Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wish I was drunk

You ever wake up to rain steadily hitting you in the face because the shelter you slept in wasn't enough cover? I do all the time and that made this morning perfect. The minions left me a couple cryptic messages to look over and decode, stacked nice and pretty-like next to my home made pillow (also known as, "The Jacket"). I'm guessing I was supposed to be torn, agonizing over them for several hours before finally having to conclude that there was some deep inner meaning with coordinates to follow. Well, unfortunately for them, I don't really read those anymore.

That and the rain made the ink run so they're pretty much unreadable.

So onto today's topics: who the hell am I?

Heh, your "Leader" or whatever the fuck he is, "M", didn't seem to trust me- I'm hurt! Can't blame him though, he's being smart by staying paranoid.

I guess I could make a list, seeing as it would be beneficial to me too. After all, you never know when you'll forget who you are and have nothing to jog the mind. I gotta say that this has even happened to me before- was one of the worst experiences of my life. Took me a while to recover from the amnesia, but at least I was able to keep the basic instinct to run for my life if some baldy in a suit decides to creep up. So here I am in the simplest of words:
- Tony (no last name to you)
- Any close family I have is gone, I made sure of that.
- I'm nearing the big four-o. Starting to get those joint pains and wishing I was younger, but, eh, not gonna complain when there are bigger problems to deal with.
- I've been on the run for something near ten years now.

I imagine it's at this point that people get confused and suspicious. What is this man talking about? How is that possible? Why did you suddenly show up? All of these are good questions and a pat on the back to anyone who actually thought that because your mind is in the right place. I mean, I don't really have to answer these because I honestly have quit giving a fuck what other people think, but let me grant you peace of mind.

No one knows why they're allowed to live. For some it drives them crazy with fear...well, for most it does that. But for a few people, like me, it makes us have more of a drive to survive. I personally like to assume that I'm alive because I'm so damn awesome. Truth is, I think he just likes to fuck with people. There is no "special chosen person that he takes a particular liking to". There's just a group of victims that he can mess around with and pick apart piece by piece. Maybe one day he'll terrorize your neighbor, but then the next he creeps on over to watch you while you sleep. Anyone who knows is a candidate for mind rape and I don't get cocky over a few days of  "safety".

As for the ten year part, that's just because I made the necessary actions to survive. Severe all bonds with people you love, kick the ass of any minion who tries to get in my way, don't be afraid to take some risks but be careful of covering your tracks from the police. In other words, look out for numero uno, and do it well. I'm still able to be hurt, I've had my butt handed to me countless times. But it's the will that has to break along with the arms, ribs and legs. And I got plenty of drive to keep myself alive and moving.

And then the question of why choose now to start posting. To be honest (do I get a gold star for telling the truth?) I carried notebooks around for several years. But after they continuously get stolen, lost, or written in by my no-name visitors, I wised up.

Yeah, stole me one of those Ipod things. Or, iphone...touch? I don't know, this new technology is fucking confusing. Guy drops off the map for a few years and comes back to find everything has advanced to levels he could have never dreamed of. Jesus, took me a week to work out how the damn thing connected to the internet- and I rarely used the web back in my normal days. I'm pretty proud of myself at this point, hehe.

But now let me ask anyone out there who is listening a question of my own: why the hell did you give it a name? Names give power and purpose, people. Be smart here.

Hell of a mess has been made. And I don't want to be the one to clean it up, but I'm not afraid to point out how stupid certain people have been acting. No names given children, cause' I have no idea how many of you there are.

Goes to show that I should've stolen a computer and lugged it around with me. Maybe this could've been prevented.

Whatever, you know what they say- you never have to run faster than the bear. Just the other person. And that's worked for me so far.


  1. Names also bind it to a concept. Besides, many of us needed to call it something and most of us have decided on our own derogatory nicknames.

    Anyway, M? Leader? M? Seriously? No. He's not a Leader, he's a Mentor for the Runners, they need to know how to run like hell and he helps them.


    You seem perfect for information on how to survive however. I only know one other person who's lived with Anorexic Associate for ten years and she knows fuck all about why too.


  2. That does make sense, and it doesn't matter what you call it now, heh. It's too late to stop all these people from knowing he exists.

    You do know that leader and mentor tend to go hand in hand, right? Think about it: he teaches, tells people what to do, and they listen and keep coming back asking him for help. He's viewed as a leader by so many people, he doesn't need to be called one. He just is one (whether or not he likes this idea is beside the point). Leaders come in all shapes, sizes and personalities.

    Hehe, I'm not saying I agree cause' I hardly know the kid, but you might have a point there.

    And who says I'll be handing out information? It's better for me if people know less in the end- keeps it more preoccupied with the easy prey before it moves onto the harder. Can't say I'm an endless fountain of knowledge either- most of what I know and do is common sense combined with keeping myself paranoid enough to stay alive.

    Have to wonder though, what exactly is it you're looking for?

  3. Mmm, but he doesn't exactly LEAD. Well, not the people with their own minds. The ones who are willing to blindly follow advice without testing it for themselves, yeah, he leads, to others, he offers some interesting Theories.

    I'm going to plead your Fifth Amendment.

    I have not said you would be handing out information, I've said you'd be good for information. Even in your last two blog posts, those are information, just by blogging, you help.

    Common sense keeps most of us alive, especially if it's mixed with just the slightest amount of natural talent.

    Me personally? I have no idea just yet. I deliberately drew him to me to prove he didn't exist (because that worked didn't it ¬_¬) and now that he IS stalking me...

    I went into this cocky and arrogant about his non-existence, I'm not planning on going out of it (A) a gibbering wreck or (B)in a casket. I'm planning on living and building a set of sure-fire facts and rules as to how to live.

    Sort of like M, I suppose. But I've not got the stamina to run or fight. So I test instead.

  4. Haha, true enough! I'd hate to be that person who blindly follows Mr. Mystery and clings onto his every word.

    Oh it hurts, helping people- it burns! Did I inadvetantly hand out information? Hey, I'm not saying I'm gonna fall all over myself to help those poor, innocent newbies. But if my daily life story provides valuable tips, by all means go ahead and take notes.

    Amen to that, sister, hehe.

    Yeah that little plan of yours sure did backfire, didn't it? I'm glad to hear you're handling the situation with a clearer head. Cocky bastards get killed pretty quickly. And try to keep that determined attitude no matter what happens. He can't get to what doesn't break.

    I like you a whole lot more than M. Keep your chin up, Ava. Also don't expect this much encouragement on a daily bases from me, heh.

  5. Then it's good that we aren't, isn't it?

    Ohyes, I'm sure helping save lives is such a problem for you. ¬_¬

    It did, but I can deal with it. More accurately, WE can deal with it. And I don't just mean Mum and I. I mean all of us. I don't plan to be an ineffectual RedShirt in all of this.

    I point blank refuse to break. It's not an option and Mother feels the same way (if her screaming and swearing is anything to go by, I swear, if Slendy has ears, they're bleeding.)

    I like you too, Tony and I certainly shall. If I find out anything that may be of help to you, I'll inform you like a shot.

    Unfortunately, I may have my moments of being an utter misanthropist, but you can always count on me for a level of encouragement. :)

  6. It is if it makes other people smarter and less easy for it to catch. Then it gets frustrated or whatever it feels that's close enough to that, and feels like it needs to take some of the veterans down so that the newbies can't be taught how to survive. Happened to a guy I knew a couple years back- wasn't pretty.

    Your mom sounds like she has some balls, I'll give her that. Reminds me of- never mind. I guess this is one way for "family bonding time". Spend your days testing theories that could potentially beat a tall monster with tentacles, and spend your nights talking about said theories as you clean weapons and stay on the lookout for any minions out for blood. Kinda makes me wish I had a family to share these moments with, hehehe!

    Well, I guess this means I've made my first friendly acquaintance in several years. This feels...different. Not sure if that's good or bad.

    That's me all the time. Hater of humanity and non-human things all at once. There's not much to love on this godawful earth besides me, myself, and I. But I can give the occasional compliment if someone earns it.

  7. I hope we make it enough to become veterans, Mum's already been there and it would suck if this did it.

    I think that's where I gots mah girl balls from. She spent about half an hour last night, cursing loudly at closed curtains whenever we heard tapping. I think I learnt new words...

    I'm not going to touch on what you mean, I can guess and it's pointless to say 'I'm sorry.'

    Oh yes, I should reccomend this Family Bonding to everyone! I think I'll become a Marriage/Family Councillor once all this is over! I'll make enough to retire to the Bahamas.

    Well, we're all family really. It's wierd and the bonds aren't as strong and we're all over the world, but hell if we watch out for eachother. Did you see Sandra say about my earring? I think I'll get her to post it back...I loved those earrings...

    Jerk, it's an amazing honour to have my friendship, how dare you think otherwise ¬_¬

    I got your back, mate, even if we are on different continents.

    There's fucktonnes to love, there's just alot more to be exploited by bastards.

    Ha! And I suppose I've earned it? Why thank you kind sir, for your consideration. *bows*

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. ...The fuck, you freaks. Are you reverse stalking me? GET THE LAME TUXEDO MASK OFF MY LAWN. Ya dagnabbit kids.

    Psh, yeah, like YOU'LL get Tony. I laugh in a mocking manner in your general direction.

  10. Ava: If you are more careful (that means no more life-threatening experiments) you can almost guarantee the veteran badge of honor will be yours to pin on whatever jacket you own.

    Hehe, I'd like to meet you and your mom one day. You sound like very interesting ladies who would be good allies...or at least, good people to know if I ever need help.

    And, well...yeah. Wasn't anyone's fault except my own though, so I'm not gonna cry about it.

    Nah, I didn't see what she said, I'll have to go look. Finally figured out how to open more than one browser on this thing- fuckin' proud of myself. As for being a family, I guess this is what happens when you come from a different generation of runners. Back when I first had to get outta dodge, no one gave a rat's ass what happened to you and you learned and survive on your own. Now there's this community of people all trying to help and I have no idea what the hell to think.

    I'm feelin' the honor, I think I could take out hundreds of minions at this rate with the power of friendship, heh. And difference in continents never stopped me. You'd be surprised what you can accomplish when you're panicking and trying to get to someone.

    You have earned it, /kid/. Feel special cause' you're the only one who will probably get this highest honor.

    NOOC- What the fuck is this? Who the hell are you? I'm guessing by your lack of commas and capitalization that you're some kinda minion. Wow, this is just like waking up to notes being written on all my personal belongings when they run out of paper.

    I got news for you, asshole, I haven't been caught for over ten years and I don't plan on that changing any time soon. So try me.

    Ava again- Oh you crazy bitch, thanks for taking him down a notch, hehehe! Jesus Christ, this should be good. Ten bucks says they don't get anywhere with this.

  11. Aw man, but I just LOVE life threatening-experiments! Lashings of ginger beer for everyone!! Tally-ho then, pip-pip and all that!!

    I own no jacket, just badass trenchcoats. As does Mum actually, I think she ONLY own leather trenchcoats...OH WAIT, she has a red biker jacket and I have a blue one. Yeah, so long as the pin can puncture leather.

    Mate, if you're ever in need of fleeing to London, you're always welcome. I've already said that any Slenderstalked people in London already are fully allowed here, Mum's idea.

    Also, if we ever have to flee to America (which I refuse to let happen, but we may have need to travel for research, we already have a Theory on Slendy and airplanes...)

    Shiny Happy Slenderstalked Community Fun Hug Time!! Yeah, we're a family of royally fucked over people who's members are dropping left right and centre. YAAAAAAAAYYYY. Still, we work together and find shit out alot quicker.

    The Power of Friendship! It can overcome all!! Screw Medical Science!!

    Thanks a bundle /Old Guy/, I'll keep the honour in mind.

    What can I say? You take over one of my friends for some really low-level 'threats' with just NO respect for grammar and then threaten EVERY OTHER DAMN FRIEND I HAVE, I'm going to yell at you on EVERY DAMN PAGE you post on.

    Booyeah. *CSISunglasses*

  12. I can picture you and your mommy running off to fight evil in matching jackets. It's a terrifying thought, hehe.

    I'm not sure what would give me reason to fly over there, but if I ever feel the urge to get me a plane ticket, I'll be sure to look you two up. Maybe I can mooch a free meal off of you. Food these days is goddamn expensive. And if you fly to America chances are you'll have a hard time finding me cause' I travel so much over the course of just a few days, but it'd be an /honor/ to meet up with you and mommy-Ava.

    I haven't really kept up with everything happening on all of these blogs. I think I've only really read yours and the bag-of-sunshine-M's. Are there really that many people getting taken and killed?

    Old guy? I'm not even forty yet! I'm not that old, you're just too young. You're a /kid/.

    Jesus, how many people did this guy go to? I'm hoping I wasn't a special case because I've had too many experienced with minions to make me want yet another tailing me.

    NOOC- Huh, you feeling better? Not to be mean (except, maybe I really do wanna be rude right now), but I don't think I can trust you, kid.

  13. Tshk. You wouldn't be the first person we've taken in due to 'Outside Circumstances.'

    Yes, unfortunately. You really should check out some other blogs, a certain actually remind me of a guy, Zeke Strahm? He's a Survivor of Slendy too. He actually fought him directly and lived. So follow him, who else?

    Robert. He may not be back to his normal self, but he's still the best Experi-mentor we have. He found out a (possible) way of killing Slendy before Redlight wiped his mind. But he's coming back to us...

    Basically, go to my profile and check out the people I'm following, they're the main players.

    Naaahhh, you're not special, don't worry about that, Tony. He went to everyone I'd commented on it seems...stalker. And it wasn't OC, it was a Proxy/Hallowed/Agent that stole his laptop/Iphone/Whatever.

  14. Shit, this is all well and good but right now you're missing Ava- dammit. I told you to be more careful!

    Fuck, fuck, fuck you better not die, kid.

  15. I really am sorry about that Tony, i have been cleaning up that mess that fucker left for me.

    i have no clue what the guy was. Nothing like the proxies /I/ keep reading/hearing about.

    honestly, you DONT have a reason to trust me anymore and you probably shouldnt.

    hell, i dont trust myself.

  16. Tony, when the seven hells have I EVER listened to what you tell me? Did I already say that I just LOVE life-threatening experiments?

    And I'm alive, ya big wuss.


  17. NOOC- Not gonna say it's okay, cause' the situation you're in really isn't, but I'm not hurt so I can't really hold anything against you.

    How exactly was this guy different from every other asshole who creeps around and talks in coded messages?

    And try not to get too butt hurt over this, kid. Everyone goes through things that they wish they hadn't had to do. Trust issues aren't exactly healthy for normal people to have, but then again, we aren't exactly normal people are we?

    Ava- Maybe if you /did/ listen to me more often, your earrings wouldn't get torn out all the time. What the hell is wrong with you, woman? Jesus, you're gonna have to tread a little more carefully if you don't wanna loose more than an ear or two. Next time it could be your hand and I don't think you wanna have to deal with that.

    Wuss? Me? Hehe, you might be right about that. I am a big coward when I need to be.

    By the way, went and left a message for that Zeke guy. But this Robert you were talking about, I looked at some of his stuff and he doesn't remember anything. I don't think he wants another crazy man telling him what to do on his blog.

  18. Yeahyeahyeah, you know I'm a stupid girl hiding behind a semblance of intelligence. You know I do shit for ZE GREATER GOOD, and not because I'm a martyr, but because I'm really apathetic about my life XD

    I saw, and you're right. It's a /horrifying/ introduction. XD

    Robert will remember everything. He has to. He's the best we've got.

  19. Well now that you're clear on what you are, I think we can move on, hehehe.

    Hey, don't shoot a man down because he doesn't know how to start a conversation. Hadn't had a proper one for a long time before starting up the blog. Heck, I wasn't even supposed to be talking to anyone when I started this thing.

    How is he the best? What'd he do exactly?

  20. Honestly, you people and your lack of social skills. Oh yeah, because /that/ worked out so well for you, didn't it? :)

    He isn't/wasn't the best. But he was the best we had. He kinda...united everyone, did some shit scary experiments, he found out about The Other Side and had a cohesive community going for a while, less of us were dying or being attacked in a way, and even when we were, we knew how to protect ourselves a little.

    And then Redlight fucked up his brain because we just couldn't have the upper hand for once.

  21. Well at the time I didn't expect some snarky British girl and /her mom/ to shove their way into my life, now did I?

    The Other Side? What other side? What the hell something big happened and I missed out (not really complaining here, but hey). And who is "Redlight"?

  22. D'awww, you love us really.

    ...Robert had a Theory that Slendy had come from The Other Side. IE, another, hellish, dimension. He sent a toy car into the portal thing with a camera on it. We (apparently) needed a (Guardian) to stay over on that side and see if they could kill Slendy there. No-one could get to Robert's in time though.

    Redlight is......oh fuck. It's so hard to explain, he's a minion of Slendy's, we think, and he removed memories of Slendy, but for an unknown price and he likes to taunt us with our deaths too.

    Lovely man, really really lovely.

  23. im not ENTIRELY sure.

    possibly it was the markings on his face and the fact that he never once mentioned anything about Slendy.

    he said something like "we are truth" or some shit like that.

    i think it MIGHT be possible that Slendy was trying something new on me (the notion scares the shit out of me)

    oh and if you were wondering: the markings looked like random blobs of black on his face. done with sharpie or something.

  24. No offense, but Rob sounds kinda crazy. I guess he couldn't been right, but these theories he tested sound impossible to prove. He can keep trying though, it'd be interesting if he managed to do something.

    Huh, sounds like every other minion out there with more strings attached then normal. Sounds like he'd be fun to talk to. I'm sure he drives people up the wall- my kind of guy.

    NOOC- Well, minions tend to draw marks on their faces or wear masks if they don't want their identity to be known. Or if they don't like what they see in the mirror. So it doesn't sound too out of the ordinary, maybe a bit more violent than usual, but pretty normal.

  25. He /is/ crazy.

    But he's the best we've got.

    HA, says something, doesn't it?