Sunday, July 17, 2011



This is Cathy and I know things have been everywhere these last few days and I want to thank all of you who stood up for me, but you cannot tell them where they are or else innocent people will be involved with the nightmare we're in.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to talk until now, but I've been locked up in a hospital for three days. For three goddamn days I saw that monster...the Slenderman watching me. He was in the corner of every room, quietly standing there and observing my every movement. I'm surprised that no one else saw him except for a few people who were obviously less than psychologically well. They...screamed and ran, they were ranting and raving and one of them clawed their own throat out it was horrible ohgod

They were able to take me into custody for several reasons, those of which I believe that officer who first found me has been explaining. But I was able to convince the doctor's I was okay and so I was released earlier today. I met up with Tony near the building and we're back in my car. The fact that the police are involved means that my blog may no longer be safe to update, so I'm going to stick to posting everything on Tony's blog.

Things are just...spiraling out of control everyday more and more and I don't know what to do about Cynthia anymore. I do know that the police mentioned my previous generations having an odd track record with the husband's dying though, so I'm going to try and find out some information on this. I feel like it's connected to my grandmother somehow, but I'm not exactly sure yet. I'll update you all as I go. At least being this busy keeps my mind off of all the horrible things happening around me.

Hey shit heads, this is Tony. Why the fucking hell would you mention my name to the cops. Really? REALLY? You think I wouldn't be locked up if they all got their hands on me? I'm a fucking sociopath who's murdered and tortured countless people, looks like he stepped off a fucking battlefield, and hasn't been trackable for eleven years. I'd like to keep things that way, goddamn it, so you all better cooperate! If we drag the police into this case we expose them to it.
 How well do you think that'll go down, huh? Mass panic, a monster hunt, people suspected of helping it taken into custody or shot on sight. I know that sounds pretty far out, but when humans are up against something they don't know they fucking panic.
So let's keep our smart ass mouths shut, alright?
This copper, Simon-what's-his-face, is like a goddamned bloodhound and while you all seem to have a pretty good time arguing with him, he's fucking obsessed with this case for some reason even though there's no real evidence to back anything up. So keep quiet and lay low for now.


  1. Tony I don't mean to sound like an ass (Well maybe I do just a little) but isn't that whats currently taking place in our confined community? I realize the thought of total anarchy might sound like a bad thing but forcing Him into the spotlight might be what it takes to get some real action taken against Him. Individuals by themselves have very limited resources. World governments have vast quantities of resources at their disposal. Right now governments are ignoring Him because they don't view Him a threat worth handling. Imagine what would happen if the whole world turned their focus on to destroying the Him. It might very well unite all of humanity against a common enemy.

  2. Do you honestly think that would turn out at all well? I do hope you are not thinking of doing anything foolish, my dear Tensor. Giving ideas to the blasphemers, one might construe such things as treason.


  3. I don't need explain my reasons to you Iscariot. If you fail to see the ruse in my previous comment then you are just as easy to fool as they are.