not, am I? My how the times have changed.

    I figured most stories would be too long or somethin', so this isn't surprising. I'll be sure to check sometime tonight if the day will continue to be minion/it free.

  6. Guess I'll pipe up, since you kinda implied you wanted everyone following you to say something.

    I can honestly say I've never seen the thing, and I'd like it to stay that way. Ran into this stuff through TV Tropes (don't look it up, you'll spend hours there, which probably isn't a good idea for someone on the run) in late December, been in a love/hate/insomnia relationship with it since. And yes, I realize my reaction once it went from "cool and creepy" to "insomnia inducing" should have been to back away, but then I started reading blogs, found out that there were people, real or not (please forgive me if I'm skeptical, it keeps me from going mad) that were fighting it. So I made a blogger account and started commenting when I saw stuff that I thought I could help with. I mostly keep quiet, otherwise.

    I've found that making sure that I think of it as fictional helps. A lot. Things like unfiction and TV Tropes and behind-the-scenes peeks at vlogs help keep me from panicking, and, like I said, I've yet to see him. Unfortunately, as Ava found out, this is completely useless for people in your situation, which I'm sincerely sorry about. Best of luck, in any case.


  7. Well, seeing how i have nothing better to do right now, i will spill my guts.

    got into this mess through Marble Hornets. it freaked me out, but i knew the entire time that it was far from real. good story though...

    anyway, i actually dont remember how i got into the blogs, but i found The Tutorial and learned that, to my great surprise (and ultimate fear) that this thing is real.

    it wasnt long until i saw him for the first time.

    he hasnt done anything to me yet that equates to what he has done to you, and i offer my sincerest condolences to you about all that.

    i cant imagine the torture that must be.

    of course, i dont believe in the bright shiny future like miss Frap expressed in the last post you made. i know the world doesnt work like that. but hey, you never know right?

    hang in there Tony. Do your best to kick his ass as much as you can. i sure as hell will...

    Stay Sane, Stay Alive

  8. Aimee- Yeah, that was the point, heh.

    TV Tropes, what exactly is it? I feel like I've hear of it before, and if it got you aware of this mess, something tells me it's not the best site to visit. And as for the people, you never really can tell, can you? Though, hell, I think it'd be in your best interest to believe it's all just a bunch of people joking around. That seems to be the safest thing to do for people who haven't actually seen it before and are still skeptical- convince them it's all a horror story, y'know?

    Vlogs? What's a vlog?

    Thanks for the support. Jesus, I find myself getting more and more social everyday, hehe. I think Ava might be rubbing off on me- what a horrible thought.

    NOOC- What is "Marble Hornets"? I've never heard of it before? Is it another blog?

    Hehe, what has it done to me that it hasn't done to you? You've had most everything at this point, right? Minions, black outs, moving, etc.? There's no need for sympathy, it doesn't help anyone in the long run.

    I wish I could. I never really was much of an optimist and this only made me even more pessimistic. But maybe one day I'll get a white picket fence house out in the middle of no where. Maybe I'll take up farming and live by myself. Hehe, sounds like the nicest dream to have at this point.

    I'll keep kickin' ass and takin' names. Who knows how long I'll be able to keep this up, but hopefully it'll be for another decade or more.

    Be careful kid, it seems to have gotten smarter and I'd hate to see you die.

  9. Hey Tony, we don't know each other. I mean, I comment over on Eva's blog as well, so I've seen you around and maybe you've seen me but I'm rambling. Anywho.

    TvTropes: Do not go on that site. It's got this weird quality that will leave you wasting your entire night looking through it. Just don't.

    Vlog: It's a video blog.

    Anyway, I'm not being stalked by our stalker who could really stand to gain a few pounds, but I figure I should do everything I can to help those who are. If you find yourself in the Philadelphia area drop me an e-mail. I'll do what I can to help you out.

  10. @Tony- Marble Hornets is a Vlog that is the "first real documentation of the Slenderman Mythos". many people confuse it for fact when in reality it was just a student project. hell they have credits and radio interviews about it. they are good actors, but actors nonetheless. if you ever find time to look at it, go ahead, though it wont do you any good really...

    and sorry for making you more pessimistic, but ive just never been one to soften of the hard facts. i have the ability to, but i just dont see the point.

    of course he is getting smarter. you think he would have been able to do anything to Ava and I if he hadnt?

    Id hate to see you or me die as well dude.

    Stay Sane, Stay Alive.

    @Echo- I actually have gone to TvTropes and NOT spend an entire night there. i was just looking to see something and then when i found it, i left. simple. i dont understand why people think it will suck the life out of you.

  11. @ NOOC: Clearly you are some sort of alien. Also, my ADHD tends to get me sucked in clicking on all the potholes. And some of those fuckers like to pothole every word to a different place and you have no idea how much that bothers me but I'm rambling.

  12. Echo- Guess I won't. I'm not too much of an internet guy myself, so I wasn't really planning on going on it. Huh, video blogs. That's something I've never heard of. Sounds interesting enough.

    I might head over there sometime. Things have been gettin' kinda unpleasant around here anyway, I need to move soon.

    NOOC- Hehe, watched some of it. It's ridiculous and a good pass time. I might watch more if I get bored one day and don't feel like checking blogs.

    Being pessimistic isn't bad. I'm not sayin' you're wrong for being this way.

    And judging from the conversation you and Echo had, I think I'll just stay away all together. Seems nice and simple, and trouble free.

  13. TvTropes is a kind of collection of, well, tropes (kind of like cliches, but not cliche) that show up in fiction, and also attempts to connect them to the various works they show up in. Interesting stuff, but very time-sucking. Since, you know, OC and Echo didn't quite answer that.

    And honestly, if this is fiction, it's hardly "joking around." It's a whole new freaking medium, and it has kind of a communal storytelling aspect to it, not to mention that the story being told is an interesting one. So really, if it's fiction, it's something I want to be a part of, and on the off chance that some of it's real, I want to help. Thus the involvement.

    And pfff, there are worse people that could rub off on you. Besides, socializing has been known to help people cope with tough situations.

  14. Tony, I would avoid anywhere north of Texas for now. We just got hit with a blizzard, and says there are going to be "snow showers" tomorrow. Whatever that means. Oh, but in Atlanta it's supposed to be fifty degrees right now. Sounds so nice.

  15. Aimee- Hehe, I hope this is fiction. It would be amazing to suddenly wake up and realize this is all a dream.

    As for socializing, it's not really my thing. Except Ava kinda made it my thing. Due to events in the past, I tried not to be social, it kinda broke me at one point and I'd rather not have to go through that again. It would fucking suck.

    Echo- Huh, might try and head for Atlanta then. I don't wanna have to deal with the freezing cold. It makes it hard to type back responses and kills this stupid i-things battery faster. Thanks for the tip.

  16. wait... is that snow going down into texas? because i really hope it will.

  17. Unless it winds up being like the Matrix. But I suppose running from superpowered men in suits wouldn't really be a change of pace for you, would it? *snarky humor mode*

    That's perfectly understandable.

    On another note, if you ever find yourself in the Ozarks (anywhere from Springfield to Fayetteville to Tulsa) feel free to mail me. Not sure if you're the type of guy to accept charity, but I know plenty of places for you to stay in the area that aren't cruddy homeless shelters. Be warned, though: the weather here is sporadic. It's fifty-something degrees now, but it's supposed to snow on monday, and it does this all the frakking time.

    Just goes to show that you can take a conversation about /anything/ and it will eventually boil down to Hitler or the weather.

  18. Hehe, nice joke. And no, it wouldn't be, unfortunately.

    I'm surprised so many people are willing to help me out with finding a place to stay. If I ever head that way, I'll be sure to let you know so I won't have to sleep under some newspapers and /really/ look like a hobo. Weather isn't really a problem in the long run, sleeping arrangements always are though.

    Well the weather is so interesting I don't see why people shouldn't talk about it, heh.

  19. It's no big deal, really. I just hang out with people who are no strangers to random couch-surfing. Host touring bands and backpackers and the like all the time. I also know more than a few churches that, while they mostly don't officially run homeless shelters, are perfectly willing to give out free food (and coffee) and shelter. So even if I can't help personally, I know people who can.

    Yeah, it's cool stuff. Especially when you're in a part of the country that gets both random, unpredictable tornadoes and random, unpredictable snow/ice storms (though thankfully not in the same seasons).

  20. That actually sounds amazing. I usually can't find someplace to mooch off of, and I try to cover my tracks.

    Hehe, glad I don't live there then. Back in the day I had a house in a reasonably boring area of the States.

  21. Mm. If you're in a city big enough to have one, Unitarian Universalist churches are usually pretty willing to help, and since they're an "all religions accepted!" thing, there's no annoying attempts to evangelize. They're pretty scarce, unfortunately, but they're there if you can manage to find one. Just a tip, sounds like what you're looking for.

    Yeah. I'm very, very thankful that my house is in a valley. Boring parts of the U.S, weather-wise...those exist?

  22. I've never actually tried a Church before. Most take one look at me when I come inside and figure I'm some sort of druggie addict and try to convert me to their ways. Lucky me, I always get the high Priest or whatever too. Hehe, so I usually end up avoiding them. But I'll try and keep my eyes open for those churches.

    You'd be surprised. Sure there's the occasional storm or couple inches of snow, but there's some parts where people don't get extreme weather.