Saturday, February 5, 2011


Really? Am I always one step behind or some shit? Gonna have to find another trucker now who's willing to drive cross country with me. Maybe this one won't like irritable middle aged men who look like hobos and carry various weapons on their person that they can't use on the goddamn truckers because that would mean trouble.

Ava's back. Don't really know what to say at this point. It's already been said. She's coming over to The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave. Hehe, should be fun for her.

Saw it the other day. Hanging around near the eighteen wheeler I was hitching a ride in. Had to split if I didn't want the weirdo to get taken by it. Sucks, but I'll find someone else. Things have calmed down a little bit, it seems. That's nice, I don't particularly like having to remember five thousand stories going on at once. Y'know, when I started this stupid blog I wasn't planning on talking to this many people. Hell, I dunno why so many of you seem keen on keeping up with me- I'm not exactly best friend material if you hadn't noticed, and that's not ever changing. I hate this...caring for other people business. It's what gets people killed in the first place.

Fuck, I'll end this feelings and shit post before I start to sound like a teenage girl who got dumped right before prom night.

I guess...keep yourselves outta trouble. Whatever.


  1. hey tony. if you ever go to texas, send me a message.

    i wanna punch you in the face, just once. then id probably want to just hang out or something.

    but the punch is needed.

  2. I made you cry~

    You wuss.

    I'm glad to be back. I think your comments helped the most. It's nice to know you're alive and sane. I missed you actually. Even if it was only a few hours for me. I thought about a few of you in that Labyrinth.

    It's refreshing to be back.

  3. Well you could always stop chatting with us, but I think you'd miss have people to bitch at. :)

  4. NOOC- Hehe, I'll be sure to. You punch me in the face and I'll punch back, but we can say it's manly bonding or some shit like that.

    Crazy Bitch- You did not- I am not capable of producing tears. I was just lying to make you feel better you angst filled teenager.
    Hehe, odd that they would. They're no different than anyone elses. Nice to know that I'm ~special~ though, really makes a guy feel loved, hehehe!
    It's good to have you back. There was no one to argue with there for a couple days and I was starting to go insane without a person to be mean with.

    Kay- Hehe, probably would, wouldn't I? You all are fuckin' stupid sometimes and I gotta set you straight.

  5. naturally! manly bonding sounds awesome! lets do it!

    that is of course if you come down to Texas... and if i dont leave the state before then.

  6. I might consider coming down that way once I get a few things off my plate. And of course it depends on if I survive long enough to get over to where you are.

  7. You're a good man and a good friend. Thank you.

    You're also the only sarky bastard I've EVER been able to banter with.

  8. Hehe, you give me too much credit. Thanks though.

    I guess it goes both ways, because you're the first crazy bitch I've ever been able to banter with either. Most people just get their feelings hurt and shit.

  9. We're keen on following you because we don't want you to be lonely. Blogosphere is family, bub, and whether you like it or not, you seem to have gotten the slot of cranky uncle to all us kids.

    Not that I'm actually a part of the blogosphere. Not planning on it, either, because shit seems to hit the fan whenever people start blogs.

  10. Yeah, well. Most people just aren't as fucking awesome as us, right?

  11. Aimee- Good to know you at least the family member slot right. Guess I wouldn't have it any other way cause' cranky uncle fits so well.
    Hehe, I guess so. Shit hit the fan before I had mine, around ten years earlier, but I guess when you learn more you get in deeper trouble.

    Ava- This is true. Not many people can achieve the awesome that is us and all of our cuss-ridden conversations.

  12. As a mere observer, I can confirm that your cuss-ridden conversations are indeed fucking awesome. A specific brand of awesome I'd never before seen.

    And, well, I figure that, if weird shit actually starts happening, I'll probably start a blog. But until then, it's just asking for trouble.

  13. Aimee- Hehe, glad to know that it's amusing to the rest of you.
    Yeah, you best keep yourself from blogging. It seems like a common theme for most of these kids blogging to suddenly have a faceless visitor stalking them and they don't know what to do blahblahblah.

    Kaiju- Thanks, you too.