Friday, May 13, 2011


Cathy wanted me to tell all you kids that we're with Kay, in case you guys didn't know. Dunno why, but whatever.

Nothin' much to say. My heads been killin' me lately- feel like I've got a migraine coming on but it never actually happens, just aches all day. And then the "Best Friends Forever" are giggling and acting like children nonstop. I swear, first thing they did when they saw each other was hug and basically cry as they go on and on about how they were so happy to see each other. That and they keep making fun of my pain.

Haha ladies, it's so hilarious.

Whatever. Just an update so you all know we're alive. We haven't found any leads but Cathy is more relaxed than she has been in a long time. Woman looked like she was gonna pass out any day when we finally arrived at Kay's. I don't think she's been sleeping much cause' of stress and this coming from the guy who rarely sleeps at all.

Shit my heads killing me. I'm gonna go overdose on pain meds and maybe I can relax a little bit.


  1. I'm going to laugh at you, old man. That's hilarious.

    I'm going to need your help soon, pick me up from the airport or something. I need to get to Celie's soon.

    Might want to get that migraine checked out soon, though.

  2. Yeah sure, laugh at my pain you crazy bitch. Women, jeez.

    We're leavin' soon so if you give us a date and time we can drive over and get you. Celie's, huh? Any reason why?

    Funny thing about bein' on the run, you don't really get that much of a chance to get injuries checked out.