Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Tony

Cathy says she's not gonna post on her blog anymore, she's leaving it to that Simon guy. Whatever, he's being a pain in our asses, but at least he can't do much of anything. We did some more research on the family through the newspapers- even found a lead on Cathy's granny. I know, it surprised us too. When we went to check it out...well, see, she had stayed locked up at a hospital apparently. The woman was a few crayons short of a box and had a bad habit of talking about tall, faceless men who stole her daughter. Sound familiar to anyone?

Well, we were able to snoop around the room when no one was looking (fucking difficult let me tell you, we got lucky that no one was occupying the room when we went in and locked the door/closed the blinds) and looked around. I mean even if the old bat had lived there a while ago, it was still worth taking a glance, y'know? We actually found something.

We had finished checking everything else and I had jokingly looked up and said something along the lines of, "What if she had hid something in the roof?". Cathy took it seriously and decided to stand on the bed and push up one of those inside roof tile things (I have no idea what the fuck they're really called and don't care). She stuck a hand up there and actually pulled two notebooks out. They're dirty as hell and smell kind of funny, but we actually found a lead. Somehow granny managed to get these suckers up there when no one was looking and I have no idea how.

The point is we've been looking through them. She mostly wrote crazy things, the usual "watching/waiting/blahblah I'm insane" shit, but sometimes she had actual paragraphs written on Cathy's family. We found out some disturbing shit.

Apparently for generations the women in Cathy's family had sacrificed their husbands to it when their kids (always one girl for some weird reason) turned the age eleven. This is because it would come to take the child away, and the mom would barter the life of their kid for the life of another. The kid would then be expected to grow up, marry some clueless idiot and have one kid do the exact same thing, and then grow old and crazy by themselves. It's fucking creepy and Cathy had no idea- something that apparently wasn't supposed to be that way. See, the mom's are supposed to teach their kids all about what they're supposed to do with their life after their eleventh birthday.

Cathy's mom apparently decided to be a rebel without a cause because she actually fell in love with her husband while the previous women either didn't or made themselves pretend they didn't. Mommy disobeyed the "rules" of this weird little cult or whatever and actually went to try and save her husband when he wandered too far in the woods one day. If anyone remembers, cause' I think Cathy mentioned it a while ago, she was playing with her parents in the park the day she found them dead. That thing doesn't care if it's husband or wife I guess, because it took both and left Cathy to grow up and have a kid/find a husband to give to it. Well Cathy obviously wasn't taught on the ways of her people because she married someone who already knew about it and wasn't around for when that thing came to get him. A.K.A., me.

I'm guessing this is why Cynthia was taken away, or at least, this is what I'm thinking. What doesn't make sense is why Cathy's parents were killed when she wasn't eleven. Maybe it hung around every family up to that point and they just were supposed to never go into the forest alone? I have no fucking idea, and all this new info is making my head hurt.

So to make a long story short for you kids, I was supposed to die in Cynthia's place when she was eleven, but seeing as I already knew about it and was running around trying not to be killed, she got taken away. Cathy is pretty much having some sort of a mental breakdown right now cause' she found out her family is pretty much generations of evil bitches, clueless idiots, and creepy children. Not exactly the happiest secret to find out, right?

Well, tomorrow we're gonna go take one last look around at the graveyard where Cathy's parents were buried. She wants to say goodbye, I guess.

Keep your asses outta trouble.

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  1. Not just creepy children but creepy children who subsequently became evil bitches.