Thursday, July 21, 2011


Tony and I have been looking into things and we've found some very...odd articles. Last night we broke into the office building which housed many reporters and went to the basement to look at older papers. This newspaper has been producing articles for years and we thought they might have some sort of article that could help us. It took a few hours of going through the Obituary sections, but we eventually managed to find two reports: one of my dead parents, which actually almost made headline news due to "mysterious circumstances" and the other of my grandfather, who disappeared, which also had a small article to itself.

Already the situation seems odd as apparently the wife of the missing man, my grandmother, apparently didn't even put out many missing reports. According to the journalist who interviewed her for a short time, she seemed calm like she had accepted that he was dead that quickly. I need to find information on my grandmother. I feel like if we do manage to obtain anything of hers maybe it'll be enough to reveal what exactly went on years ago. Until that time, stay safe.


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  1. Heads up you two, Radler came to visit me this weekend. I tried to convince him to back off this case, but he's got some kind of personal issue with it. In worse news, Cynthia seems to have taken a liking to him and is now chatting away at him in the comments of Time to Talk.