Saturday, February 19, 2011


Tomorrow's the big day, I guess. The three of us are storming the castle and fighting off all the bad guys all for the sake of getting the princess back. Hehe, it should be fun.

In other news, shit is probably gonna go very, very wrong. How do I know, you ask? I woke up this morning not next to Reach but instead near the treeline, which was a good bit of distance away. I'm guessing Ava fell asleep because she tried to take the whole watch herself. You see woman, this is why we take turns making ourselves stay awake. I'm fine, in fact I was pretty comfortable and it's a pity I had to move- the tree was doing so well at blocking the sunlight.

Also our resident couple have made me feel like an awkward third wheel so I took it upon myself to make them feel awkward as well. After the kissing and hugging and puppy dog eyes at each other grew sickening, I simply decided to turn and stare at them whenever they tried this. No blinking. No talking. Just staring. And grinning. Yeah, Ava caved first every time. Hehe, this why you need to contain yourselves, kids. Uncle Tony does not want to have to hear you two whisper sweet nothings to each other and let your hormones take control. Christ, I need to get laid.

Anyway, I guess that's it. Updating because something may happen tomorrow. If I don't write again in around three days, you can go ahead and assume something went very wrong. 


  1. I'll tell you the same thing I told Ava. Try not to get arrested or killed. Sending my best wishes your way.

  2. oi tony: you have a wife.


  3. Kay- I'll try not to but can't guarantee anything, hehe.

    NOOC- If you think she wants to have sex with me, then you obviously have no idea what our relationship is like now, kid.

  4. Just remember: all three of you have been through tougher shit than this. I'm confident that you guys can get him out, but I guess it's easier to say that when I'm looking at the situation through a computer screen. The sentiment still stands, though.

    Heh, that always works around couples. Kinda odd to see you blogging about something I find myself doing in high school on a regular basis, though.

  5. Tony, I promise, once this is all over, I will get you a pretty lady to spend a long time in an otherwise empty room with, as long as you let me do the same thing with Ava.

  6. Aimee- Yeah, this isn't high school anymore. But they act like it is, hehe.

    Reach- Hehe, you wish. But the pretty lady would be nice. Hows about you and Ava try to do these things not near me? Then we all win.

  7. Alternatively, Tony, you stop being a crotchety old man and go to sleep. I know 6:37 is a bit early for you but we're starting early tomorrow and we need to be well-rested. Hit the hay before I hit your head.