Friday, March 4, 2011


So whoever got the bright idea to tell Cathy to ask Thage to read Cynthia's posts to us, let me just promise you in advance I'm going to kick your ass.

God damn, I got the worst headache in the world right now, and it hurts too much to wash the blood off my face. Same with Cathy, in case you're wondering.

Long story short Thage sat us down in the kitchen, pulled up our daughter's blog and started to read the entry about the poems. That went fine, hell, we started to think everything would be okay. Then she tried a different one and well, at first there was nothing. Then there was this buzzing in my ears, like white noise or something. Then it started to get louder and louder until it was just like a siren going off in my head. My ears were ringing, and distantly I could hear someone screaming- turns out it was Cathy and I.

We must have passed out because when we woke up not even ten minutes later, we had been dragged out of the kitchen and into the living room. Thage propped us up against the couch, and her face was the first thing I saw when my vision cleared.

As luck would have it Thage had stopped reading when Cathy and I had looked like we were in pain and tried to get our attention or some shit like that. But apparently the both of us were still getting the noise torture and ended up bleeding from the nose and ears profusely. Nice. We looked pretty much like someone had punched us in the face repeatedly and then decided to paint our faces with blood. Hehe, not exactly pleasant, right?

Well, here's your answer to the whole reading out loud thing: Fuck No Never Again.
My head is sensitive, like I have the worst hangover right now, and when Thage tried to help wipe the blood off, it hurt too much. Kind of like every bone in your face is broken and you don't really wanna move anything so you can lessen the pain.

So thanks, whoever you are.


  1. aw, fuck... fuckfuckfuck! dammit, i honestly didn't think this would happen. maybe a time-lapse at worst. but apparently it did. and now i definitely have more to think about.


  2. So does that mean you're daughter's blog is a literal brown note?

    Fantastic :|

  3. Fuck. Hope you're a little better now.

  4. Fuck. That would be me. Feel free to deck me if we ever meet.

  5. To all of you, yeah I'm okay now and so is Cathy. We're still sore, but it's better, I guess.

    Kay, I probably will, so don't blame me for the black eye. But thanks for trying help.

  6. i'll take my share of the blame. the only reason it wasn't me is because blogger kept deleting my comment for some reason. >.< i had a whole host of other ideas too, but i think it's best to put them on hold now.

    glad you guys are feeling better. dammit, i wish i could be more helpful.

  7. Like I told you once before, I'm good at taking a hit.

    Fuck I feel like shit about this. I am so sorry.