Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Cynthia isn't even my daughter, she's Elijah's. Fucking perfect.


Hello everyone, it's Cathy now. I just took the computer from Tony he's...not very happy at all. I honestly am exhausted and don't want to take too much time explaining. Tony and I did go to the graveyard. When we got there the same man who had arrested me showed up and started asking us questions so quickly I didn't even have time to answer. Tony got angry and started yelling at him for following us around and Simon Radler- I think that's his name- began to yell back.

The two were drawing attention to us from the wrong people. Next thing I know Elijah is standing in front of us and greeting me with a smile. I thought he was going to leave us alone but apparently not. The problem was this time around Elijah seemed to want to harm me and decided he would it with words. He proceeded to tell Tony that Cynthia was a child made due to a one night stand he and I had during the year Tony was getting paranoid and drifting apart.

Elijah...wasn't lying...

That was when Cynthia showed up, right in the middle of Tony's shocked silence and Simon's surprised shouts as he realized who Tony was. Elijah was just standing there grinning like the asshole he was because Cynthia didn't know this either. I didn't tell anyone, I thought- prayed- that maybe she was Tony and I's. But apparently I was wrong. Cynthia started to get angry, I didn't even try to run towards her this time...I don't know if that makes me a bad mother or not, but every other time hadn't worked and I was afraid I would get hurt. My baby started to scream and shout at Elijah, saying he was lying and then I realized that Elijah was in danger. All the men in my family have died or vanished, the fathers of children meant to be taken, and Tony was able to get away as the replacement father for so many years. I put two and two together and came to the realization right as that monster showed up.

Elijah was the father. All the fathers must be sacrificed to that thing. With the real father revealed, Elijah was literally ripped to shreds in front of us. It was...there are no words to describe...

The whole time Cynthia was screaming at me, saying that I didn't love her because I hadn't told her and that she was still going to get us. Tony and I ran, grabbing Simon and dragging him with us as we went. We knew we'd be killed if we stayed any longer.

Tony is furious. As soon as we got a good distance away and Simon spoke up and tried to ask what was going on, he punched the other man several times in the face and knocked him out. We left Simon on a public park bench near a lot of people as Tony wouldn't let me take him to a doctor. He hasn't talked to me since he found out. I don't know what to do.

I'm sorry.


  1. it seems to me that, by the rules of your family's... thing... it's no longer Tony who has to be sacrificed.

    holy crap...

  2. Oh Cathy...I'm so sorry for both of you right now.