Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alright, well

I gotta get moving. Meant to last night but then the bed of leaves I was lying on felt too damn comfortable to move off of. Kind of a big mistake. I'd been staying in one place for too long and, well, I didn't necessarily wake up to being strangled again. I did wake up to that one minion girl sitting next to me and just watching me sleep. That's not creepy at all. Why can't there ever be a normal enough minion?

Anyway she didn't try to attack me when I woke up, just sat there like she was waiting for something. Of course, me being a piece of sunshine in the morning, I greeted her with choice words that were very colorful and probably insulted her ancestors in the process. Was about ready to punch her lights out from the adrenaline spike that shot through my system, but she never even flinched at the loud words or violent movements. Just...sat and stared.

I guess she was waiting for me to calm down and look at what she was doing, and there wasn't much else to do (no offense, I don't like fighting when I don't have to. It means less bruises to deal with.). When I finally stopped talking and lowered the knife that I had whipped out, she stood up (made me jump) and started to walk away.

I don't know what possessed me to follow her. But I gathered all my shit together and went after her. Maybe it was because she was something different after years of being chased after and almost killed. I had thought by this point it wanted me dead, and wouldn't use anything except stone cold killers for combat. This...was a new tactic. And I hate it for what it made me see. We ended up at the back of this building- just some random restaurant. There was a nice spray painted picture waiting for me.

Her face...she was goddamn smug, that bitch. But hell if I was gonna stay there and take the time to bash her face into the brick wall. I got that feeling- y'know the one, the instinct that just screams at you get your ass moving because troubles coming- and split. What they did...what they left for me...well, it's been over ten years, so I've had a good run. Not sayin' I'm gonna die, so don't get your panties in a knot, Ava. But things are about to get bad, and I'm chargin' Hell with a water pistol at this point.

I've got shit to do and it's more than I've done in a long time. Let's see if I can survive this, hehe.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Scar face seems to like to follow people around at a distance that's safe enough to where he can ensure that I won't be able to try and stab him again. Of course this is good news for me too because that means I don't have to worry about being beaten over the head with a brick again and dragged off to who knows where. The bad news is that I also see it hanging around too. Standing next to light poles, right outside windows, or even in the middle of the streets. Hehe, every single time a car passes it, the radio messes up. The even worse news is that scar face has a new sidekick, and this time it's a teenage girl.

Now don't get me wrong- I'm not afraid to take a female out if I have to, but there's still a tiny voice in my head (probably my moms) that says hitting girls is not nice Tony, stop sticking mud and frogs in their hair. Right. Well, hopefully I won't have to deal with crouching tiger and hidden dragon over there, or the big bad himself. Making an update because if anything happens people will know blahblahblah, the usual.

Also, as a note to myself, what works and doesn't work on it.

Doesn't Work:
Baseball bat
Home made flamethrowers
Fire in general
Fire truck hoses (don't ask)
Holy water that was probably a cheap rip off
Kicking it in the balls - note: has none
Pepper spray/mace
Silver bullet
Tree limb
The police
I think you get the picture

Does Work:
None for me yet, but according to other people
Electromagnetic shit
Maybe getting high- I mean this in the height sense and the drug sense

Maybe if we're lucky:

Yeah, my life is pretty eventful. Tell me if I forgot anything, kids.

Gonna start moving soon.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Post.

Gonna get that depressing as shit last post off the top of this blog page. I'm not usually that whiny, I hope you all know. I'll try to stick to being my usual, lovable self.

In other news, I'm eatin' a hot dog with chili and cheese. It feels like a heart attack waiting to happen but it tastes damn good. And there's not much a guy can afford while on the run, so lemme enjoy my gourmet food while it lasts.

Since you all know about how I got involved with all this shit, I wanna know (seeing as for some reason I have more than Ava following me- when the fuck did that happen?) how you guys met it and how you dealt with it. Maybe I can get a few more ideas to annoy the minions/injure them horribly.

It's a nice day. Been raining on and off for a while so it's good to see the sun. Maybe it'll stay this way for a while.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How the shit went down.

Gather round kiddies, let Uncle Tony tell you all a story. Once upon a time there was an insanely cool kid named Anthony who everyone wanted to be friends with. After all, he had the best imaginary friend in the whole world, and all the kids loved to play with Anthony and his friend. But then the little boy grew up and realized that, "Hey, this isn't cool anymore. In fact, this is lame." His friend wanted him to leave his old life and come with it, but he didn't want to leave his parents.

So his friend-turned-enemy grew angry with the boy. Followed him around during his teenage years, unable to communicate with someone who didn't believe. Then the man fell in love. And he got married to the best woman in the world. But it was a moment of weakness, one that his friend had been waiting for all his life.

In short, I lost everything. I could have had a happy marriage, a child of my own, a boring day job with friends who wanna talk college football, a cozy house with the white picket fence and dog. But because I defied it, it ruined everything and everyone around me suffers.

I travel alone because every person I tried to team up with was eventually caught and ripped apart, hung from trees like Christmas ornaments.

Ten years of this and it still doesn't stop. It never does.

I feel sick.

But I guess that's what I get for having to run around in the rain and the cold for the past couple of weeks. Nothin' bad obviously or I wouldn't be writing this, just enough to have a clogged up nose and queasy feelin' in my stomach. Damn I hate being sick. It really doesn't help that my injuries hurt like hell right now. And lemme just whine and be a little girl for a bit, okay?

On a better note, I'm currently back in that bookstore and just got me a nice, warm cup of coffee. Works magic on the system, I tell ya'.

Updating to update. Nothing has happened since the fight. Haven't seen scar face anywhere or it. I think they're both probably unhappy with me right now though, hehe.

Monday, January 24, 2011


So I guess I got some explaining to do (if I don't I think Ava might attack me). Jeez, let's see, where do I begin to explain...?

I think you all realize by now I ran into some trouble. It was the wrestler and the ninja- or should I call him Scar Face now? I've been on the move, hitch hiking rides across states and sleeping wherever I can find something even slightly comfortable. Well it found me at the bookstore I had been staying in during the day. Obviously he couldn't get to me but his goddamn minions could.

After I posted I got the hell outta there as casually as I could without drawing attention. Didn't need to get innocent adults and children killed- no matter how much of a jackass I am, that's where I draw the line. Of course they followed me, and I kept walking like I didn't see them, headed towards a public street. They're not stupid, they won't attack if hundreds of other people can see. So we were at a draw. Eventually it started to get dark and the streets were less crowded.

I got up to leave (had been staying put on a bench opposite them) and that's when they began to run at me. You can imagine the merry chase I lead them on. Over fuckin' fences, around buildings, through every alley way I could think of. By the time they finally caught up I was wheezing. So where they, but, eh, they have more of a drive when it controls them. Don't really seem to tire out until they're dead. Now here's were I'm embarrassed to talk- they managed to knock me out with a brick and dragged me to this construction area. My guess is they were gonna either torture me or hang me from some random piece of wood. Just another suicide, right?

I woke up sooner than they expected. They were in the process of duct taping my legs and one of them was going for the arms. Even had a piece over my mouth which wasn't pleasant to pull off, lemme tell you. Punched the scrawny one in the face before he could realize I was conscious and knocked the big guy off balance with a kick. Goddamn in those moments I always feel like I can't move fast enough. My bag was too far away, so I improvised. Used a plank of wood just lying there to turn and hit the big guy in the head as hard as I could. Managed to get my old knife off of him (idiot was keeping it in his back pocket) before the other sorta jumped on me and tried to punch my face in.

Ow, now it's throbbing. Great. Busted my nose up pretty bad and made me look like a raccoon, but nothing is broken.

When I got an opening I went to stab the bastard. Only, he's faster than I thought. Instead of slicing him right through the head, he dodged and got a nice cut right on his eye and up to his ear. Looked pretty painful. Right about then big guy gets back up and- you're not gonna believe this, it was total dumb luck and he must of been disoriented or something- tripped over the plank of wood I beat him over the head with. Landed right next to me.

So I stabbed him in the throat and ripped the knife outta the side.

Smelled pretty bad, that's for sure. And it never exactly feels good to take a life, but at least it's nothing new. Scar Face got outta there and left me and his dead companion.

It took me maybe an hour to get the tape off of my legs (they wrapped me up nice and pretty, like a present, hehe) and get my shit together as well as clean up my tracks. Have to be careful after all. Ended up carrying the body to a river next to the site and dumped it there. Went back and cleaned the blood up as good as I could (which included smearing mud and all sorts of other gunk lying around into the spot) but there's only so much I can do.

So now I'm hiding myself away so that if anything happens at least I won't be caught off guard. Damn, I feel like one giant bruise.

And y'know what, kids? This still isn't as cool sounding as nailing minions with bombs after bitch fighting in a forest in the dark. Hehe, gonna remember that story forever, Ava.

Would you look at that.

It's watching me right now. Been a while since I've seen old no face. Yeah, yeah, stare all you want I'm not moving from my comfy chair in the bookstore. My ass is finally warm and I'm sure as hell not going outside into the freezing cold anytime soon.

But just in case anything happens: January 24, 2011 at 3:43 I spotted it. Hopefully there won't be a need for memory loss this time around. I'd really appreciate that in fact.

EDIT: Aw shit, it's gone and there are two very familiar looking guys heading towards me slowly but surely. Gotta run for now.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Well that was a fun night.

Nothin' better than being attacked in your sleep, lemme tell you. Woke up to a big guy snaking an arm around my neck to choke-hold me, and another pulling a switchblade out of his pocket. Best alarm to wake up to in the world. I think it's getting smarter because it's not sending small, weak minions after me anymore. Nooo, I get the big guys who probably were involved with some underground fighting ring in their spare time with the way that they're built.

Well, I managed to kick knife-guy in the face before he could take the opportunity to stab me in the stomach, and broke his nose in the process. The lack of air was really getting to me, but luckily I keep my own blade in my pocket for just these occasions. Stabbed the wrestler in the arm pretty deep and he let go to scream in pain and pull it out. I'm not stupid. There were two of them, one of them built like a tank and the other was probably a ninja or somethin'.

I fuckin' ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I don't have that much stuff to carry so I didn't leave anything behind. Let me tell you though, these guys can be fucking determined when they wanna be. The two stooges chased me for who knows how long, until the point where I was starting to tire myself out running in circles and playing cat and mouse. Looking back on this, I'm guessing that was sort of the point- make me be my own downfall and shit. But I don't think they expected me to hit them in the faces with a stop sign when they rounded a corner.

That was a pretty satisfying moment. Think I broke the other guy's nose too.

I managed to loose them after that cause' both of them were too disoriented to really give chase. Spent the rest of the day up until now making my way to the other side of town. I'm planning on moving out tonight and heading a few states over, so that should be fun.

Didn't see it anywhere, guess it was busy being a pain in the ass elsewhere, which is fine with me. Oh, I did get somethin' nice out of all this. Snatched knife-guy's blade from him in the confusion due to my own having been stuck in another man's arm. It's pretty nice, looks fairly new and kinda expensive. Keepin' it safe and sound on me to stab anyone who wants to try and choke-hold me again.

Christ this gets annoying. Currently I'm sitting in some restaurant, using their signal to type this up. Takes a fuckin' long time to press all the little buttons on the screen, but I think I'm gettin' the hang of it.

Ouch, my neck hurts. Think I'm gonna have to eat softer foods for the next few days. Got a nice bruise around my neck and another on my side from where the big guy shoved me away onto the rocks under the bridge I was staying at. Well, I'm not pretty to look at, but I'm alive, so I'm not complaining here. Gonna have to leave and find another place to signal-steal off of cause' the owner is starting to stare me down since I haven't ordered anything. Jesus, guess a guy can't get a break.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wish I was drunk

You ever wake up to rain steadily hitting you in the face because the shelter you slept in wasn't enough cover? I do all the time and that made this morning perfect. The minions left me a couple cryptic messages to look over and decode, stacked nice and pretty-like next to my home made pillow (also known as, "The Jacket"). I'm guessing I was supposed to be torn, agonizing over them for several hours before finally having to conclude that there was some deep inner meaning with coordinates to follow. Well, unfortunately for them, I don't really read those anymore.

That and the rain made the ink run so they're pretty much unreadable.

So onto today's topics: who the hell am I?

Heh, your "Leader" or whatever the fuck he is, "M", didn't seem to trust me- I'm hurt! Can't blame him though, he's being smart by staying paranoid.

I guess I could make a list, seeing as it would be beneficial to me too. After all, you never know when you'll forget who you are and have nothing to jog the mind. I gotta say that this has even happened to me before- was one of the worst experiences of my life. Took me a while to recover from the amnesia, but at least I was able to keep the basic instinct to run for my life if some baldy in a suit decides to creep up. So here I am in the simplest of words:
- Tony (no last name to you)
- Any close family I have is gone, I made sure of that.
- I'm nearing the big four-o. Starting to get those joint pains and wishing I was younger, but, eh, not gonna complain when there are bigger problems to deal with.
- I've been on the run for something near ten years now.

I imagine it's at this point that people get confused and suspicious. What is this man talking about? How is that possible? Why did you suddenly show up? All of these are good questions and a pat on the back to anyone who actually thought that because your mind is in the right place. I mean, I don't really have to answer these because I honestly have quit giving a fuck what other people think, but let me grant you peace of mind.

No one knows why they're allowed to live. For some it drives them crazy with fear...well, for most it does that. But for a few people, like me, it makes us have more of a drive to survive. I personally like to assume that I'm alive because I'm so damn awesome. Truth is, I think he just likes to fuck with people. There is no "special chosen person that he takes a particular liking to". There's just a group of victims that he can mess around with and pick apart piece by piece. Maybe one day he'll terrorize your neighbor, but then the next he creeps on over to watch you while you sleep. Anyone who knows is a candidate for mind rape and I don't get cocky over a few days of  "safety".

As for the ten year part, that's just because I made the necessary actions to survive. Severe all bonds with people you love, kick the ass of any minion who tries to get in my way, don't be afraid to take some risks but be careful of covering your tracks from the police. In other words, look out for numero uno, and do it well. I'm still able to be hurt, I've had my butt handed to me countless times. But it's the will that has to break along with the arms, ribs and legs. And I got plenty of drive to keep myself alive and moving.

And then the question of why choose now to start posting. To be honest (do I get a gold star for telling the truth?) I carried notebooks around for several years. But after they continuously get stolen, lost, or written in by my no-name visitors, I wised up.

Yeah, stole me one of those Ipod things. Or, iphone...touch? I don't know, this new technology is fucking confusing. Guy drops off the map for a few years and comes back to find everything has advanced to levels he could have never dreamed of. Jesus, took me a week to work out how the damn thing connected to the internet- and I rarely used the web back in my normal days. I'm pretty proud of myself at this point, hehe.

But now let me ask anyone out there who is listening a question of my own: why the hell did you give it a name? Names give power and purpose, people. Be smart here.

Hell of a mess has been made. And I don't want to be the one to clean it up, but I'm not afraid to point out how stupid certain people have been acting. No names given children, cause' I have no idea how many of you there are.

Goes to show that I should've stolen a computer and lugged it around with me. Maybe this could've been prevented.

Whatever, you know what they say- you never have to run faster than the bear. Just the other person. And that's worked for me so far.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Now's as good a time as any other

Been having more black outs then usual, it's screwing with my memory. Can't really tell if it's still today or if it's really tomorrow or maybe even the next day or even weeks from now. Being hunted does that to you. Or, more specifically, me. Cause', y'know, that's who matters here.

Name's Tony. No, I will not give a last name- that's stupid.

This isn't a blog to help you from it. This isn't a blog to even try to begin to explain what it is. This is a blog that'll help me and me only. For over ten years I've been on the run, avoiding it and it's minions. That amount of time kinda puts stress on a guy, and I really don't need anymore than I already have. So here's my genius idea: make a blog, something that can keep track of things I forget and sort out memories that will inevitably become jumbled up. If I go missing maybe even someone will notice.

Not that you could do anything if I did, but still, it's the thought that counts, right?

But like I was saying, I've been running for something around the ten or eleven year mark- haven't really tried that hard to keep up with time. It's not really helpful after the first year or so when you find your mind drawing frustrating blanks every couple of days whenever you wake up in places miles away from where you "fell asleep".

Fuck it sucks to be in this position some of the time.

On the bright side there aren't any bills to pay.

Really, there isn't much of anything to worry about except keeping your ass safe and sound, away from creepy tall guys with a business suit fetish and his crazier-than-thou minions.

Such a simple life style. Hermits everywhere would be proud.

It's raining right now. The fire I built isn't doing much to warm me up. Fuckit. At least I'm somewhere near an internet signal. This new technology really does help- who would've guessed?

God I sound old.