Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Fantastic- really. Got to lock Cathy in the room and visit my dear daughter.

She's crazy. Heh, or maybe she's gone crazy because of it or her "big brother". Let me try and summarize what happened as quickly as I can.

We meet, I get a hug which was nice even if she was gripping me like she wanted to crush my ribs. Which, by the way sweetie, the feeling is mutual. I ever catch you again I'm going to hug you tighter and tighter...anyway, we sat ourselves down and had a nice lunch. The waitress even commented on how cute it was to see a father and daughter enjoying time together during the nice weather. Yeah, it was certainly adorable.

To be honest, she didn't have much to say. I doubt she had much in that head of hers. She wants me dead- how surprising. This development is so new and unexpected! Heh, no.

She's gonna do whatever it takes to get rid of me. And then she's going to take mommy dearest- and auntie Thage now, apparently- with her back to her "real family". I'm so wounded that she doesn't appreciate my presence. After this pleasant meeting of exchanging death threats with cheerful smiles on our faces and laughing at the right moments to look happy, things took a turn for the worst. I may have said something threatening to her that might have maybe sounded pretty bad from an outside perspective...actually, any perspective. Those bodyguards I assumed she was going to have? Yeah, they stood up from another table and proceeded to punch me in the face. Probably broke my nose again. I can't really tell, it's happened too many times.

So panic breaks loose, people start to run when one of these bastards tackles me into the table. Bruised some ribs and almost broke my leg but hey, I'm not keeping score. It's not like I proceeded to knee him in the groin, punch his own nose flat, give him some nice black eyes and stamp down so hard on his hand and arm that he won't be able to use them for months.

By the way, Cynthia said something about how Daddy (oh you could just hear the uppercase letter) and big brother don't like me while she was leaving. Wow, again, I had no idea. People hating me? What? Since when?

The three of them got away and I split as fast as I could too. The fact that the idiot decided to start a fight in broad daylight meant cops were gonna be there faster than a fat kid eats candy. I can't guarantee that they'll find something that could somehow track me down. The eatery didn't have cameras installed, so that was one good thing. But there's always something that the damn cops can do to find the criminal. I mean, I'm lucky cause' I've been underground for, oh, eleven years or so, but sooner or later I know I'll slip up. I hope that they don't give two shits cause' no one was injured.

That's why Cathy and I are staying on the move. She's furious, by the way. More upset that a fight was started around her daughter than me getting actually beaten up, but hey, that's alright. At least I don't have to drive now. Which, by the way, reminds me. We're going back to my parents. Cathy called them and they agreed to let us stay- sounded pretty worried on the phone, but not at all surprised that my ex-wife and myself were going to be there.

Ugh, parents. Kids. Wives. I fuckin' hate people.


  1. ........

    You're the biggest fucking twat on earth.

    Why would you even--

    You're an idiot.

    But you have no idea how glad I am you're alive.

  2. So much aggression. Can't we all, like, get along man? No need for all this "hat[ing] people". Just find a more productive way to let off all these bad vibes, apart from writing in an angry tone, man.

    Like punching people.
    Maybe if you had punched those bodyguards more, you'd feel better.

  3. Ava- Good to see you feeling up to insulting me, makes me really think you're okay, heh. And how am /I/ the idiot?

    Arkady- Huh, new face. I could go beat up random people, more than likely getting my ass kicked in the process, ooor I could vent like an angry teenage girl on the internet. Hehe, which one do you think is safer?
    ...Besides, the idiot got away before I could punch him more.

  4. don't let the mask slip too much. by the way, might wanna ask mommy and daddy about everything they told you.

  5. Ah so she doesn't have any concept of Lesbianism. It doesn't really surprise me given her age, I just assumed Unc or Big(er)R would explain it to her.

    Could've seriously injured someone Delmont, you should be more careful.

  6. Hellfire- I would think that it and "Big Brother" probably don't really wanna explain the concept, or can't.

    Fuck kid, that's what I was aiming for, hehe.