Thursday, February 3, 2011

What the hell

Is the crazy flu going around or something? Everyone just needs to calm the fuck down because too many things are happening right now and I can't tell who's safe and who's in trouble. Fucking- how many kids are okay?

Lemme say it this way: I'm taking a role call, if you're good say so. Or don't. And then I can assume that everyone on the goddamn planet died tonight except for me.

And everyone needs to stop freaking out because you're just giving it more power! We've been over this several times! Shit, why does this gotta happen now?


  1. I'm still around. I hope everyone else is too.

  2. I don't think we've been introduced. I'm Ouroboros, and I'm okay so far save for a twisted ankle and some bouts of sleepwalking. From what I see on other blogs, I assume the shit has hit that fabled fan. Hey, you know if there's anything I can do to help out everybody else? I feel useless just sitting around while others are so clearly in trouble.

  3. ah tony.

    what can i say?

    youve obviously gone off the deep end into a pool with no water.

    i hope that you and i can talk soon.

  4. I'm alive. Pissed off and ready to cry every five seconds, but alive.

  5. Did you receive the message I sent you Tony?

    I'm not referring to what was said over my blog, I mean the Friend message.

    Didn't have another way to contact you.

  6. Frenzied, fevered and in a fervor I am not! Not forthwith. At least, so I fancy. But filled with force and fire I am! Possibly a bit foolish, flipped. But ALIVE! Fantastically alive!

  7. Alive, well, and snowed in. But don't worry, I doubt I'm due to catch cabin fever any time soon.

    And I second Ouroboros on the feeling useless thing.

  8. shitshitshit tony im still alive.

    pissed, depressed, dangerous and alive

    do me a favor and the next time you see a proxy, rip his head off.

  9. To everyone who commented- glad to see you all are alive and kicking. To anyone new, nice to meet you, I guess. I'm not too good with people, so don't expect a kind word or encouragement. To any crazy people who commented, well, fuck you too.

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