Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Yesterday was the most interesting evening I've had in a while. Wouldn't you agree, Ava and Reach? Apparently it's my job to explain what the hell happened which makes no sense seeing as my arms are throbbing, but hey, why not.

So let's see here, where do I begin? Uh, basically ran/hitch hiked as fast as I could to the terrible twosome as soon as I heard the news. Of course, I'm almost there and I get wind of this deal that Cathy and I had to make or some shit. It was a no brainer, really. Cathy said it best so if you wanna know what we think go look at her blog. Anyway, after I agreed I arrived at the hotel.

Bad feeling as soon as I stepped in. Everyone in the fucking vicinity turned and stared- kept talking and doing what they were doing, but eyeballed me. I would've felt flattered if I wasn't running like a crazy man to the stairs. (Number one rule of hotels: never take the elevator. Too easy to get stuck on and get caught/killed.) No one tried to stop me, which was a plus, I guess. But after finally reaching the hotel room (and feelin' the burn, hehe) that's when shit went down.

Ava answers the door- it was such a pleasant intro, you crazy bitch- and it fuckin' appears behind me according to my dear friends. Y'know the feeling of something bad being near and the hair on the back of your neck just rises? Yeah, that's what I felt. I pretty much pushed Ava back inside  in time for a fire to start. And of all places it began in the bathroom. That's really when I spotted Cynthia.

Jesus my daughter looks like a wreck. Her hair needs to be cut, she looks unhealthily skinny, and the bags under her eyes tell me that she hasn't been sleeping in a long time. I wanted to grab her. I wanted to get her away from the monster that was in the corner of the room now, standing right next to her. But we made a deal and I know what happens to people who disobey- too much experience to make me think differently.

The fire, seeing as it wasn't exactly created by normal causes, was getting bigger and bigger every second and by a minute it really was starting to envelope the room. That was when I really regretted pushing Ava.

She, uh, knocked her head against the side of the bed when she fell back. Pretty much unconscious and Reach looked like he was about to have a heart attack. Everything was going wrong, basically. And Cynthia was just laughing. That thing stepped towards us and that made me snap outta it. Grabbed Ava and slung her over my shoulder and yelled at Reach to run. Kid runs fast.

Actually he ran too fast. Overestimated his abilities due to the, uh, change. We're sprinting down the stairs and the alarms are blaring, smoke is pouring everywhere. Some people are panicking and pushing us trying to get out. Others are actually trying to grab us and trip us down the stairs. Somewhere along the line Reach wore himself out because he pushed his legs too hard. Collapsed at the bottom of the stairwell and almost got trampled in the chaos.

Fucking picked him up and slung him over my other shoulder- remind me to never to that again. I haven't done heavy lifting...ever.

We cleared the vicinity pretty fast (more like I did) and set up base elsewhere. Not saying where. My arms are really sore, Ava's got a head wound and Reach is worn down. Not in the best of shape, but we're alive, so can't complain.

Don't have time to talk right now. We're gonna move soon.


  1. Fuck...

    It looks like you've got an angry mother to talk to now Tony.

    Good luck.

    Stay safe and such.

  2. Kay- We'll try.

    Inky- Hehe, not quite sure how to handle this. Now I got two angry mothers to deal with. How did this happen?

  3. In a word:
    In more than a word:
    Hope you're ok, considering. Stay safe, and tell everyone hey.

  4. Tony, if my Daughter is still unconscious, or there is any lasting damage, I will hunt you down.

  5. Shelby- Yeah, I'll tell em'. You keep your ass outta trouble too.

    Daisee- God I hope this is actually you and not some minion or mind control.

  6. You're an idiot. Keep them safe. And...let me handle Cynthia, Anthony. Please.

  7. Thank you and love you too. We can /both/ handle this, Cathy.

  8. I love you both and you're completely backward if you think it's JUST going to be you two.