Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cathy's asleep.

So I took her laptop- her password was no problem to figure out so either I know her even better than I thought, or she has no imagination. Hehe, well, either way, I figured I'd update on my own blog instead of having her censor out my words and write what she wants.

Guess you all know we broke off from Reach, Ava and Thage. It was a good move, and even if I didn't want Cathy to come with me, it's for the best. When we're not with others, we don't have to worry about their problems and just concentrate on ours: specifically, our lovely daughter that seems to enjoy making sure we can't see anything she says. I swear, these goddamn kids, one second they're your lovable little pipsqueak crawling around and drooling all over everything, and the next they're making bad life choices and choosing to hang with the wrong crowd- they get that mindset that they're invincible and can do whatever-the-fuck they want. Ugh, I hate kids, teenagers, young adults, that whole age range, honestly.

But ranting about my child that Cathy doesn't like me claiming as my own is not the reason that I made this post. It's come to my attention that a lot of you bloggers are really stupid.

Oh gosh I hurt some feelings, didn't I?

Suck it up. I've decided that since I don't wanna tell you about what Cathy and I are doing- cause' updating your every move on a public website is really smart- I'm gonna point out everything I dislike about a good portion of you guys.

Today we're starting with the subject of groups: why the hell do you people insist on teaming up/forming organizations/being Best Friends Forever? No, really, this is a legitimate question. Do you people not seem to realize how much danger you put yourself in by making a big group of people? It's like bringing a party of lambs together in the middle of a giant, open field, where the big bad wolf can see their every move and take them all out at once. In other words, by doing this you're just holding a neon sign over your head that tells it to come and get you, cause' the picking is ripe!

I know I decided to meet up with Reach and Ava, and I regret it. It was...interesting to see the two face-to-face and to be able to bother Ava within an inch of her sanity, but it was a bad move on my part. The instant the three of us were together, I was waking up yards away from where I had gone to sleep and started to feel the old paranoia flickering to life in the back of my mind. Being with more than one other person is dangerous and honestly not worth it.

Hell, I may not like that Strahm guy, but he's doing it right. He's pretty much staying lone wolf to avoid all your problems (including my "family"). Same with M, whether he's dead or not.

Basically, all of these retarded sounding organizations that are popping up, giving people titles, and stupid shit like that need to just settle down and disband.
A) The titles just sound stupid. They do nothing. I don't get why everyone seems to think that every person and their grandma needs some kind of name to hold up. But this is a topic that will be covered at a later date.
B) By doing this you're honestly just drawing attention to yourself, which means you have a greater risk of dying in the next day or so. Congrats.
C) The more people there are, the easier it is to be found by it.

I mean, it's not that hard to grasp, people. Jesus, I've only been a part of this group of hunted for a little while and I find most of you ridiculous and annoying. I'm sure all of you think the same of me, and hey, I don't blame you. I'm an asshole. But at least I'm not an asshole running around thinking they're saving the world, finding the ~Ultimate Weakness~, and adding a new title everyday.

Although if I did do that it should be Anthony Awesome, Lord of Butt Whooping. I think it sounds catchy.

Okay, I'm gonna try and stop ranting. I'll probably read this tomorrow and realize there was more I wanted to say, but whatever. If there is I'll write it in next post.

Oh yeah and, didn't wanna scare Cathy while she was driving, but it's been following us. I keep seeing it out of the corner of my eye, alongside the road in the woods, beside buildings, etc. This hasn't really happened to me in a while. Hehe, think I've gotten rusty on the whole, "Being stalked by creepy alien-thing, help me". You'd think that wouldn't happen when you've been running around for this long, but it does.

Should I feel honored that it's not a minion but the big bad himself? I don't. In fact, I'm getting old feelings I haven't experienced in a while. I don't like it. I just need to push it all to the back of my mind. Ignore it. I would leave Cathy because that might draw attention off of me for a while but...being the hypocrite I am, I'll just say that sometimes there's a good reason as to why you can't abandon someone and stick to yourself.


  1. Go with Lord of Ass Whopping. More alliterative what with all the A's before it. I think it's catchier.

  2. Groups also raise morale more, Tony. They plan better. The title? For me its just who I am. I am a therapist and an artist. Frap is a warp. Anon is a magus. Joce is a bard, in his own way. Liam's a warrior, etc. etc. I've no plan to save the day. I've a plan to try to stay alive, and maybe keep others alive.

  3. Even though I'm not involved in any of this blah blah blah, I think I agree with everything in this post.

    The thing with titles, though...they've been tried before. And, well, you've seen what's happened to Robert. Of the other five Sages, two are dead (well, both are technically MIA, but I highly doubt either of them are coming back), one's been taken, one might not actually have existed in the first place (no word on that since late January), and the one that's still at marginally sane has recently had things stolen from his house with no signs of a forced entry. And the kicker? None of it worked. While the sages did gather some important information, there wasn't really anything that they couldn't have achieved on their own. Other than the big thing, which only let us know that trying to use the Tulpa effect against him doesn't work.

    Shelby, I'm not sure how much you've looked into what happened with Core Theory, but it seems to me like you and your friends are repeating a very, very bad mistake. You're a nice, helpful person; I'd hate to see you crash and burn because you didn't learn from the past.

    Goodness, Tony. I think your ranting brought it out in me.

  4. Echo- Yeah, I thought it sounded more menacing, and with a certain hint of allure as well, hehe.

    Shelby- I'd argue with you on this, but I'll do so when I cover the title thing at a later date. As for raising morale, nothing like pumping your fist in the air and saying a team chant when one of your comrades kicks the bucket.

    Aimee- Good to see there's still some "sane" bloggers around here.
    Yeah, yeah, I know that. I didn't ever really get why they had to hand out these titles. That and people still seem to be looking for the...hero? Warrior? Whatever. It's too far fetched and yeah, it didn't work at all. Hehe, good to see you speaking up. Maybe you'll find yourself stating your opinion more.

  5. tony, lemme say something that will piss other people off, because, this has been eating at me recently.

    in all honesty, i agree with your stance on groups. the only reason i joined NAPPA was because i wanted to be nice. might be able to give people advice, but why cant i do that out of a group (not that people ever fucking listen to me). the titles i wear are for my own sake, no one elses. quick little reminders of who i am. because frankly, i think we all need to remember who we are at times.

    but you dont need to explode on them tony. yes they made a stupid decision and went about it all wrong. but they are SCARED tony. "strength in numbers" while a blatant lie in this situation still has a psychological affect on them. they feel like they are part of something important, even though the only group they are a part of is the marked people who are going to die a horrible gruesome death.

    so if you want to yell at them for being afraid and wanting comfort, go ahead. but maybe you could show a bit of humanity for once and understand.

    still, groups piss me off just as much as they do you, tony.

    The Id's Ego

    Stay Sane, Stay Alive

  6. Well, good to see you alive, kid.

    Hehe, you misunderstand- that isn't me blowing up. If I'm angry, you'll know, trust me. That was me pointing out what I've noticed and more or less mocking the people who do that kind of shit. Seriously, no yelling was done in the making of that post. In fact, I was pretty calm, more laughing over it all than getting upset.

  7. Hey, now. Give me a little credit, Tony. I may be a young adult, but I'm not STUPID. I've been working mostly from my house, and with good reason; it's so very much easier to step back and ask the questions no one thinks to ask because they're right there, in the middle of it all. I have never had any interest in having some huge Slenderstalked convention, and if someone suggested one I'd probably go just to put a bullet in their head.

    I DO have a title, but it's mostly self-enforced, and my real name isn't exactly a secret. But when I look at that title, it helps me think about what I'm here for. It helps me figure out what's really necessary. If I was just Zach...I'd probably go sit under my covers until Spender got back from Ireland, and I'd be pestering everyone about how scared I am.

    But this is the internet, and for one thing I have the backspace, and infinite time to make sense to myself and others. For two, I've always found it easier to deal with people when my horribly annoying voice and my natural antisocal tendencies kick in. The only people I'm working with long time is my family, and they don't even know about Him. It probably is a bad move, but I'm a kid. I've gotta hide behind SOMEONE.

    That and gas prices are getting ludicrous. $3.50 a gallon? Thank you very much, but I'm not stepping out of my house unless it's on fire AND in the middle of a hurricane.

    But worry not, Tony. My title is purely a result of my own neuroses, and it's one of the few ways I can keep myself composed well enough to be any help to anyone. I'm not looking for some ultimate weapon of the gods to turn Slendy into dust. This isn't Breaker; we're not going to beat him with anything short of a miracle.

    But our sons might. Our grandsons might. It may not be for several hundred years, but he WILL die. Everything has to die someday, somehow. And I owe it to them to do everything I can, here and now, to get them properly armed.

  8. I know you're not stupid. Hell, you're probably smarter than me. I went to community college and barely passed, then got an office job with below minimum wage back in the day. And yeah, maybe working at home is best for you- wish it had been the case for me, but things usually don't work that way.

    People get hurt or die when they're involved with this thing. I've experienced this for over ten years. And while I may not be caught up with everything you kids keep talking about- hell, I can barely keep up with my /own/ blog, to be honest- I know a good bit about this thing we're fighting, enough to ensure that I keep surviving.

    So when I see you kids jumping into this headfirst, /bravely/ pulling yourself along and trying to find weaknesses or some shit like that, it's...I can't think of the right word for it right now. Just know I get really annoyed with a mix of some other emotions.
    One thing that stands out to me though- the instant you became involved with this thing, you chose to stop being a child. You're going to be involved with a world of pain and nightmares and there's nothing you can do about it. If you hide behind someone, you're going to get them hurt, because that's what this thing does. So I suggest you learn to grow up before you get your innocent family killed.

    Think what you want, kid. But I play it safe. Guess I should applaud you people younger than me for having the balls to challenge this thing, but I'll just keep to myself and keep my ass outta trouble as long as I can.

    Hehe, sorry if this is all over the place and doesn't make sense. It's been a long couple of days and I don't think it's going to get any easier soon.

  9. I'm doing my damn best to grow up fast. I still can't handle a gun, and I'm not by any means an athlete. I'm no fool; I know I'll have to learn fast if I want to stay alive. But you've had experience. Hell, you even have Cathy. I'm not saying that's a good thing. But at least you have someone you can lean on when things get hard, when you want to give it all up.

    All I've got is myself, and you guys. And even that doesn't matter much. I know I'll have to tell them eventually. But for now, Fisk is enough for them to worry about. We can move to the freaky shit once I know they'll stick around. Until then, I'm just going to do my best to figure myself out, and to get my head screwed on. This isn't going to be easy, but I think if I didn't have my family I wouldn't even try.

  10. Now /that's/ laughable that you think I have someone to lean on. Kid, I was running for over ten years, and Cathy only got involved with this shit this year. What do you think I did for the other decade? I wanna sympathize, I really do, but when I was on the run, there was no one. I tried, hell, I even begged some of the runners to let me come with them in the beginning if I ever ran into them.

    They all died.

    So, no, I can't feel bad for you when I went through the same thing, did everything alone, and made it out alone without any help from bloggers, family or friends. If you understand you need to grow up fast, you sure as hell better start training yourself now while you still have somewhere to stay. That's what I had to do while running around the country. Sure I have experience, but kid, I started out just like you and had to teach myself how to survive.

    I don't know what else to say except don't assume you know the entire situation surrounding Cathy and I, and things that happened to me back in the day.

    Keep your ass outta trouble.

  11. Come on, man. I'm 19; trouble is the only thing I DO outside of school. Hell, ask Spender. I'm probably the single most devastating blow to his whole "cool" image. I heard tell you've been feeling a little out of it because Ava's still out of commission? I'll admit, it's not feeling great for me, either.

    But look no further for a temporary replacement. I daresay you'll be finding me popping in here from time to time to further fray your nerves. I may lack her style and panache, but I more than make up for it with enthusiasm.

    Which reminds me. Where ARE you guys, anyways? I could use some tutoring in my ancient history class, and I don't think it'd kill you to stop by for a day or two.

  12. Goddamn, man, THANK YOU. I cannot believe how idiotic and genre blind most of these people are. Especially the new titles and the organizations. I do believe I've ripped on people...oh, probably about five times for the stupidity of the groups.

    Also, hey, how's it going? I'm Jekyll, self-proclaimed successor to M (until he came back) and pretentious douchebag. Just got around to reading your blog today.