Sunday, January 23, 2011

Well that was a fun night.

Nothin' better than being attacked in your sleep, lemme tell you. Woke up to a big guy snaking an arm around my neck to choke-hold me, and another pulling a switchblade out of his pocket. Best alarm to wake up to in the world. I think it's getting smarter because it's not sending small, weak minions after me anymore. Nooo, I get the big guys who probably were involved with some underground fighting ring in their spare time with the way that they're built.

Well, I managed to kick knife-guy in the face before he could take the opportunity to stab me in the stomach, and broke his nose in the process. The lack of air was really getting to me, but luckily I keep my own blade in my pocket for just these occasions. Stabbed the wrestler in the arm pretty deep and he let go to scream in pain and pull it out. I'm not stupid. There were two of them, one of them built like a tank and the other was probably a ninja or somethin'.

I fuckin' ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I don't have that much stuff to carry so I didn't leave anything behind. Let me tell you though, these guys can be fucking determined when they wanna be. The two stooges chased me for who knows how long, until the point where I was starting to tire myself out running in circles and playing cat and mouse. Looking back on this, I'm guessing that was sort of the point- make me be my own downfall and shit. But I don't think they expected me to hit them in the faces with a stop sign when they rounded a corner.

That was a pretty satisfying moment. Think I broke the other guy's nose too.

I managed to loose them after that cause' both of them were too disoriented to really give chase. Spent the rest of the day up until now making my way to the other side of town. I'm planning on moving out tonight and heading a few states over, so that should be fun.

Didn't see it anywhere, guess it was busy being a pain in the ass elsewhere, which is fine with me. Oh, I did get somethin' nice out of all this. Snatched knife-guy's blade from him in the confusion due to my own having been stuck in another man's arm. It's pretty nice, looks fairly new and kinda expensive. Keepin' it safe and sound on me to stab anyone who wants to try and choke-hold me again.

Christ this gets annoying. Currently I'm sitting in some restaurant, using their signal to type this up. Takes a fuckin' long time to press all the little buttons on the screen, but I think I'm gettin' the hang of it.

Ouch, my neck hurts. Think I'm gonna have to eat softer foods for the next few days. Got a nice bruise around my neck and another on my side from where the big guy shoved me away onto the rocks under the bridge I was staying at. Well, I'm not pretty to look at, but I'm alive, so I'm not complaining here. Gonna have to leave and find another place to signal-steal off of cause' the owner is starting to stare me down since I haven't ordered anything. Jesus, guess a guy can't get a break.


  1. Hmm. Sounds like you had a lovely morning.

    Good job you're still alive AND got a knife out of it, the very fact that Butch and Ninja didn't kill you is something that's a "win..."

    Still, probably getting boring after ten years worth.

    Tshk. Suckers.

    Hey, any Apple stores nearby? They let you use the laptops/iPads/all the other shit for free. You don't even have to make a show of "WHY YES, KIND SIR, I SHALL BUY SOMETHING FROM THIS FINE ESTABLISHMENT." *flee*

    Don't die, mate.

  2. These morning are the best. They just make my day.

    I don't really even count my wins and loses anymore. There's so many tally marks on either side, that I threw the chart away. Fuck, doesn't even matter anymore. Over ten years and they're still doing the same old thing, so it's come to be almost a routine. Not much surprises me anymore, that's for sure.

    Eh, haven't looked that hard, just got to the other side of town without drawing any attention to myself. Generally I make a habit of staying in bookstores if I need to get on the internet seeing as no one ever cares in those places. Though, the fact that I look like some dirty hobo half the time might be another reason why people watch me. I think they expect me to steal something (which I usually do, so I guess their attitudes aren't wrong).

    I try not to. Can't guarantee not getting the snot beaten outta me though.