Friday, March 2, 2012

This Caretaker guy that Cathy keeps talking about seems like just another average tool in the shed. I don't know how we haven't caught him yet but I know if he decides to keep the creepy scrapbooking up we'll find him and kick his ass. Maybe he'll even tell us where Cathy is so we can finally get her away from that thing.

I've been keeping Cynthia from getting on the blog. There's no need for her to get involved in a shit storm again seeing as it almost broke her last time. I think that therapist that she sees actually helps though. She's calmer than she's been in weeks. Maybe that psychotherapy mumbo-jumbo isn't such bullshit after all. Simon says that she just needed someone to unload on, even if it's not the full truth. Says I'm not the best option for that and I guess he's right. Who wants to talk to their sociopathic father who looks like a pirate? Not many kids, I think.

Speaking of Simon he's been getting more uneasy. I think the pictures got to him more than us cause' we're used to crazy things like that. He's always triple checking the locks and making sure the alarm is on. Not that I'm complaining since some security is better than none, I just think in the long run a few dinky bolts aren't gonna hold what's really after us away.

As for me I've been spending my days by myself mostly. Valentine's Day came and went and, fuck, I don't remember much of it since I got drunk pretty bad. Simon says he kept Cynthia away from me so at least he's not totally useless. I'm not paranoid but I'm not carefree. I'm somewhere in between where I've become so jaded with all this supernatural bullshit that I'm not really surprised by anything anymore. I don't think it's a good thing for me to not care as much, but it comes with the time spent having to deal with all of this.

How are all you kiddies doing? Keepin' your asses outta trouble?